Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 20 Prince Gu Changge, Unrivaled In His Generation

Chapter 20: Prince Gu Changge, Unrivaled In His Generation

At the Towering Heaven Palace.

In the courtyard, Chu Kuangren was lying on a deck chair.

Next to him, Lil Bing was holding a plate of grapes, feeding him from time to time. Beside was Lan Yu dressed in a blue and white skirt, sitting cross-legged with a dark guqin in front of her.

With each movement of her fingers, Lan Yu played a beautiful melody.


Chu Kuangren opened his mouth to take a grape that Lil Bing fed him, and listened to the melody of the guqin played by Lan Yu, squinting his eyes with a pleasant expression.

Lil Bing was peeling grapes next to him, watching Chu Kuangren’s face up close, and she had a slight blush and an unspeakable joy.

The outside world was eager for him, and there were countless women who wanted to see him, while here she was, feeding him by herself.

Thinking about it, she felt very happy.

One song ended.

Lan Yu smiled warmly. “What else do you want to hear?”

In addition to being a formidable warrior, she was also proficient in music. Chu Kuangren had only recently discovered this.

Lan Yu really almost seemed too good to be true.

She was beautiful, powerful, and obedient to Chu Kuangren.

“Enough, if I continue to be like this, I won’t be able to climb out from this place.” Chu Kuangren shook his head and smiled.

He stretched, “I’m going for cultivation practice.”

It had been nearly a month since he created the Sage Ruler Technique and his cultivation base had made great progress. From the first time he entered the Golden Core Realm until the current completion of it, he was only one step away from the Nascent Soul Realm.

Also within this month, Chu Kuangren had extracted a lot of things from the Fantasy Roulette, but most of them were black iron and silver grade. Except for a few pieces, the rest were of no use to him.

Such as some medicinal pills, cultivation methods, spiritual marrow, and the like. These were all used by him to cultivate Lil Bing, so in this month, besides him, Lil Bing also improved a lot.

In the afternoon, Chu Kuangren had just finished his cultivation practice.

Lil Bing told him that Daoists Nan Gonghuang and Murong Xuan were visiting.

In the Daoist Palace’s main hall.

“Elder Senior Brother, you finally came.”

Murong Xuan greeted him with an unnatural amount of excitement after seeing Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren’s face changed slightly and he took a step back. The excitement Murong Xuan showed almost made it as if he was looking at his long-lost girlfriend.

Did he also attract the men?

Murong Xuan stood there and felt a little embarrassed.

‘Elder Senior Brother, you’re seriously taking a step back?

‘Such a small action, but why is my heart…’

“Hey Elder Senior Brother.”

Nangong Huang gave a small salute. Since being defeated by Chu Kuangren and witnessing the other party’s creation of a Sage Ruler Technique, he now looked up to the other party more and more.

He was a little fanboy like everyone else in Black Heaven Sect.

“Junior brothers, have a seat.”

After both of them took a seat, Murong Xuan spoke first, “I’m here because I want to ask your opinion about something.”

“Oh, what’s the matter?”

“Have you heard of…Gu Changge?”

“Gu Changge?” Chu Kuangren mumbled and seemed to recall some familiarity, then he asked, “The Qingyun Prince, Gu Changge?”

“Yes, that’s him,” Nangong Huang said solemnly.

In this world of great controversy, all kinds of prodigal talents emerged endlessly, like blooming flowers contending for beauty.

Gu Changge was one of the most magnificent flowers among the hundreds of others, and was a supreme prodigy of the world!

He was even better than Nangong Huang.

Moreover, the power behind the Qingyun Prince was the Qingyun Dynasty, which was also the top sage orthodoxy in the Azure Dragon domain, not weaker than Black Heaven Sect.

“What about him?”

Chu Kuangren asked while pondering his newfound information on Gu Changge.

“Gu Changge left the Qingyun dynasty capital half a month ago. In the name of socializing, he went all the way through Ziyang Valley, Wanfa Sect, Lingxu Sect and the Five Elements Sect which are the four great sage orthodoxies, and consecutively defeated eight Daoists!”

Murong Xuan said slowly, his tone was solemn.

Hearing this, Chu Kuangren still did not know the purpose of these two visitors, “Are you afraid that he will also challenge Black Heaven Sect?”

“He will definitely come here for a challenge,” Nangong Huang said.

“He’s shaping the ‘Invincible Heart’!”

“Not bad,” Nangong Huang continued, “A few years ago, the divine predictor once said that the road to the emperor’s throne of this world would be reopened, and all the prodigies will fight for it. Gu Changge defeated the Daoists to create the ‘Invincible Heart’ and wanted to use this to ascend the emperor’s throne!”

“Only by defeating him can this process be disrupted. Otherwise, when his ‘Invincible Heart’ is completed, I’m afraid that it will be difficult for someone to compete with him again!”

“It’s just not easy to defeat him. This person is incomparable among the younger generation and has few rivals. The stronger ones from the older generation are not easy to attack. According to rumors, he has a protector who is in the honorable realm. Even if someone wants to attack him secretly, it’s impossible.”

Nangong Huang and Murong Xuan talked about the matter while Chu Kuangren listened.

“Elder Senior Brother, Gu Changge’s strength is amazing. He has defeated eight Daoists in a row. Among them were people who had the same combat power as I do, therefore out of all the Daoists in Black Heaven Sect, only you can defeat this person.”

Nangong Huang looked at Chu Kuangren with piercing eyes.

“What’s his cultivation base?

“Complete Nascent Soul, no, maybe Half Step!”

Nangong Huang paused and said.


Half Step?

Chu Kuangren was inevitably a little nervous.

He was only a complete Golden Core, and had not reached Nascent Soul cultivation base yet. The last time he was able to suppress Nangong Huang because of the cultivation base experience card.

What would happen if he used the complete Golder Core to duel with a Half-Step Nascent Soul cultivation base?

This person was a peerless prodigy!

It was estimated that this person was more powerful than other cultivators at Half-Step Nascent Soul.

It did not feel right.

To the hopeful eyes of the two junior brothers Murong Xuan and Nangong Huang, he could not show his timidity as an Elder Senior Brother.

“I understand.”

Chu Kuangren’s eyes were calm and his tone was calm.

Nangong Huang and the two looked at each other, and immediately felt a wave of reassurance. Since the Elder Senior Brother was so calm, he must be confident.

The two left Daoist Palace in peace.

“Nangong, what do you think of the chances of winning for Elder Senior Brother against Gu Changge?” Murong Xuan asked curiously outside the Daoist Palace.

Nangong Huang paused and said softly, “Highly likely!”

“You have so much confidence in Elder Senior Brother.”

Murong Xuan was a little surprised.

Although he believed in Chu Kuangren, Gu Changge was not just any opponent. He had defeated eight consecutive Daoists, and was already invincible in his generation!

He dared not say that Chu Kuangren had a very good chance of winning.

“Elder Senior Brother can suppress me by just raising his hands, and his combat power is unfathomable, plus, couldn’t you read his attitude just now? It’s obvious that Gu Changge was not his concern.”

Nangong Huang praised Chu Kuangren with respect.

Murong Xuan heard these words, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that they were reasonable, so he nodded and said, “You are right, if he didn’t have the confidence to win, how could he have been so calm? Our Elder Senior Brother is undisputed!”

“I think it’s more than that. Elder Senior Brother can create his own Sage Ruler Technique. How many people in this world can do that? It’s terrifying.”

The two speculated about Chu Kuangren’s true ability, and the more they guessed, the more they felt that he was unpredictable, and the awe in their hearts kept increasing.

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