Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 11 Daoist’s Visit Ascends A Person To Heaven

Chapter 11: Daoist’s Visit Ascends A Person To Heaven

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Chu Kuangren converged the Sword of The Heavens after he established his dominance. The swords returned to their places, and the pressure of sword intent disappeared.

Murong Xuan breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Chu Kuangren in awe.

He was really frightened.

A Nascent Soul was suppressed by just a thought!

Even though they were on sword mountain, the encounter showed how terrifying and powerful Chu Kuangren’s Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart was.

“You can come to my Daoist Palace when you have time. I have to go back to nurture the sacred swords now, so I won’t be staying,” Chu Kuangren said.

With a wave, Descendant Self was in his hand.

With just a thought, the sacred sword merged into the spiritual mound in his body.

The spiritual mound was where the source of the cultivator’s spiritual power lied.


It was also the place where the sacred swords were nurtured.


Chu Kuangren nodded slightly at the Daoists, then turned and left. It was evening when he reached Towering Heaven Palace.

The incident of Chu Kuangren defeating Murong Xuan had begun to spread in the inner circle of Black Heaven Sect. After all, they were fighting in the sight of the whole sect.

“I never thought that Chu Kuangren would be so powerful that even Murong Xuan would be suppressed by him. Wasn’t he an outer sect disciple before this?”

“Even his Supreme Taoist Physique was cultivated too quickly.”

“He has a Supreme Taoist Physique, so it’s normal for the sect to groom him. Chu Kuangren is definitely going to be a legend.”

“Apparently, when he competed with Daoist Murong Xuan, he was able to condense the sword intent of Sword Mountain for his own use, and his combat power was incredible.”

“I saw it, too.”

“This person has the appearance of a young emperor!”

If the previous Chu Kuangren was known in Black Heaven Sect for his looks, then he now had everyone’s attention with his ability.

“Oh, a Nascent Soul cultivation base experience card?”

Chu Kuangren could not help but express a little surprise when he saw the prize he had drawn today and smiled with relief.

“Finally, a prize that’s actually useful.”


Since Chu Kuangren’s transmigration, all draws were iron grade items except for the first 10 draws.


Today, he finally got a silver grade Nascent Soul cultivation base experience card.

“Master, Murong Xuan, Jun Yi, and other Daoists are visiting.”

Lil Bing suddenly delivered a message.

“I see, bring them and wait for me at the main hall,” Chu Kuangren said.

He stretched, got up, and started to dress neatly.

When he went out, he saw Lan Yu wearing a blue and white skirt. When she saw him, she stepped forward and bowed slightly.


“Well, come with me to meet those Daoists.”

Inside the main hall of the Towering Heaven Palace.

Murong Xuan, Jun Yi, Qin Wushuang, Zhao Linglong, and Zhuo Han came to visit. As soon as they stepped into the Palace, the air around them began to shift. The spiritual qi here was so strong that they were shocked.

The place where they live was already one of the blessed lands in Black Heaven Sect, rare in its own right, but it was incomparable to Towering Heaven Palace.

The difference between the two was like comparing heaven and earth.

“The place where Senior Brother lives is truly extraordinary.”

“The sect must really value him since he’s bestowed with such a Daoist Palace, I guess it must be the same as the Sect Master.”

“The efficiency of practicing here is ten times that of the outside world.”

Murong Xuan and others were in awe.

A girl in white walked up to them.

“Daoists, the master will come soon, I have prepared tea for you, please wait a moment,” Lil Bing said in salute.

Daoist Junyi smiled and said, “Thank you very much, sister.”

“No problem.”

Lil Bing said. She was flattered.

She was just an outer disciple before. On weekdays, she could only watch the true disciples from a distance, surrounded by people like celebrities.

This included the Daoists.

Now, a Daoist had addressed her respectfully as sister.

It felt like a dream.

Jun Yi smiled. She did not ignore Lil Bing just because she was an outside disciple but chatted with her instead.

The few Daoists observed when they came in that there were no other maids or servants in the huge Daoist Palace except for Lil Bing.

Moreover, everyone knew now that Chu Kuangren was the chief disciple of the Black Heaven Sect, and that his future achievements would be extraordinary.

As the saying went ‘When a Daoist ascends, even their livestock follow’. Therefore, how could they offend his only maid? Building a good repertoire with her was the right way.


The few Daoists continued chatting in the main hall.

Suddenly, two figures arrived outside the hall.

The Daoists looked over and shock emerged in their eyes.

There was a man and a woman.

The man was dressed in a white unicorn robe with wide sleeves while donning a jade crown. His nose was tall and his features were exquisite, exuding an extraordinary aura like that of an immortal.


The woman was wearing a blue and white skirt with long silver-white hair like a waterfall, and there was as though a dazzling galaxy was hidden in her light blue eyes.

She had a sacred and amazingly inviolable aura.

Their combined charisma standing side by side was superior to most of the people in the world.

One was ethereal and unique.

One was cold and holy, like a goddess aloft in the heavens.

They were Chu Kuangren and Lan Yu.

Chu Kuangren and the few Daoists had known each other before but they could not help feeling confused about Lan Yu beside him.

‘Who was this woman?’

‘Was she from Black Heaven Sect? Why had I not heard of her before?’

‘What is her relationship with Chu Kuangren?’

A series of thoughts flashed through their minds.

“Hey there Senior Brother.”

“Senior Brother, may I know who this lady is?”

Murong Xuan was more direct and asked about Lan Yu’s origin.

“I met her a few days ago when I was away for some relaxation from the sect. She’s my follower now, her name is Lan Yu.” Chu Kuangren did not say much.

They were surprised when they heard this.

It was unexpected that Chu Kuangren would have followers this soon after he became a Daoist of Black Heaven Sect. Moreover, she was such an outstanding woman.

Thinking of this, Murong Xuan and the other men felt a little jealous.


“Come, have a seat.”

Chu Kuangren sat at the main hall and started chatting with them.

They were only at the Towering Heaven Palace for a visit and some exchange of cultivation experiences.

“Oh, so that’s the case.”

Daoist Zhuo Han seemed to be surprised.

Like Chu Kuangren, he also practiced the Saint Technique’s Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art, and the conversation with Chu Kuangren slightly furthered his knowledge.

He could not help but lament the fact that the Supreme Daoist Physique was indeed terrifying. He had practiced the Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art for ten years, while it had been only less than a month that Chu Kuangren was in contact with this sword art, but his level of comprehension is no longer below him.

He was even more unique and honed than him in some aspects.

“This is all just talk, why don’t we move on to some action instead? I’d like to learn a skill or two from you, Senior Brother.”

Zhuo Han stood up. He wanted to see how far he was from a Supreme Daoist Physique like Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren could read the expression on his face.

He knew this would happen sooner or later.

Any kind of cultivation exchange would result in a duel.

Anything prior was only a formality.

He had seen this much too often.

“Since Junior Brother Zhuo is in the mood, let’s do it.”


What else could he do?

He could only fight.

He had only been appointed the chief disciple not long ago. Although these Daoists addressed him as Senior Brother, how many were really sincere?

If he refused to fight, they would inevitably have some other thoughts in their hearts.

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