Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 21 Nothing To Fear About Gu Changge, Heaven Spiritual Marrow

Chapter 21: Nothing To Fear About Gu Changge, Heaven Spiritual Marrow

“How was it? What did the Daoist say?”

Jun Yi, Zhuo Han, and the other Daoists asked repeatedly when they saw Murong Xuan and Nangong Huang return from Towering Heaven Palace. The duo had visited in hopes of learning how to defeat Gu Changge.

“Elder Senior Brother said that… There’s nothing to fear about Gu Changge!”

Jun Yi and the group were surprised.

After all, it was widely known that Gu Changge had already defeated eight Daoists from four sage orthodoxies. From the perspective of his peers, he was truly unrivaled in his generation.

Yet, Chu Kuangren did not think there was anything to be afraid of about Gu Changge.

This came as a shocking revelation to the group.

Soon, Zhuo Han burst into laughter and said, “How typical of our Elder Senior Brother. While Gu Changge has shocked the entire Azure Dragon Domain with his victory over the eight Daoists, it is nothing to our Elder Senior Brother!”

“Such confidence!”

“Not bad at all. Elder Senior Brother has always been this fearless!”

Soon, words began to spread in Black Heaven Sect that someone thought there was nothing to fear about Gu Changge. Most of the disciples knew that these words had come from Chu Kuangren himself.

Gu Changge had always wanted to create the Heart of Invincibility. It was this reason that he had went on his crusade to defeat the eight Daoists. As a result, many disciples had felt uneasy knowing that it was a matter of time before Gu Changge would come to Black Heaven Sect.

However, Chu Kuangren’s remark had provided much relief to many within the sect.

“Elder Senior Brother is indeed formidable. Only people at his level would dare utter such words.”

“Even after Gu Changge had single-handedly defeated the Daoists from four sage orthodoxies, it doesn’t faze our Elder Senior Brother at all.”


“I would love to see how Elder Senior Brother defeats Gu Changge.”

“I’ve become a huge fan of Elder Senior Brother.”

Soon, people were enthusiastically discussing this news throughout the entire Black Heaven Sect.

The news had even spread to the elders. Elder Ruyan commended, “He is my lead disciple indeed, what formidable courage!”

The Honorable Xuan Qi uttered with pride, “My disciple, Kuangren, possesses the might of an emperor. Who’s Gu Changge to think he deserves to be compared?”

The elders would have probably not trusted Kuangren this much if it was in the past.

However, times had changed.

Ever since Kuangren created the Sage Ruler Technique in the library, not only had he gained unprecedented admiration from his fellow disciples, but he had also impressed the elders so much that they had branded him to be unrivaled amongst his peers.

As a result, his words carried much credibility.

“Master, aside from other disciples, many elders are pledging their full support for you as well. You must defeat Gu Changge!”

Lil Bing clenched her fists as she cheered for Chu Kuangren.

After hearing everything that unfolded, Chu Kuangren merely reacted in confusion.

“There’s nothing to fear about Gu Changge?”

‘Since when have I ever spoken such words?’, he thought.

What were Murong Xuan and Nangong Huang drunk on?

It was fine if it were just a few disciples getting caught in a rumor. However, even the elders were now getting excited and complimenting Chu Kuangren excessively. Chu Kuangren helplessly buried his face into his hands.

After all, his cultivation level was merely in the Golden Core Realm!

“Lil Bing, you should leave first.”

Chu Kuangren gestured her away. He needed some quiet space to think alone.

“Understood, Master. It’s natural that you prefer to replenish and conserve your energy to be in the best form when facing Gu Changge. Rest assured that I won’t allow anyone to intrude your privacy,” said Lil Bing.

She then proceeded to exit the room, but not before giving Chu Kuangren one last gesture of encouragement.

Chu Kuangren helplessly sighed as he sat on his bed and thought ‘These fellas sure have some wild imaginations, why don’t they consider writing a novel?’

He summoned the Fantasy Roulette and started spinning for the daily prize.

“Congratulations, Host! You have won a Gold Item – a jar of Heaven Spiritual Marrow!”

Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up. ‘Another Gold Item, and this time it’s Heavenly Essence! Looks like my luck has been decent today!”

