Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 20 All I see is air


Yue Ling took a deep breath and with her chin slightly raised high, she steps out of the room.

She had still had some of her dignity to look out for. She can't allow that unknown species bring her down.

If she let something like this affect her, then she was not Han Yue Ling.

She closed the door and looked at the man.

"Good afternoon, sir."

Her tone was indifferent, as if she and him had not did you know what or seen each other before.

Like strangers meeting on the road and greeting each other after bumping into each other.

She had gone through worse in her life, she couldn't let something like this get to her.

Although, she did wanted to beat the crap out of the man, but she knew she couldn't. It'll only stain her hands more.

After all, he was a complete stranger in her eyes. Which he was, because she didn't know his name or anything about him.

Saying her piece, Yue Ling clench her fists and stride off towards the elevator. She didn't dare to look back.

Who knows what the man would suddenly do.

Lu Tian did not know if he wanted to laugh or cry at the woman's attitude.

Just earlier she was a clumsy woman and now she is taking on the role of witch who didn't care.

He let out a chuckle that one could not hear and followed behind her.

He knew she was embarrassed because her flushed face told it all.

Since she wanted to treat it as ignorance, he'll just play along with her.

For now, that is.

Feeling the cold presence of the man's stare like earlier this morning, Yue Ling increases her speed and presses the elevator button countless times.

It was like her life depended on it.

Seeing her cute behavior, a faint smile appeared on Lu Tian's lip. It was the same smile he did not know he could make.

Just before he could retrieve back to his cold and aloof face, Yue Ling happened to turn her head just enough to see his smile.

Although it was small, she was shocked to see that this rude and cold man could actually look even more dashing when he smiles!

With no doubt, she was sure this man was the devil in disguise as a handsome man!!!


The elevator doors opened, but due to the sudden shock, Yue Ling was oblivious to it.

She thought, 'Why does god have to spend so much time on the man's face? Ugh! I just want to punch him and make him ugly!!'

"Do you plan to wait for the next lift?"

A deep voice brought Yue Ling out of her thoughts.

She looked around confusingly, her head darting in all directions, "Eh? Who said that?"

Her eyes landed on the man who was already inside the elevator.

Yue Ling was speechless, she thought, 'when had the devil enter? And when did the elevator doors open?!!!'

She had planned to enter the elevator, press the closed button before the man could enter so that she had the elevator to herself!

Of course such a plan would have to fail.

She cleared her throat to hide her embarrassment and she hesitantly steps into the elevator.

After the elevator doors closed, Lu Tian stood on one side, he leaned his back against the wall as he faced Yue Ling. While she stood opposite of him and faced the doors.

Lu Tian reached into his pocket and took his phone out, then he started texting.

With her heart and mind a mess now, Yue Ling did not dare to look at the man next to her. She was still embarrass from her stupidity just moments ago.

She had a high IQ and EQ, she did not understand how she could behave so childish.

Unable to resist it, she decided to glance at the man. He was the bastard who stole her innocence.

The man had his head down and was currently typing on his phone and he seemed to not care about her at all.

She sighed in relief, 'phew, at least I can relax a bit.'

Yue Ling has to admit, the man was extremely good looking. His posture was like a model on pare with western models. He looked so natural, like someone who just stepped out of an art work.

His hair was nicely combed making him look even more charming. He wore a white shirt with black slim fitted jeans and a simple mid-length coat.

His outfit looked so simple, yet it seemed like each piece of clothing was meant just for him. Even his black oxfords evened out his outfit.

Suddenly realizing that he didn't have a wedding ring, Yue Ling let out a soft sigh.

'At least I didn't sleep with someone's husband.... wait... what if he has a girlfriend? Oh god!! Han Yue Ling, now you've done it!!!'

She wanted to cry, but lacked the tears to even shed.

Enough with looking at the man, she move her eyes from him but suddenly, she darted her eyes back to the man.

Her eyes went wide as if they could pop out of her sockets at this moment.

On the man's neck were visible love marks!!!

Those love marks were probably the ones she must have given him last night!!

'Oh god! Why didn't he at least cover them up? Anyone can see them!!'

She knows he was handsome, but does he have to that shameless??!!!

"Like what you see?"

"I do, but how can you just shamelessly walk out in broad daylight without——."


Realizing she had just answered the man without thinking, Yue Ling flushed red in embarrassment.

She hid her embarrassment by turning her head back to the elevator doors, cross her arms and said indifferently, "What's there to see? All I see is air."

She did not even notice when the man had put his phone away and was staring back at her with both his hands in his jean pockets.

'Why?! Why Han Yue Ling?! Why would you just answer him!!!'

Watching her face flushed red, Lu Tian smiled again the same smile he never knew he could make.


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