Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 19 Slam the door


Lu Tian who didn't think he'd run into Yue Ling the moment he walked out of his room was just as shocked as she was.

But because he was good at hiding his expressions, he held a supreme mastered pocker face.

Seeing Yue Ling's expression as she slams the door, he smirked while crossing his arms over his chest and lean back on his hotel door.

Meanwhile, Yue Ling calmed herself and gather all her courage. She pats her chest and whispers, "Get a hold of yourself girl. You got this!!"

'That man probably forgot how you looked like.'

Taking a deep breath, she opens the door again.

And to another surprise, the man was still calmly standing there against his door, staring at her with his dark eyes.


Seeing Yue Ling slam the door again, Lu Tian raised an brow with curious eyes.

Normally, when women see him, they couldn't wait to open the door for him. Yet, here is this woman who called him rude and had shared an intimate exercise with him going rounds of door slamming.

He had to admit, she was truly beautiful. She was definitely the most beautifulest woman he's ever laid eyes on.

But it wasn't her looks that caught his attention, it was her unique personality. No one has ever dare to raise their voice at him and she just happened to be the first.

Surprisingly to himself, he was not disgusted by her at all.

Without realizing, his mind drifted to last night.

After the social gathering, he knew his drink was drugged by Ning Xingyu and his little servant. He just didn't know what.

Good thing he called his assistant to change his hotel room, because he did not know when Ning Xingyu had drugged his drink.

After the social gathering ended, he left straight to his room after feeling a change in his body. It was a burning temperature he'd never experienced before.

Like a burning fever.... but worse.

He even took a long cold shower to ease the feeling down, but it didn't work at all.

That's when he knew he was drugged with aphrodisiac.

As much as he hated coming into contact with the opposite sex, he knew his body better, and that was how he ordered Xu Long to find a woman.

Lu Tian had also hesitated at the idea because he's never been with a woman before. But he figured he'll just use the woman and then give her a big figure she can't refuse to silence her.

When his assistant tossed the woman in, his actually mind went wild from her scent and the softness of her skin.

She had a scent like natural roses, unlike the other women who wore strong perfumes.

Because of his burning lust due to the aphrodisiac, he did not hesitate to devour the woman. Without realizing, he had his way with the woman round after round.

His mind detested the idea that he had taken some random woman in bed.

For crying sakes, it was his first time in his thirty years of living sharing the same bed with a woman!

And it was one he didn't know.

But of course, his stupid body just wouldn't comprehend with his mind.

So much for having high EQ and IQ!!

It wasn't until 5am that the drug finally wore off and he closed his eyes to exhaustion.

He never knew he had so much stamina.

When he woke up, he was pissed and planned to just up and leave, but once he got a clear look at the woman beside him, he was even more shocked.

Yes, for the first time, he was shocked.

The woman he had spent the entire night with was none other than the woman from the airport.

He had planned to find her, but who would of thought, she'd suddenly appear in front of him.

Well, more like she was forced to appear in front of him.

Seeing that she was fully naked and still had her black heels on, he decided to take them off for her.

After a few struggles, he was finally able to take her heels off. Like, who could blame him, he's never done such a difficult task before.

He didn't know why, but while he watched the beauty sleep next to him, he felt at peace, like nothing else in the world mattered.

Lu Tian laid back down on the bed, wrap his arms around the naked woman and while looking at her back, he drifted back to sleep.

He thought it was probably just the drug still taking effect, but when the sun rose and he saw her sitting naked, the scorching desire in him was woken again.

He knew he wanted... no, he needed her. And that was how he devoured in more rounds with her beneath him again.

And this time, it wasn't the drugs or alcohol, he was fully sober.

While Lu Tian was still thinking about last night and this morning's incident, Yue Ling was currently in her hotel room thinking too.

'Why is he still standing there? What does he want? Oh god... Is... is he a male prostitute?'

With her mind was completely a mess, ten minutes had gone by without her noticing.

Coming to a conclusion, Yue Ling guessed it had been long enough since she closed the door on the man. She was sure that by now, the man had already left.

For the third time, she gathered her courage and opens the door.

And for the third time again, she was dumbfounded.

The man was still standing there.

He stood as if the hotel was his living room and was just enjoying his sweet time.


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