Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 2 I’m so sorry..

Somewhere in the middle of City Z, a tall grey building stood its ground.

Inside a condo, a woman with blonde shoulder length hair stood by a tall open window.

She wore a long mauve pleaded dress outlining her protruding stomach, she was currently 7 months pregnant. She is a beautiful woman with a gentle aura but at this moment she was frowning due to the heavy rain.

"What are you sulking about?" A deep voice sounded from behind the woman.

The man was handsome and seductively charming. His dark long hair was neatly tied into a bun. He wore a fitted black tux, shaping his body.

Hearing the voice, the woman abruptly turns around as she pouts her lip.

"Honey, earlier it was sunny, why would it just rain all of a sudden?! The weather forecast lied!"

"Hana sweetheart, be careful. Don't harm our child." The man gestures Hana to not move so fast since she was pregnant.

"Hmph! It was just a beautiful day a while ago, how can the weather change so quickly!" Hana was clearly annoyed and angry at the weather for lying.

It was currently summer!

Park Min Lee did not know whether to laugh or cry upon hearing his pregnant wife. He could only shake his head.

"Hana, lets get —"

*Ring ring*

Before Park Min Lee could finish, his phone rang. He glance at his phone as it showed on the caller id, 'Qin Jun'.

Knowing who the caller was, Park Min Lee did not hesitate at all to answer, "Jun, why are you calling? Hana and I are just now on our way."

Park Min Lee waited for a reply, but he did not hear anything from the other line. He furrow his brows, "Jun, why are you not answering?"

[From the other line was a low choking whisper voice, "Hyung.... lost.. battle..."]

Not quite understanding, Park Min Lee sighed, "Jun, speak properly. I can't understand you. Are you crying? I know you are sad because your favorite hyung is getting marry, but you should also —"

Cutting Park Min Lee off, a loud roar sounded from the other line.



Park Min Lee froze in place.

The entire condo turned into a dead silence, Hana looks at her husband.

For some unknown reason she did not have a good feeling about this phone call.

"Honey, what is it?" She spoke worriedly as she looks at Park Min Lee, who's face is suddenly drained of all colors.

Hearing his wife's voice, he reluctantly ends the call, even if the other line hadn't hung up. Park Min Lee looks at Hana.

An intense amount of indescribable feelings exploded in his heart. He was at a loss for all words.


How is he supposed to tell Hana?


Outside, the rain was now pouring more heavily onto the ground.

Inside of a small Studio that was brightly lit inside, a grown man sat one the floor as he hid in the back of the dark hallway, his silent sobs were quiet but dreadful to anyone who hears.

At this moment, he did not care if he looked like a horrible mess. He clench the phone in his hand tightly.

"What am I suppose to say to her...?"

["Find an excuse and bring her here, I'll tell her."]

Crying and hiccuping, the man could only make a "mm" sound.


Hearing the sound of the opening door, the man quickly wipes his tears and nose with the sleeve of his expensive tailored maroon tux as he stood from the ground. He forced himself to calm down and steady himself, knowing deep down he was torn into pain.

"Liu Shan?" A soft voice spoke from a far, yet close distance behind Liu Shan.

Taking a deep breath, Liu Shan turns around and smiles, "Wow, you look absolutely stunning!!"

In front of Liu Shan, stood a peerless and beautiful girl with skin as white as snow.

She wore a pure white wedding dress. The top piece of the dress was fitted with laces, outlining her slender waist, as the full puffy skirt was made with tulle. Her long dark black hair was bun loosely behind her nape, leaving loose strands of hair to frame her stunning face.

The most attractive part about her was her bluish green eyes, that reminds one of waters that surrounds the islands in the ocean.

Even with her neutral makeup, she was still as pretty as a painting, making many men and women turn their heads upon seeing her.

"Liu Shan, are you okay?"

She spoke with a worried voice seeing Liu Shan's red eyes and nose.

"Mm-hmm." Liu Shan nods his head. "I'm just very happy right now."

'You can do this Liu Shan. Stay strong!!'


Inside a black Rolls Royce, Liu Shan took the driver seat and in the back seat, sat the beautiful girl.

Despite the heavy rain, a warm smile was place on her lip as she stares out the window. Her mind wondered off to thousands of memories.

Today was her big day and the happiest day of her life. She can finally share the same surname as him.

"Mami, I forgot something at my apartment, is it alright if we make a quick stop and get it?"

Mami smiles, "Mm."

She was in a great mood today, so having to make a quick stop wouldn't ruin anything.

What she did not know, was that, Liu Shan who sounded normal was silently crying in the driver seat.

His heart ached so much for her.


After a few turns, she realized they had passed the turn to Liu Shan's apartment.

Confused, she spoke, "Liu Shan, you missed the turn."

Liu Shan: "....."

Ignoring her, Liu Shan continued to drive without answering her.

"Liu Shan. Where are you going? Your apartment is back that way."

'I'm sorry Mami.. I'm so sorry..' Liu Shan said to himself.

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