Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 12 The Duel, Lan Yu Showing Her Ability For The First Time

Chapter 12: The Duel, Lan Yu Showing Her Ability For The First Time

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Black Heaven Palace was vast.

In addition to the main hall and guest rooms, there was also a practice field.

At this moment in that practice field.

Chu Kuangren and Zhuo Han stood ten feet apart from each other.

“Senior Brother, here we go.”

After Zhuo Han gave a fist salute, there was a glorious flash in his hand and a three-foot-long turquoise glowing sword appeared in his hand.

The extraordinary long sword was glowing with light.

That was a supreme weapon!

Although not as good as the sacred sword, it was also extremely rare.

In the outside world, countless men had fought to the death for a piece of a supreme weapon.

“The name of this sword is Azure Crescent, it’s a supreme weapon,”

Zhuo Han said proudly.

It was an extraordinary thing to be recognized by a supreme weapon. After all, few in the history of Black Heaven Sect had been recognized by Azure Crescent.

“Well, good sword.”

Chu Kuangren nodded slightly, then a white light flashed in his hand and the Descendant Self Sacred Sword appeared in his hand. “This sword is called Descendant Self.”

Seeing the aura flow and the sword intent of the sacred sword, Zhuo Han’s mouth twitched, and the arrogance on his face was immediately blown away.

Supreme weapon?

Compared with the sacred sword, it was nothing.

“Shall we?”

Zhuo Han took a deep breath and his vision narrowed. His spiritual qi flowed into the Azure Crescent Sword in his hand, and a stream of sword qi shot out.

Chu Kuangren’s sacred sword was swung and it met the sword qi with a slash.

Although he had a Golden Core cultivation base, his increased combat power due to his Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart was no less than a Nascent Soul as his spiritual power was even purer.

Zhuo Han, as a Daoist, had already reached the Nascent Soul Realm for a long time, but he still felt the pressure from the battle against Chu Kuangren.

The two were just sparring and were not at their peak. Chu Kuangren did not even utilize his Daoist Body Transformation.

About half an hour later, Zhuo Han motioned for the sparring to stop.

“Senior Brother, although your cultivation base is only in the Golden Core Realm, your combat power is amazing, I really respect you,” Zhuo Han said with a smile.

“Junior Brother Zhuo, your ability is also extraordinary.”

“It’s nothing compared to you, Senior Brother.”

The two exchanged compliments.

“My hands are a little itchy watching the duel.”

Jun Yi walked up and laughed.

“Why, do you want to learn from the Senior Brother too?”

Zhuo Han asked.

Junyi shook her head. “I’ve seen his strength a long time ago, so I won’t ask for trouble.”

She looked at Lan Yu and smiled. “I am more interested in Miss Lan’s strength. Would you like to teach me a thing or two?

The Daoists’ eyes lit up as they were also very interested in the strength of this mysterious woman next to Chu Kuangren.

Lan Yu looked at Chu Kuangren, apparently asking for his opinion.

“Follow your heart.” Chu Kuangren said.


Lan Yu nodded slightly, and said to Jun Yi, “Shall we begin.”

“Yes, please.”

The two women walked to the center of the practice field.

Jun Yi had one of the most advanced cultivation bases of Black Heaven Sect’s Nine Great Daoists. She had a Fragile Water Daoist Physique, and a complete cultivation base of the Nascent Soul.

Her ability was on par, if not stronger than Zhuo Han.

After a burst of brilliant blue light, an azure blue long sword appeared in front of Jun Yi. Judging from the mesmerizing aura flowing above the sword, it was at least a supreme weapon.

Lan Yu was also enveloped in light as her dress disappeared and was replaced by a set of gorgeous silver-white armor.

“What an extraordinary set of armor.”

“Well, that must also be of supreme quality at the very least. This complete armor set of supreme grade is extremely rare. Seems like Miss Lan does come from an extraordinary background.”

The Daoists held a look of surprise.

“Such beautiful armor.”

Junyi’s eyes showed envy.

Their initial impression of Lan Yu was of someone cold and divine, but now, after donning this silver-white armor, she had some added heroism, like a female god of war.

