Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 24 Three Supreme Level Foundations, Gu Changge Is Intimidated

Chapter 24: Three Supreme Level Foundations, Gu Changge Is Intimidated

“You have once again insulted my Master!

“You deserve to die!”

Lan Yu did not pick up the scent of jealousy in Gu Changge’s tone. She was too preoccupied with being angry after hearing Gu Changge insult Chu Kuangren.

She swiftly spread her wings out, her oppressive spiritual power reached its peak.

“She’s a winged human!”

“I didn’t expect that Lan Yu was part of the Winged Human Tribe.”

“Are all the ladies in the Winged Human Tribe as beautiful as she is?”

Lan Yu’s wing had spread out as she transitioned into her strongest battle form.

She flapped her wings and took off into the sky. From above, like a superior martial art goddess, her cold gaze landed upon Gu Changge.

Such a battle form had shocked everyone even further.

Lan Yu activated her spiritual power, and a strong gush of Daoist rhymes came pouring out. A glow of white light manifested between her hands and transformed into an enormous battle spear.

Mysterious Daoist symbols surrounded the long spear, radiating a domineering aura.

It was enough to slightly intimidate Gu Changge.

“Judgement of Light!”

Lan Yu let out a battle roar as she readied herself to fling the spear outwards.

Suddenly, a multicolored light pillar was seen shooting straight into the sky at a distance.

A wave of mysterious Daoist rhymes instantly filled the entire vicinity.

This peculiar phenomenon instantly captured everyone’s attention, including Lan Yu. Her face reacted in surprise as she slowly withdrew her spear.

With the flap of a wing, Lan Yu immediately dashed towards the direction of the light pillar.

The light pillar had come from the Towering Heaven Palace, precisely where Chu Kuangren was residing.

Nothing mattered more than Chu Kuangren to Lan Yu.

Nangong Huang, Murong Xuan, and the rest made haste towards the pillar as well.

“Let’s go and see what’s happening there.”

Gu Changge was seen muttering to nobody in particular.

The first group who made it to the Towering Heaven Palace were actually Honorable Xuan Qi, Elder Ruyan, and the other seniors.

Staring at the light pillar, they could only look at each other in confusion.

“What is our lead disciple doing this time?”

“I have no idea.”

Honorable Xuan Qi and the rest were clueless.

Judging by how many surprises Chu Kuangren had been making in the past couple of days, they could barely contain their excitement.

“What’s going on?”

Lan Yu and the rest had made it to the scene too.

At that moment, another anomaly occurred again.

The spiritual qi in the surrounding area began to flow violently as it congregated to a central point. Then, the spiritual qi began to condense and morphed into a Daoist foundation that was shaped like a pagoda. It had seven levels to it.

“This is the Daoist Foundation of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Is someone establishing one?”

Elder Ruyan asked.

“I don’t think so. Establishing a foundation wouldn’t create such a dramatic transformation in their surroundings.”

Honorable Xuan Qi shook his head.

Then, as the ground began to shake, the Daoist Foundation Establishment began to ascend another two levels and became a Nine-Level Daoist Foundation!

Enchantment symbols surrounded the Nine-Level Daoist Foundation as enigmatic Daoist rhymes filled the atmosphere.

The spectators were shocked beyond words.

“A Nine-Level Daoist Foundation Establishment! This is also the Supreme Daoist Foundation Establishment!”

“The limit to such foundations is only nine levels. Very few cultivators are able to construe an entire Nine-Level Daoist Foundation Establishment throughout the entirety of Firmament Star.”

“I understand now!” Honorable Xuan Qi’s face lightened up. He continued, “Kuangren is reconstructing his entire cultivation base. He’s resetting his root foundations!”

Once a person reached a certain level of their cultivation base, their root foundations would usually remain fixed. To reset one’s root foundation was deemed as a tremendously difficult task.

Moreover, a slight mistake could be all it took to damage one’s root foundations beyond recovery.

“Once the root foundation is damaged, recovering it then becomes a task many times harder than resetting one’s foundation base. The lead disciple is taking a huge risk here.”

One of the elders said solemnly.

“This is impressive!” Elder Ruyan complimented.

“He’s indeed my disciple!”

Honorable Xuan Qi laughed. He then began to enchant a protective spell over Chu Kuangren, and the rest of the elders immediately followed suit.

They were cautious of Gu Changge.

After all, he was a foreigner who came here to provoke their sect.

Gu Changge sensed the intention and snarked, “I have no interest at all in attacking him while he’s vulnerable. It’s a pathetic move!”

Then, he observed the Nine-Level Daoist Foundation as he began to react in astonishment.

