Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Golden Jade Daoist Body, Chu Kuangren Reappeared, Would He Accept The Challenge?

Nine-Level Daoist Foundation Establishment, Nine-Verse Golden Core, Nine-Color Nascent Soul.

The three Supreme Foundation Levels manifested themselves above the Towering Heaven Palace. Boundless forms of Daoist rhymes gushed out of the manifestations as spiritual qi flooded the entire atmosphere.

It was as if the energies of the entire world were rejoicing around the three Supreme Foundation Levels.

The common disciples, the Daoist geniuses, the elders of the Black Heaven Sect, and even the Daoist Protector of Gu Changge were all in shock.

Just like that, three Supreme Foundation Levels had been reached within a brief period of time.

An occurrence like that was so rare that even ancient scriptures might not have any recordings of it.

Inside the palace, Lil Bing stood in awe outside Chu Kuangren’s room as she saw the manifestation of the three Supreme Foundation Levels. She muttered, “I guess Master has different ways of surprising people every single day.”

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren was sitting in a meditation posture on his bed. Mythical Daoist rhymes surrounded him as his body has become translucent.

One could see his blood, vessels, bones, and organs with their naked eyes!

Within his body, large pieces of Daoist symbols moved in and out his blood vessels.

The formation of three Supreme Foundation Levels had provided so much power that it reanimated his physique and replenished his spiritual power.

Gradually, Chu Kuangren’s body began to emit a bright golden glow.

He looked like a piece of golden jade.

If anyone was in there, they would have immediately recognized it to be one of the strongest physiques that existed amongst three thousand other physiques… The Golden Jade Body!

Although the Golden Jade Body was still no match against the Supreme Daoist Physique, it could measure up against Nan Gonghuang’s Yinyang God-eye.

Any cultivator who possessed such a physique could channel even the most common techniques into pure spiritual power.

Chu Kuangren had always been one who channeled many techniques. Now that he possessed the Golden Jade Body, the purity of his spiritual power would reach its maximum capacity.

It was after a while that he gradually opened his eyes.

The translucence of his body had steadily turned opaque and resumed to its normal form.

“A whole jar of Heaven Spiritual Marrow sure does wonders. It not only helped me reach the peak of three Supreme Foundation Levels, but it’s also even given me the Golden Jade Body!”

Chu Kuangren could feel a surge of reinvigorated energy boiling within him.

At that time, he had leveled up to become a Nascent Soul Cultivator.

Even then, he had strong feelings that he could easily defeat a Paradise Realm Cultivator.

Could it be?

Had he actually grown that strong?

Chu Kuangren was in fact a little skeptical.

“Should I… Find someone to test this out?” Chu Kuangren muttered.

The moment he exited the room, Chu Kuangren saw Lil Bing.

“Master, you’re finally out.”

Lil Bing could not contain her excitement.

“Yes, let’s go and meet everyone else,” Chu Kuangren nodded and said. He could sense that there was already a large crowd amassing outside the palace.

Outside the Towering Heaven Palace, the spectators still could not settle down after watching the manifestations disappear. After all, they were the manifestations of three concurrent Supreme Foundation Levels!

How many in Firmament Star were capable enough to reach Supreme Foundation Levels?

What more, to cultivate three Supreme Foundation Levels!

The reaction Chu Kuangren created this time was no less than the surprises he brought when he created the Sage Ruler Technique.

While the crowd was still processing what they witnessed, two figures emerged from the palace.

It was Chu Kuangren and Lil Bing.

Chu Kuangren was dressed in long, white robes. A couple of tassels were tied near his waist while his head was wearing a jade crown. It was a majestic appearance.

“Look! Elder Senior Brother is here!”

“Elder Senior Brother is so attractive! I would die for him.”

“Elder Senior Brother! Look over here!”

“My God, is that outer sect disciple his personal maid? How nice, I too would like to serve by Elder Senior Brother’s side.”

“Who doesn’t? I’d be willing to serve tea every day if it meant I could meet a legend like him daily.”

Everyone quickly resumed their chatter.

Lil Bing felt slightly embarrassed as she had not been subjected to this much attention before. The jealous gaze cast by some of the women had not made it easier as well.

On the other hand, Chu Kuangren was merely retaining his usual posture. He was completely undisturbed by the situation.

