Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 27 Enjoy it while you can


"Everything seems to be fine, only a few designs need to be adjusted."

Hearing her words, everyone sighed in relief. It was as if a huge weight had just been lifted from their shoulders.

Liu Shan, like everyone else was so nervous he wanted to cry out loud.

He's been by Yue Ling's side long before he became her personal assistant and he knew her better than all the employees here.

Every time he hands the black book to Yue Ling, he felt like he was going to his first interview again.

It was an extremely scary feeling.

He knows that although she may appear like an easy going person, if it comes to work, she can turn into the devil himself.

Yue Ling held in her laugh remembering her all employees' nervous looks from just a moment ago.

It wasn't that she wanted to be the evil witch in their eyes, it was her hard work that created De L'amour. So as the owner and designer, it was only natural that she wants the best for her company.

In an indifferent tone, she said, "Everyone enjoy the coffee and pastries, it's a small thanks for all your hard work upon arriving here."

Not waiting for a response, she heads towards the elevator. Ignoring the shocked and happy looks from her employees.

Liu Shan quickly follows after his boss, but he halted. He turned back to looked at everyone, "Enjoy it while you can, we're still on the clock."


Reaching the top floor of De L'amour, Yue Ling sized the details of this floor.

It was actually her first time here.

She had ordered Liu Shan to come to Imperial in advance to get her company ready.

She had given him a blueprint of how she wanted her company to look like, and he did not fail her.

"What do you think?" Liu Shan asked, he was nervous but also proud of what he did.

Yue Ling nod her head, "Not bad."

Liu Shan's eyes glisten with sparkling stars. He patted himself on the back.

Yue Ling: "...."

Seeing him actually pat himself on the back, Yue Ling was speechless. Sometimes, she wants to ask him if his brain was working correctly, but it would be rude to ask, so she doesn't.

She lightly shakes her head and looks back to the details of the floor.

Everything was exactly like how she wanted, but she couldn't let the man know. If she did, he would brag to everyone.

Stepping out of the elevator, her secretary's desk is first to the right, follow by four white modern wingback chairs and a glass table.

A white glossy wall sectioned the middle, leaving a wide open gap hallway.

The walls for the hallway was glass. There are eight other offices, four on each side. Liu Shan's office was at the far left end, and across from his office was another room but it was slightly bigger and filled with clothing designs on black fixtures.

Straight ahead was white double doors with large inner wave glass screens and bronze Aurora door handles.

It was the doors to her office.

Yue strode towards her office with Liu Shan following behind.

The lights to her office were automatic sensor by the door, so once she opens the door and steps in the lights would come on.

Her office was one fourth the size of the building floor. Tinted floor to ceiling windows were her walls, giving her the perfect view of Imperial.

Looking at the furnitures and details inside, she was really satisfied. Her office was spacious and very minimal.

Although, she did wonder why everything was either white, marble or clear glass.

It wasn't like she mind, but her new place was already white, so did her office have to be white too?

She sighed inwardly at the thought and sits on one of the white tuxedo couch in the middle of her office.

Placing the black book down, she pointed to the couch across from her.

Seeing his boss' gesture, Liu Shan quickly sits down.

Yue Ling didn't beat around the bush, she asked indifferently, "When will Inu and the rest of my things get here?"

Liu Shan: "Boss, I've tracked Inu and your things, they should be here at the end of the week."

Yue Ling nod her head, "Mm. And my cars?"


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