Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 15 Who is this man?


It was early in the morning and the sun was just peaking in the sky, slowly bringing its light to Imperial.

Yue Ling woke up early out of habit. She had always liked to start her day early in the morning. So it was only natural that she wakes up just when the sun rises too.

'Ugh... why do I feel so exhausted...'

Her mouth was also dry and her head was throbbing in pain. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times to adjust her vision.

The faint light from the rising sun outside shined through the small gap on the curtains of the windows. Slightly brightening the dark room.

Staring at the unfamiliar ceiling, she thought, 'Where am I?'

What happened last night? She remembered getting extremely drunk with her colleagues.


Oh, that's right. Liu Shan had booked a room for her since she had errands to run today.

She lift her body upwards to sit up but she suddenly, she felt an intense amount pain from her entire body! Even her forbidden place was aching in pain!!

The pain on her body was the same as when one hasn't exercised in a long time and one decides to exercise again.

An aching pain that makes her entire body sore.

Forcing herself to sit up, she thought, 'Ahh! It hurts like hell!! Just what the heck happened last night?! Eh? What is this—?'

Yue Ling went stiff when she realize something heavy was draped over her waist. She slowly turns her head and was horrified.

Oh! My! God!!!!!!!!

Laying next to her was a man!!! A man!!!!

Although the blanket covered his body from waist down, she knew the man was naked. Fully naked!!

She knows because she finally realize that one of the man's legs is on top of hers!

She had not noticed the man because she slept on her side, with her back turned to him. His left masculine arm wrapped around her waist while his right arm was under the pillow she slept on.

The corner of her mouth twitched.

'Who is this man?!'

'Someone ate her tofu without her consent?!'

Her face drained from all colors. Her heart started to panic. She closed her eyes and tried to think hard about how things led to this.

'Think Yue Ling, think! Just what the heck happened last night? Did you really paid some random man for a nights service?!!'

Bits and pieces of what happened last night slowly enters her head.

The wine she had toasted with Ning Mei.

The burning hot temperature in her body.

Someone grabbing her when she went to her hotel room...

and then...

And then....

A deep voice sounded in her head, "Be good."

Yue Ling's eyes bulged open as she screams inwardly. The entire night till morning... she.. and him...

'Wait, why does his voice sound so familiar? No, who cares about his voice. The main thing is, did I just have a... one night stand with this man?'

Her face paled even more as she turn to look at the man sleeping beside her.

'Damn!!' She cursed inwardly.

Looking at the man she shared the night with, she realized he was extremely handsome. His looks were beyond handsome.

He had thick eyebrows and his eyelashes were long. His hair was dark and a bit messy, probably due to what happened last night. The corner of his lip had a small cut that seemed to be from a bite. His looks were definitely superior than most men. Even the most hailed celebrity actors probably paled in comparison next to him.

'Wait! Han Yue Ling, just what are you thinking?! Who cares about how good looking the man is! Just get to the point?'

Remembering bits of what happened last night, Yue Ling wanted to cry but lacked the tears to.

Her mind was in a total chaos, she lift her hands and clutch her head tightly.

'Han Yue Ling, how can you be so stupid and careless?!!!'

She shakes her head in denial and she glance down at herself. She froze like a statue.

Aside from being completely naked, her body was full of love marks. Even her breasts weren't spared. Some parts of her arms and legs even had bruises!!

She glare daggers at the man sleeping soundly beside her. His body was nicely toned with his eight pack abs peaking from under the blanket. He looked absolutely flawless.. but then...

Yue Ling gulped as she stare at the man without blinking. He also had tiny love marks on his smooth skin. There were also a bunch of small teeth marks on his shoulders and some light scratches on his arms.

'Are.... t-those from.. m-me..??'

'Oh god... don't tell me.. I.. I.. him...'

'Wait! Did I even a-agree to this???'


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