Lil Bing grew even fonder of Chu Kuangren.

Her Master had never freaked out in any sort of situation.

In reality, although Chu Kuangren managed to maintain his calm demeanor, he was also shocked at the number of people that turned up!

However, he managed to calm himself down by reminding himself that he was the Elder Senior Brother of Black Heaven Sect!

“Congratulations Elder Senior Brother for completing your meditation!”

At that moment, Nangong Huang took a few steps forward and shouted.

“Congratulations, Elder Senior Brother!”

Murong Xuan and the rest of the Daoists congratulated him as well.

The rest of the disciples read the situation and joined in as well. Indeed, why would they not?

“Congratulations, Elder Senior Brother for your achievement!”


Thousands of disciples cheered in unison. It was so loud that their cheers resonated through the sky.

Chu Kuangren could feel himself becoming deaf.

He merely nodded his head and did not say much in return.

Then, Lan Yu approached Chu Kuangren and stood by his side. Her initial heroic demeanor had been replaced by a gentle, feminine posture as she softly greeted her Master.

This scene had shattered the heart of various male bystanders. Yet, they could not get mad as they knew that Chu Kuangren was leagues ahead of them.

“Only a person like Elder Senior Brother would be a good match for Lady Lan. They both look so good together.”

“Agreed. Every other person would have paled in comparison.”

The female onlookers were staring at Lan Yu in envy too.

The duo fitted so perfectly that it was as if they were built for one another. One was akin to a calm goddess whereas the other was akin to an immortal.

All other matters had instantly become trivial in the presence of the duo.

Lil Bing stood beside the duo and sensed that all the attention had been shifted away from her. Although she felt saddened that she was now seen as a nobody, she did not hold any grudges towards the pair at all.

After all, not everyone would have the privilege to stand beside the duo.

“Have you fought someone?”

Chu Kuangren had picked up a different aura from Lan Yu. It was obvious that she had just recently fought someone before, and Chu Kuangren could sense it was no ordinary person.

Otherwise, Lan Yu would typically have no issue controlling the aura she emitted.

“The Crown Prince of Royal Azure Dynastic had just insulted you, master, so I couldn’t help but fight him myself,” Lan Yu was a little uneasy. She was afraid that Chu Kuangren would be unsatisfied by her decision.

“Are you hurt?” asked Chu Kuangren.

Seeing as Chu Kuangren had not only refrained from blaming her but instead cared for her wellbeing, Lan Yu let out a sigh of relief. In fact, she was even overjoyed by his reaction. Lan Yu shook her head and said, “I just used some of my spiritual power to unleash some of my techniques. That’s all.”

“Ok, that’s good to hear.”

Then, Chu Kuangren stepped forward and greeted Honorable Xuan Qi and the elders politely.

Observing Chu Kuangren’s pleasant manner, Honorable Xuan Qi was even more pleased. He said, “Kuangren, now that you’ve reached the peak of the Supreme Foundation Levels, I’m sure your cultivation journey would be an even more smooth-sailing one now. I’m happy to extend my congratulations.”

“Thank you, Honorable Teacher.”

Gu Changge was frowning not far away.

Ever since Chu Kuangren exited his room, he had never even acknowledged his presence. This angered Gu Changge deeply. He marched forward and said, “I’m the Crown Prince of the Royal Azure Dynastic, and I hereby challenge you to a fight. Do you dare to accept my challenge?”

Like a dragon, Gu Changge let out a roar so loud it shifted the skies!

The momentum within Gu Changge’s body began erupting, his aggressiveness started accumulating. His Poise of Invincibility was activated, directing its energy towards Chu Kuangren!

Chu Kuangren sensed his hostility. He looked at Gu Changge, and immediately enchantment symbols began to materialize amid the depth of his eyes.

Remarkable Eye of Revelation.

Then, a message that contained every information about Gu Changge appeared.

“Gu Changge, Crown Prince of Royal Azure Dynasty, Half-Step Paradise Realm Cultivator. Learned the Sage Technique, True Dragon Evocation Technique. Possess the Dragon Blood Physique. Dragon blood has begun to manifest on his right hand. Possess the sacred weapon, Dragon Scale Armor, and a drop of True Dragon Blood Essence in his inventory…”

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