Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 13 Be good part 1

[WARNING: This chapter contains scenes inappropriate for younger readers!!]


Han Yue Ling was shoved into the room across from her room, with the sound of running foot steps after the door slammed shut.

Inside the room, Yue Ling was suddenly grabbed by a pair of strong hands.

These hands that grabbed her were more fierce than the ones that grabbed her first.

She pushed (more like thrown) onto the soft hotel bed.

"Ahh!!" She yelps!!

Her mind was a complete mess due to the alcohol and her body was extremely hot.

"What's... going on.. whmm—"

Before she could even finish, a shadow topples over her and she felt something soft abruptly cover her lips.

Her whole body froze.


Yue Ling tried her best to push and hit whoever it is away, but to no avail, her body had become weak, her push and hit was like a soft tap only.

"Quiet, I need your help for tonight." A man's deep seductive voice growled near her ear.

Even with a messy mind, she knew what was going on and she knew this was wrong, Yue Ling tried to get up,

"No... stop..."

Yet again, those lips covered hers again, his tongue exploring her mouth. His hand started to trace every part of her body.

From from her legs to her waist, her butt, her back and then.... her breasts.

"Stop... this is... wronmn.."

Even with the layer of her dress on, every part of her body that was touched felt intensifying causing an unexplainable desire to bloom in her.

Her body was extremely hot but the feeling of the rough hands that touch her skin sent chills to her core, yet in a comforting way she's never experienced before.

She suppressed the moan wanting to escape from her mouth. She tried to push the person off again.


The hands abruptly tore her dress with one tug, moving swiftly and fast until she was naked with only her heels, which were still strapped on her feet.

Her bras and panties were tossed onto the floor like pieces of garbage.


Her eyes shot open as she continues to hit the man as hard as she could.

But... for some unknown reason, her body and mind were not comprehending together.

It was like her body did not belong to her anymore, as if something had suddenly taken over her.

'What's wrong with me?' She thought to herself.

Just when she was almost out of breath did the man's lips leave hers.

Gasping for air, she squint her eyes and try to get a closer look at whoever it was since the room was dimly lit by one lamp, but she couldn't make out the person's features.

All she knew was that, the man did not stop for a minute, rather he shift his body and positioned himself above her.

His knees spreading her tightly closed legs in one move, so he could position himself between her.

She did not know when the man had become naked. It wasn't until she felt his sticky and warm body touching hers.

Even she could felt something hard touching her sweet entrance!!!

"Mnn.. s-stop... w-what.. what are you doing— ahh!"

Hearing the woman below him's sweet and soft voice, the burning tension he was feeling intensified more.

He press his body closer to hers and increase the pace of his hands roaming her body.

Yue Ling felt horrified inwardly. All she could hear was man's heavy breathing and groans.

She didn't know what was wrong with her body nor did she have a clue who this random person was!

But her body was extremely hot and each time she felt the rough hands touch her bare skin, her body would actually feel cooler!

Her mind could not accept this!

But her stupid body was saying else wise!!


She struggled as much as she could under the man, "T-this... ahh.. is a mis—"

Before she could finish her words, she was cut off by a deep cold voice.

"Be good." The man commanded.


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