Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 16 Guilty Pleasure

[WARNING: This chapter contains scenes inappropriate for younger readers!!]



Yue Ling screamed at the top of her lungs inwardly.

She could not believe that in her entire twenty eight years of living, she would one day actually spend an one night stand with a stranger!!

Let alone, her first time too!!

She looks away from the man and bit her lower lip as she drifted into deep thoughts.

'I need to leave. Yes, I must leave before this unknown species wakes up!'

Just when she turned her head away from the man, she failed to notice the man beside her had long opened his eyes and was now looking at her.


Suddenly feeling an intense stare from her side, Yue Ling robotically turned her head towards it.

Two beautiful dark eyes were gazing right at her fervently. Like a the glistening universe, his eyes were shining brightly. His lips curved slightly upward as if mocking her, despite his cold and aloof facial expression.

Like someone had just slapped her silly, Yue Ling went stiff. She could not help but stare back at those dark eyes that seemed to see through a person's soul.

They stared at each other without blinking as if they were in a staring contest.

Yue Ling felt suffocated. She did not know why, but...

'Wait... how come this man looks so familiar? Where have I seen him before..? I swore I—-"


Without any warning, the man's arm that was still wrapped around Yue Ling's waist pulls her closer to him.

In one scoop, Yue Ling fell back onto the bed and she came face to face with the man. She was completely startled and tries to push him away but she was locked in his tight embrace.

The man leaned forward and put his head between her shoulder and neck.

He inhaled her scent.

Yue Ling stiffened and felt uncomfortably awkward, all she wanted was to escape. This was her first time experiencing a one night stand.

From dramas she's seen and novels she read, wasn't it normal for one person to leave first before the other one wakes up?

Why are the both of them awake and still here?

She took a deep breath to steady herself.

"Umm.. excuse me, but.. I'm really sorry for this to happen."

Yue Ling tried to be reasonable with the man, "I understand this is only a one night stand due to our guilty pleasure... so.. so if you don't mind, we can both pretend any of this ever happened.. ah.."

While speaking, she could not help but let out a soft moan as she felt something tickle her bare chest.


Coming to realization, the man had ignored her and now sucking one of her nipple and his hand was groping her other breast!

And who knows when!!!

Her face flushed red and she stopped the man by pushing him away.

"Please! Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?!!"

She crossed both her hands over her chest, guarding her twin peaks from the predator.

"This is without my consent!! You can't—"

She swallowed her remaining words.

The man glare at Yue Ling like a child who just got his most favorite toy in the world taken away.

Yue Ling was dumbfounded, she gulped again but in shudder before she cleared her throat and decided to ignore his cold eyes.

"Like I said, this was only a one night stand due to our selfish guilty pleasures. We can just see this as bygones be bygones. So, if you'll be so—"

"Who said this was a one night stand?"

Hearing the man's deep cold words, she was stupified, yet she also found his hoarse, deep voice extremely attractive.

'Yue Ling ah, just what in the world is wrong with your head?!!!!'

At the same moment, Yue Ling felt a chill down her back.

The man had ignored her reasoning, with his left hand, he moves Yue Ling's hands that were covering her twin peaks.

Before she knew it, both her wrists were already behind her, trapped by his hand that held her back. He lower his head and continue his previous action, sucking one of her breasts like a hungry baby while massaging the other.

Yue Ling struggled, but his right hand held her in place, pulling her chest closer to his mouth.

"Why are you so rude?!"

He stopped and looked at her. His dark eyes held a dangerous glint.

"I said, this isn't a one night stand."

She open her mouth to say something but he captures her lips, forbidding her to voice her words.


Yue Ling struggled to free herself from the man, but it was to no avail.

The man shift his body, putting Yue Ling under him. His lips remained on soft lips as his legs part her legs apart.

He rubbed his mighty staff against her sweet entrance until he felt she was wet enough, then he enter her once again.

Spreading her sweet inner walls apart to welcome him.

"Mm.." the man groaned in satisfaction once he was fully inside of her.

"Ahn!!" Yue Ling moaned in pain (or so 😏).

Early in the morning where the sun was just starting to shine it's way to greet the world, a man and women was engage in another harmonious ritual.


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