Having had enough of being in awe, Jun Yi struck first.

She squeezed and injected her spiritual qi into the blue long sword in front of her.

The sound of splashing water echoed around the area.

The azure blue long sword shot several water-imbued streams of sword qi towards Lan Yu.

Lan Yu stood still, letting the sword qi collide with her body. With a crash, the streams of sword qi shattered with Lan Yu still standing still.

The sword qi had no effect on her armor.


Jun Yi, taken aback, continuously injected spiritual qi into the blue long sword. The blue radiance from the sword flickered and flashed while the majestic sword aura gushed out like a flood.

“Oh, not bad.” Lan Yu smiled faintly. Facing the attack, she took a step forward while balling her hand into a fist and punched forwards.

A huge crash could be heard from the collision, as though there was a whip cracking.

The silver-white light engulfed in sacred and majestic intent from Lan Yu’s fist exploded, and the surge of sword qi was completely shattered!

Jun Yi took a few steps back from shock.

She looked surprised and muttered, “Nascent Soul cultivation base!”

Lan Yu made a gesture and her cultivation base was immediately exposed to everyone.

It was early-stage Nascent Soul!

Although Lan Yu was only in the early stages of Nascent Soul, the power of her punch surprised the Daoists because it should have been impossible even for someone in the middle or even the late stage of Nascent Soul.

However, Lan Yu did it effortlessly.

“Lan Yu’s ability is really impressive.”


Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up.

The others might not have known, but he knew that Lan Yu had a Holy Radiant Physique which was a Supreme Daoist Physique.

In addition, Lan Yu also cultivated Saint Techniques and Supreme Techniques, making her unparalleled in combat power which was leagues ahead of an ordinary Nascent Soul Realm.

Even a prodigal Nascent Soul could hardly compare.

“Miss Lan methods are really extraordinary.”

Jun Yi sighed from the bottom of her heart. Then, her spiritual qi was exerted again to activate her supreme technique. A mysterious aura enveloped her and the sword, and an illusion of the Yangtze River rushing forth appeared in the air.

The sound of rushing water was incessant

“Three thousand Fragile Water!”


Junyi shouted.

Suddenly, the rushing Yangtze River gushed towards Lan Yu with immense force.

This was an offensive supreme technique that was executed using the complete Nascent Soul of Jun Yi, unleashing unparalleled power.

Lan Yu did not back down. “Well done!”

There was a silvery-white glow in her eyes that released a stream of sacred and solemn intent that surrounded her body, as if she were a god that had descended to earth.

“Static Light Fist!”

Lan Yu again punched forwards.

A white beam of light burst out and rushed towards the charging Yangtze River.

The two forces collided, threatening to tear the air itself apart.

The impact produced a shockwave so strong that even Murong Xuan, Zhuo Han, and the others who were watching could not help taking a few steps back.

Lil Bing exclaimed and was almost blown away.


At that critical moment, Chu Kuangren stretched his arm out to catch her by the waist and then shielded her behind him by forming a wall with his spiritual qi.


Behind Chu Kuangren, Lil Bing felt a warmth rise up from her heart and a sense of security that she had never felt before, even if the back she was hiding behind was not all that impressive.


She felt a rush of dopamine from the sense of security she had.

Not to mention, he was such a godly individual.

At this moment, Lil Bing had completely fallen head over heels for Chu Kuangren.


Jun Yi and Lan Yu continued to compete.

Neither party was fighting at their peak, but Jun Yi found that even if she did her best, she was not sure that she could defeat Lan Yu.

Finally, Junyi retracted the azure blue long sword and offered to stop.

Lan Yu nodded slightly and changed back to her blue and white dress. Her bright armor was kept away within her incredibly conveniently.

“Birds of the same feather flock together. The people around Senior Brother are indeed elites.” Jun Yi smiled.

Chu Kuangren smiled back, “What Junior Sister Jun said is true, my few junior brothers and sisters are indeed elites.”

Junyi was complimenting Lan Yu, but Chu Kuangren’s words included all of them.

These words served to tie the group closer to one another. The smiles on Murong Xuan, Zhuo Han, and the others’ faces became more sincere.

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