“Who would have thought the Elder Senior Brother of the Black Heaven Sect would be so bold. Not only has he reconstrued his entire Daoist Foundation Establishment, but he had also rebuilt it to a Nine-Level Daoist Foundation Establishment!”

There was a reason why the Nine-Level Daoist Foundation was also known as the Supreme Daoist Foundation. No other Daoist Foundation Establishment was more superior to it.

Any Daoist Foundation Establishment that could rival against it would at best be only a few inches taller.

Even for Gu Changge, his Daoist Foundation Establishment had only reached seven levels.

Even then, it was already considered impressive. The Daoist Foundation Establishment of most cultivators only had up to two levels.

Before anyone could fully process the sight they were witnessing, the spiritual qi in the air once again congregated above the Towering Heaven Palace. This time, it morphed into a shiny Golden Core!

Above the Golden Core were seven verses of Daoist symbols suspending itself, signifying that it was a Seven-Verse Golden Core.

Then, a surge of Daoist rhymes exploded from within the Golden Core.

The Seven-Verse Golden Core immediately transformed into a Nine-Verse Golden Core!

The crowd gasped.

“A Nine-Level Daoist Foundation Establishment and a Nine Verse Golden Core! The lead disciple has reconstrued two of his root foundations in one go! My God, how did he do that?!”

“To reach the Nine-Verse Golden Core is harder than reaching the Nine-Level Daoist Foundation Establishment.”

“He had reached the supreme levels at both root foundations. Even if his cultivation level is still at One-Color Nascent Soul, his combat ability will far surpass anyone in the same realm.”

“Our Elder Senior Brother is amazing…”

Murong Xuan, Nangong Huang, and the other disciples immediately had even more admiration for Chu Kuangren.

On the other hand, Gu Changge was obviously disturbed by the sight.

“I didn’t foresee that he would go on and create a Nine-Verse Golden Core. I don’t remember many cultivators in the entirety of Firmament Star who are capable of reaching this level.”


“Who in the world is this person?”

Having seen Lan Yu pledge her loyalty towards Chu Kuangren and witnessing him reach two Supreme Foundation Levels, Gu Changge’s curiosity towards Chu Kuangren grew.

Then, a silhouette emerged walking out from the light pillar.

It was a tiny figure who was only slightly taller than a foot. He was wearing a white Daoist robe that was weaved out of Daoist symbols and looked like he was about eight years old.

The crowd felt that his facial features were familiar.

“Such energy… This is a Nascent Soul.”

“It’s Elder Senior Brother’s Nascent Soul!”

“How do you know?”

“Nonsense. The only person meditating in the palace is our Elder Senior Brother. Who else could it belong to?”

“That’s correct. Besides, the kid is so charming. Upon a closer look, you can observe that his eyebrows are similar to our Elder Senior Brother’s one.”

“Elder Senior Brother is so handsome. I’d recognized him even if he’s reduced to ashes. Recognizing his Nascent Soul is a breeze.”

Then, the Nascent Soul began to release multiple arrays of colored lights. There were red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, black, and white colors – a total of nine colors. This time, even Honorable Xuan Qi’s jaw had dropped.

“Nine… a Nine-Color Nascent Soul!”

“Bloody f*ck!”

An elder could not help but let out a swear word.

A Nine-Level Daoist Foundation Establishment, a Nine-Verse Golden Core, and now a Nine-Color Nascent Soul!

Chu Kuangren had actually reached three Supreme Foundation Levels in one sitting!

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Gu Changge’s face turned even more sour, even though he was equally shocked and incredulous as the rest.

The higher the realm, the harder it was to reach its Supreme Foundation Level! Even the Supreme Foundation Level of the Foundation Establishment Realm was one that countless cultivators tried to achieve but failed.

Yet, the Elder Senior Brother of Black Heaven Sect had managed to achieve the unachievable.

In one go, he had managed to reach the Supreme Foundation Levels at the Foundation Establishment Realm, Golden Core Realm, and the Nascent Soul Realm! Chu Kuangren’s foundation levels had managed to surpass that of countless cultivators in each realm, which included Gu Changge himself!

At that instance, Gu Changge’s felt his ambition to forge the Heart of Invincibility was being threatened.

Would he be able to go head to head against a genius at such an unprecedented level?

“Guard your Daoist Heart closely!” A frail voice began speaking into Gu Changge’s ears. It was the voice of his Daoist Protector.

Before even meeting Chu Kuangren, Gu Changge was already intimidated by him!

Chu Kuangren would definitely be the most formidable enemy he had ever encountered!

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