Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 12 Must be the alcohol

— —

After two hours, it was close to midnight.

Since everyone had to be up for work the next day, Yue Ling's farewell party ended sooner than expected.

She didn't mind. As long as she got to see everyone, she was fine.

Everyone bid their goodbyes and hug Yue Ling before making their way to their designated cars waiting outside the hotel.

Liu Shan drunkly stumbles over to Yue Ling, "Boss, I already booked a room here for you. It's... it's.. it's up their." His finger points up to the sky.

The corner of Yue Ling's mouth twitched, she then smacks his head, "I know already. So hurry up and go. Junior Yun is nice enough to let you catch a ride with him, but I don't think Manager Wei will wait long for you."

Yun Shaoting: "...."

Manager Wei: "...."

"Mm. Mm. I got it." Liu Shan stumbling walks away towards Yun Shaoting's car, where Manager Wei was eagerly waited.

He stops and turns back to Yue Ling, "All.. All the things you... you need are i-inside..."

Yue Ling: "Okay, Okay. Hurry up and leave."

She also wanted to go home. She wanted to sleep in her soft and comfortable king size bed but because she had errands to run in the morning near Imperial Hotel, she decided to spend the night.

Hmm, to think her first night living in Imperial would be spent at a hotel...

Well, at least it was a five star hotel.

Also the fact that her cars haven't arrived and she was pretty much carless.

Once Yun Shaotings car disappear, Yue Ling sighed and walks back into the hotel.

She gave her id to the girl at the front desk and got the hotel keycard to her room.

Entering the elevator, she stumbled for a quick second. She steadied herself and press the button for the 60th floor.

Inside the elevator, she felt her body temperature rising drastically.

It was now early autumn and it was mildly chilly, but did the hotel have to blast their heater so high?

It felt like she was soaking in a hot spring!!

Throughout the elevator ride, Yue Ling was constantly fanning herself with the key card.

Her body was feeling extremely hot. Like too hot!

She knew she had a few too many drinks tonight, but was it really to the point that she would feel this hot??

Something doesn't seem right. Was she running a fever?


The elevator doors open revealing a long light grey hallway that was brightly lit.

Yue Ling steps out of the elevator and fidgets with her steps to find her room number. She felt as if thousands of tiny ants were crawling on her body.

She thought to herself, 'Must be the alcohol. I just need a nice warm shower and change out this dress...'

Arriving at the end of the hallway were two doors across from each other.

Yue Ling looked at the door to her right, then the door to her left, she squint her eyes and mumbled, "Rmm... 21.. 06..."

She lift her hand to scan the keycard.


Oblivious to her surrounding, she did not notice the sound of another door opening abruptly.

That is, until a pair of hands suddenly grabs her by the shoulders.

"Miss, I'm really sorry!!!"


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