Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 28 Thank you


Hearing his boss ask about her cars, Liu Shan sighed with a heavy heart, "Boss, it'll take about another month or less. The transportation this time is slower. If you like, I can go and get you a new car."

Pondering at the thought of buying a new car, Yue Ling frown. She already has all the cars she likes, was it really necessary to buy another one?

But then again, she doesn't have a car, and Liu Shan couldn't always drive her everywhere.

Well, he can but she doesn't like to over work the guy, he'll end up whining.

"Fine. But I need a car by tomorrow afternoon, I need to pay a visit to my yeye and brother. Also don't get an eye catching one, a simple is enough."

Liu Shan leans back on the couch, looking as if he was the owner of the office. He cross both his arms on his chest and squint his eyes at his boss,

"Honestly, I don't think I'll ever get your way of thinking."

Yue Ling arch one brow, she didn't speak a word but her expression was enough to indicate Liu Shan to continue.

"You know what I mean. You're a billionaire! Even with your retirement from the modeling world, you are still the fashion designer and owner of the famous brand De L'amour. Not only that, you are also the heiress to two high level corporations in all of Asia. Yet, here you are, staying unknown to the world. Why is that?"


Yue Ling glance indifferently at Liu Shan, after a long silent moment, she stands up and walks to the floor to ceiling window.

She gaze out to Imperial, with the rays of the setting sun on her body.

Anyone who sees her at this moment would mistake her as a goddess in a painting looking down from the heavens.

The room was quiet, until Yue Ling finally spoke,

"Liu Shan, you have known me for eleven years. From the first time we met till now, you should already know that I am not greedy with money. Nor do I like to flaunt my wealth for others to see. How I was raised is not the same like other daughters from wealthy families. I may have the money and a set career, but I also wish to live a normal life."

She paused for a second, then continued, "As my personal assistant and long time friend, I hope you understand."

Liu Shan let out a deep sigh, "I seriously have never met a wealthy woman in this world that acts and sees life like you. But one thing I know is, no matter what you decide in life, I'll always respect your decisions."

Yue Ling looks at Liu Shan and faintly smiles, "Thank you."

Looking at his beautiful boss, Liu Shan's heart felt extremely loved, like the love siblings share.

He glance out the window from where he sat and his eyes softened,

"It's me who should be thanking you. It was pure luck that I met you back then."

Yue Ling looked at Liu Shan, she didn't say a word and just turn her head back to the window.

It was also her luck that she met Liu Shan during her time in the States. She was glad to not only have an assistant like him but also a friend.

One who was truly loyal and supports her.

Knowing that there was nothing else to discuss, Liu Shan stood up to leave.

"I'll take my leave then."

Yue Ling didn't answer him, it wasn't until his hand almost touch the door handle when her voice sounded.

"I need you to find more information on someone."

Liu Shan's body froze, he turned back to look at his boss. Her tone was indifferent but just by looking at her back, he could feel traces of coldness and danger, Liu Shan quivered, "Who?"

He thought, 'Just who in the world offended my boss? Did they not want to live anymore?!!!'

"Ning Mei."

Hearing the name, Liu Shan frown in confusion, "Eh, Ning Mei? As in your junior Ning Mei?"

"Mm. I need you to dig all the information about her. I don't want a single thing left out."

Liu Shan scoffed ignorantly while patting his chest, "Boss, if I can't dig up anything then my name isn't Liu Shan. I'll definitely bring you back some good report."

"I'll give you one day."

Hearing the words 'one day', Liu Shan felt his body become a big blob and falls to the floor like jello.

But of course, he didn't fall to the floor, it was all in his head.

Not hearing him, Yue Ling took it as an understanding.

"That's all, you may leave."

Liu Shan however, dragged his feet out of her office. He was always a busy body who can dig up anyone's life, even their darkest secrets, but his boss had given him only one day.

Just what in the world can he find in one day?!!

"Hmmm..." he sighed.

But then again, he was always up for the challenge.

His defeated look was now replaced with an evil grin and his palms rubbing together, he thought, 'Hu hu, Ning Mei ah, I don't know what you did, but you are sooo~ dead. You should have never crossed the lines to enter the devil's lair.'

Back in Yue Ling's office, her figure stayed the same with her eyes looking out the window.

The quietness of her office travel to her ears as her mind drifted to thousands of thoughts.


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