Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 17 Your worst nightmare

(Part 1)


Yue Ling woke up hours later to the sound of running water. Her eyes shot open and she bolted up on the messy hotel bed. Yue Ling looked at the wall clock in the hotel room.


'Damn bastard! How dare he do this to me again!!!'

Without a single thought, Yue Ling ignored her aching body and struggled to get out of the bed.

With the sound of running water, she knew the man must be taking a shower. Glaring at the closed bathroom door, Yue Ling grabbed one of the robes on the shelf and covered her naked body.

Seeing her black dress on the floor, she sighed in sorrow. It was an expensive dress and the only one, made, but it was torn like rubbage thanks to that ruthless man!

Even though her dress was torn into two pieces, she still picked it up before picking up her black heels, bra and panties.

While doing so, her eyes suddenly landed on a gold room keycard, which she also grabbed without hesitation. It was her hotel room keycard.

Her eyes caught a notepad and pen by the side table of the bed, where hotels usually leave for their guests to use.

Thinking that it'd be rude to just up and leave since the man had seen her face, she sighed and picked up the pen and started writing.

Once she was done, she darted out the door like her life depended on it.

The moment she stepped out of the door and closed it, she felt as if a huge mountain dropped on her entire body.

Across from the man's hotel room was her room!

Just how unlucky could she be!!!

Shaking her head, she quickly scanned the key card and entered her room. Slamming it shut as if some scary beast was right behind her.

The moment the doors closed, she dropped to her knees and trembled, hugging herself tightly.


Back in the other room, the closed door to the bathroom opened. Steam leisurely escapes into the hotel room.

The man walks out with the hotel's white robe over his body, leaving the collar slightly loose, revealing the center of his masculine chest and nice collar bone.

In one hand was a towel, which he used to dry his drenched hair.

The first thing he did was look at the bed, only to find it empty.

A deep frown appeared on his handsome face, before he caught sight of the note at the side table.

He walked over and picked it up the note.

Reading it, the corner of the man lip arc into an evil, yet seductive smirk that could make any woman fall madly in love.

Note: 'I'm truly sorry for what happened, but let's be civil and treat this as a one nightstand. Nothing else. -You're worst nightmare'

*ring ring*

The man's phone suddenly rings. He glance at it and picks up the call.

"What is it?" He answered in an indifferent tone.

["Boss, where are you now? You have a meeting at 2pm."]

"Same place. Send a car."

He didn't wait for the other person to speak and hung up. He looked at the note again.

'A one night stand? Keep dreaming!'


Coming out of her long shower, Yue Ling felt extra clean and refreshed. She had used the tire soap bar just to scrub herself.

The only thing was her lower body part was in so much pain, even, her legs were in pain.

She clearly works out! She just didn't understand how sex could make one so tired!!

Yue Ling stood in front of the full body mirror and lowered the white bathrobe, revealing her bare upper body.

She tilt her headband had to admit, she had a slim body and nice long legs. Her height was 178cm and as a model, it was only natural for her to keep her weight at 57kg. Even her breasts were perfectly shaped and fuller.

Everything about her from head to toe was natural. She's never went under surgery like some artists in the entertainment industry.

Staring at her body, she frown.

The many red love marks and slightly purple bruises on her white skin were like an eye sore to her.

She let out a long and regretful sigh at the thought of her first time being stolen by some stranger she didn't even know.

She thought, 'At least the stranger was handsome.. Besides something like this is normal nowadays *sniff*. I'm sure we won't even cross paths after today.'

Thinking to herself, Yue Ling wanted to cry, but she knew she couldn't. It had already happened. She can't go back and demand for her virginity back.

She closed her eyes to calm her self, pulling her robe up to cover her upper body she open her eyes.

Turning away from the mirror, she walks back into the bathroom, blow dried her hair then to the couch where the things Liu Shan had left for her. There were a lot of things she still needed to do, so she decided to put last nights incident at the back of her head.

Yue Ling took out a black long sleeve turtle neck top out of one of the shopping bags. Seeing it, she sighed in relief, "Good thing Liu Shan prepared this turtle neck or else I won't be able to hide the marks on my neck."

Taking off her robe, she wore a new matching set of black VS bra and panties, then the black turtle neck.

Reaching for another bag, she pulled out a black leather legging. Just as she was wearing the legging, a sudden realization hit her.

'Oh. My. God. !!!!'

The devilish face of the 'rude man' at the airport appeared in her head!!

Even his voice was the same as the man in that room! Could it be?


She screamed her lungs out and hit her chest to calm her beating heart while gasping for air.

'How can this be? The man I spent a one night stand with is the same man from the airport??!!'

Shaking her head and finally able to dress herself, she calmed herself,

"Mistake. This was all just a mistake.. I'm sure it wasn't that rude man. I mean how can it be him? Imperial isn't that small and he's probably not even in Imperial."


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