Spiritual marrow was a form of liquid that was rich in spiritual qi. It was an object that was several grades higher than objects like a soul stone. Spiritual marrow was categorized into four tiers – Heaven, Earth, Dark, and Yellow.

Heaven Spiritual Marrow belonged to the highest tier of its kind. It was used to improve one’s cultivation base, strengthen their spiritual power, and rejuvenate their body.

Many cultivators would have fought fiercely just for a single drop of Heaven Spiritual Marrow. Yet, Chu Kuangren now had an entire jar of it in his possession!

“Accept Heaven Spiritual Marrow,” Chu Kuangren said.

Immediately, a green jar the size of a palm appeared in Chu Kuangren’s hands. It contained the golden-colored Heaven Spiritual Marrows.

“With the help of the Heaven Spiritual Marrow, I can surely reach the Nascent Soul Realm much quicker. Then, defeating Gu Changge should then be possible.”

Chu Kuangren muttered.

With that, he immediately isolated himself and started cultivating.

Meanwhile, in the outside world.

The entire Azure Dragon Domain was shaken by the mere mention of Gu Changge’s name.

Ever since Gu Changge left the capital city and defeated eight Daoists from the four greatest sage orthodoxies, words had spread throughout the domain and caused panic among countless cultivators.

There were eight sage orthodoxies in Azure Dragon Domain.

The Royal Azure Dynasty, Zhiyang Valley, Dharma Sect, Taixu Temple, Serene Wisdom Sect, Five Ways Sect, Thunder Temple, School of White Lotus, and Black Heaven Sect.

Not counting the Royal Azure Dynasty, the subsequent four sage orthodoxies had been challenged and defeated by Gu Changge.

All eyes were now on the remaining three sage orthodoxies. Everyone was curious about whether there was someone capable enough to break Gu Changge’s win streaks. Otherwise, he would inevitably own the Heart of Invincibility!

On the peak of a majestic mountain, thick fog filled the atmosphere.

Within that fog laid several building structures that were erected closely together. Upon closer inspection, one would observe that most of these structures were supporting an enormous Buddha statue.

This was a temple.

It was the largest temple in the kingdom. Very few would dare provoke the people who resided in this territory.

It belonged to one of the sage orthodoxies, the Thunder Temple.

On that day, the bell tolled and echoed throughout the entire temple.

A luxurious carriage towed by six sturdy houses covered in gold-plated armor had arrived and parked itself at the front gate of the Thunder Temple.

As the carriage door opened, a handsome man dressed in golden robes stepped out. The man gazed intently at the front gate of the Thunder Temple.

The man was none other than the notorious Gu Changge!

“Thunder Temple, I have arrived.”

Gu Changge muttered.

He emitted a provocative aura as the spiritual power in his body began to burst aggressively. One could faintly hear the roar of a dragon if one stood close enough to him.

“Once I defeat the Thunder Temple, School of White Lotus, and the Black Heaven Sect, I shall finally forge the Heart of Invincibility!”

“The path to the throne shall be mine!”

Gu Changge was overjoyed.

“Do not celebrate too early, my Crown Prince.”

A frail voice emerged from within the thin air as it cautioned Gu Changge, “There are many hidden challenges within these sage orthodoxies. Just a few days ago, a Supreme Daoist Physique had been birthed in Black Heaven Sect, which is concerning.”

“A Supreme Daoist Physique? Indeed, I did sense its presence a few days ago. After I’m finished with Thunder Temple and the School of White Lotus, I shall personally head to Black Heaven Sect and teach whoever’s behind that a valuable lesson!”

Then, he immediately turned towards Thunder Temple and loudly announced his presence, “I am here to pay a visit! Elder monks of this place, please show yourself!”

It was difficult to avoid that confrontation.

The next day, with the departure of the golden carriage, words began to spread that two Daoists had lost to Gu Changge.

It had not even been three days since before the School of White Lotus had fallen to Gu Changge’s hands as well.

It did not take long before Gu Changge’s reputation reached its peak.

Out of eight sage orthodoxies, six had crumbled in defeat to the Crown Prince. It had also signified that these orthodoxies were deemed inferior to the Royal Azure Dynasty.

Now, all eyes were on the last standing orthodoxy, the Black Heaven Sect.

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