Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Lan Yu Makes An Appearance, Gu Changge Is Enraged

Nangong Huang slid down the wall as bloodstains still covered his lips. He stood with great difficulty as he observed Gu Changge’s right hand. Before he was flung across the arena, he could have sworn that he saw golden dragon scales manifesting on Gu Changge’s right hand.

“I’ve heard that the True Dragon Evocation Technique from the Royal Azure Dynasty could allow one to transform into the Dragon Blood Physique. Looks like your right hand has cultivated the dragon blood!”

Nangong Huang said solemnly.

The Dragon Blood Physique was one of the greatest physiques that existed. Having power that transcended even beyond his Yinyang God-eye, this physique was recognized to be one of the few that could nearly rival a Supreme Daoist Physique. Once fully transformed, even sages had to give way to such immense power!

“Not bad.”

Gu Changge said proudly, “Even if it’s just my right hand, for now, I could still easily defeat a stellar martial art genius like you!”

Countless training and cultivation sessions were required in order to transform into the Dragon Blood Physique. However, Gu Changge had merely cultivated the blood channels in his right hand.

Even then, it was enough for him to defeat most of his peers with ease.

“Senior Brother Gu Changge has lost in just three moves.”

“Where is Elder Senior Brother? We can only rely on him for now.”

“Gu Changge is terrifying.”

The disciples were once again engaged in discussions, their astonishment was evident.

Gu Changge observed the reaction and rested his hands behind his back. He looked upon the crowd and a wave of his crushing aura once again filled the atmosphere. His poise was akin to that of an emperor.

“Who else among you still dares to challenge me?”

Gu Changge scowled at the disciples, his Poise of Immortality once again shook the entire crowd!

From a distance, Honourable Xuan Qi and Elder Ruyan were paying close attention to everything that was unfolding.

“This bloke is no ordinary person.”

“Agreed. His cultivation level has reached the Half-Paradise Realm at such a young age. Combining that with his Dragon Blood Physique, it was no surprise that he could defeat his peers with such ease.”

“He has already gained the Poise of Invincibility after defeating six sage orthodoxies. I’m afraid if this continues, he could really forge the Heart of Invincibility!”

Although Honourable Xuan Qi and the group were unhappy with Gu Changge’s provocation, they were still compelled to acknowledge his ability.


“Sect Leader, is our lead disciple still isolating himself?”

Elder Ruyan asked.

Chu Kuangren had now become their last hope.

“Yes. I’ve just briefly scanned through the Daoist Palace using my spiritual thought. Kuangren is still locking himself in his room,” Honourable Xuan Qi helplessly replied.

Back at the gate of Black Heaven Sect, Gu Changge was still looking at the disciples in despise. As no one else dared accept his challenge, he continued, “Where’s the person with the Supreme Daoist Physique? Why don’t you call him out?”

He paused for a moment before he continued insulting, “Is he so scared that he’s locking himself in his room?”


“How dare you insult Elder Senior Brother like that!”

“Let me have a go at him, I’m fighting him right now!”

Murong Xuan ground his teeth as he prepared to fight Gu Changge. However, he was stopped by the few Daoists who were standing beside him as they tried to calm him down.

“Don’t be impulsive, you’re no match against him.”

“Even a person like Nangong had been defeated in three moves. It’s no use for you to fight him.”

When everyone was maddened by Gu Changge’s remark, a ray of white light descended from above.


Dust particles were sent flying around the air as a shockwave spread from the center.

The crowd shifted their attention to the spot and saw a silver-haired woman dressed in an elegant set of silver-white armor.

“Lady Lan.”

The Daoists were in mild shock.

It was Lan Yu. She knew that Chu Kuangren would soon fight Gu Changge after he exited his room and had intended to watch the match.

She did not plan to participate in the challenge.

However, Lan Yu could no longer stand it when she heard Gu Changge insulting Chu Kuangren.

She would turn a blind eye if Gu Changge had insulted anyone else, be it a respectable sage, but she could not allow anyone to belittle Chu Kuangren, whom she held in high regard!

Hence, she had decided to make an appearance.

Lan Yu appeared in shiny silver-white armor. A solemn, divine aura flowed around her, and her otherworldly beauty was both remarkable and jawdropping.

Even Gu Changge’s eyes lit up at the sight of her entrance.

Being the Crown Prince of the Royal Azure Dynasty, Gu Changge had his fair share of interactions with beautiful ladies. Yet, none of their beauty could measure against that of the woman standing in front of him.

Like a goddess, she had smooth, silky skin and an elegant, noble demeanor.

It was one of the rare instances when Gu Changge felt a sense of envy.

“Who are you?”

Gu Changge tried to soothe his tone as much as he could.

He thought judging by his status as a Crown Prince and having recently defeated six sage orthodoxies, any woman would have been infatuated if he were to speak gently to them.

Unfortunately, Lan Yu’s reaction was merely one of cold indifference. One could feel a strong sense of hostility boiling beneath her blue eyes, hinting at the inevitable unleashing of her wrath.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is you’ve insulted my Master, and you shall pay for it,” Lan Yu coldly replied.

Her spiritual power began to erupt, the Daoist rhymes accompanied by a divine ray of lights started flowing within her.

These Daoist Rhymes were enough to make Gu Changge slightly concerned.

At the same time, he could feel a sense of rage boiling within him.

A follower?

How could a woman at this level be the follower of the Supreme Daoist Physique of Black Heaven Sect?

What did that person do to deserve such a follower?

“I thought the Supreme Daoist Physique of the Black Heaven Sect would make an outstanding opponent. Who would have thought that he would end up hiding behind a woman’s back?

“You’ll have no future following a person like this. Let me offer you a chance to follow by my side. If you agree, you’ll be blessed with unprecedented privileges. I could even consider making you my Crown Princess.”

Gu Changge stared at Lan Yu as his eyes glimmered with desire.

Unfortunately, Lan Yu reacted with even greater hostility and said, “You insulted my Master, and now you let your imagination run rampant. This is unforgivable!”

Lan Yu did not speak any further as she clenched her fists and initiated the first strike.

An array of white lights, filled with divine Intent, was launched forward!

The Daoist rhyme shocked everyone in the crowd.

Gu Changge did not dare underestimate her. He channeled his spiritual energy and launched a counterattack as well.

Both of their fist attacks clashed directly against each other as the Daoist rhymes exploded from the impact, sending an enormous shockwave into the surroundings. Yet, Lan Yu and Gu Changge did not retreat at all.

Everyone was astonished.

They knew just how powerful Gu Changge was when he defeated Nangong Huang in three strikes. Yet, who would have thought Lan Yu was capable enough to go head to head with him?!

In the distance, Honorable Xuan Qi and a few spectators were observing the fight closely.

“Who’s this woman?”

“Why does this Daoist rhyme look like the divine light that would radiate from the legendary Supreme Daoist Physique?” Honorable Xuan Qi asked skeptically.

As he made that remark, his companions were instantly in awe.

Could it actually be a Supreme Daoist Physique?!

“If that is indeed the case, it’s no wonder this woman could withstand Gu Changge’s attacks. However… Could it actually be?”

One could hardly blame their skepticism. The Supreme Daoist Physique was considered an incredibly rare phenomenon. To have two of them exist in Black Heaven Sect was too rare of a coincidence.

“Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, this woman is no pushover at all. I have many questions for Chu Kuangren now,” Honorable Xuan Qi said.

Aside from the disciples and the elders, even Gu Changge was shocked by Lan Yu’s display of ability. Throughout his journey toppling various sage orthodoxies thus far, very few could properly match against his power.

What was more, she was a woman.

The thought that a powerful, beautiful woman like Lan Yu would become another man’s follower made Gu Changge’s jealousy grow even stronger.

“Such a pity that a woman like you has chosen to pledge your loyalty for a weak man who doesn’t dare to even face me,” Gu Changge shook his head and said.

Many could sense a hint of jealousy in his tone.

“Pfft, such a shame. The Crown Prince of the Royal Azure Dynasty would typically have no qualms getting a woman of his choice. Too bad that Lady Lan isn’t someone he can simply desire and get.”

“Indeed. Lady Lan belongs with our Elder Senior Brother. Gu Changge’s appearance and facial features are such a far cry compared to our Elder Senior Brother.”

“Our Elder Senior Brother is the best. He doesn’t even have to make an appearance and Gu Changge has already lost the battle.”

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