Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 4 Spirit Gathering Array, Winged Soldier

Chapter 4: Spirit Gathering Array, Winged Soldier

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Towering Heaven Palace, the Daoist Palace Chu Kuangren lived in.

When he returned, Chu Kuangren started researching the jade scroll that was in his hands. His mind stirred slightly and a large amount of information from the jade scroll poured into his brain.

Chu Kuangren began to digest this information.

Soon, he opened his eyes, from which rays of light started to emit.

“Tsk, the Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art. This technique definitely is one of the very best in the Azure Dragon Domain. It really didn’t disappoint me.”

As the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, Chu Kuangren was unmatched in aptitude when it came to swordsmanship. Thus, he had almost finished comprehending the sword art in just a moment.

If anyone else was placed in this position, it would be impossible for them to comprehend one or two-tenths of this sword art in less than 190 days even if they were the peerless prodigies.


The realms of the world were divided into Body Forging, Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Paradise, Battle Monarch, Honorable, Ascension, Sage Manifestation, and Emperor Realm respectively.


The so-called Sage Techniques were techniques that the almighty Sage Manifestors could create. One could cultivate said techniques until the Sage Manifestation Realm.

There were only but a few almighty Sage Manifestors in the entire Firmament Star.

As such, one only needed to imagine how precious Sage Techniques were.

After looking through the sword art once over, Chu Kuangren started retrieving the remaining prizes in the roulette room. The first one he took out was the Yin and Yang Ring, items essential to cultivators.

Ordinary Yin and Yang Rings were only several tens of square meters in size.


Yet Chu Kuangren’s Yin and Yang Rings were so wide it was as though it could fit an entire ocean; it was almost boundless.

As expected of a Legendary grade item.


There was also the Human Mountain Stamp which was a kind of combat technique.


Since it was directly imported from the Fantasy Roulette into his brain, Chu Kuangren practically did not need to make an attempt at understanding it as his comprehension about it was extremely thorough.

The only thing left for him to do was cultivate.

This Human Mountain Stamp Art was actually not inferior to the Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art. In fact, it was possibly even more mysterious than the former which amazed Chu Kuangren.


“It looks like Starlight grade techniques are equivalent to Sage Techniques, and they could even be slightly higher than the latter. It’s almost close to that of an Emperor’s Scripture technique.”

Chu Kuangren placed the few remaining items into the Yin and Yang Ring, namely the Life Extension Pill and the Treasure Map, which were both of the Starlight grade.

He then fused the remaining Starlight grade Spirit Gathering Array with the Towering Heaven Palace he was at. All of a sudden, mysterious changes occurred around the entire Daoist Palace. It turned into a kind of force field that was gathering large quantities of spiritual qi.


Lil Bing who was currently cultivating in her bedroom abruptly opened her eyes with a look of shock on her face. “Why is there so much concentrated spirit qi?!”


One of the keys to cultivation was the concentration of spirit qi. The greater the concentration of spirit qi in the area, the more effort saved in cultivation, and the better the results.

The mountain region Black Heaven Sect was located in was a piece of inherently precious land with an abundance of spirit qi. However, Lil Bing realized that her cultivation in Towering Heaven Daoist Palace was over ten times better compared to the outer realm. How could she not be shocked about that?

“Could this be some kind of magic Spirit Gathering Array? I didn’t expect Sect Master and the others to place such great importance on the Young Master. They went so far as to set up a magic array in the Daoist Palace that gathers spirit qi from heavens and earth to aid Young Master’s cultivation!” Lil Bing softly murmured.

At present, this was the only explanation.

However, even the Black Heaven Sect had to spend quite a lot of money to set up a Spirit Gathering Array of this grade, right? In addition to that, the range of its coverage could not be too big either, the widest it could extend to was within the confines of Towering Heaven Daoist Palace.

Lil Bing continued cultivating happily once she finished her mind illustration. With this magic array around, the circumstances in which she was cultivating was leaps better than when she was in the outer sect.

In his room.

Chu Kuangren also sensed that the Daoist Palace had changed after it fused with the Spirit Gathering Array. He smiled in satisfaction before looking at the final prize.

“One Legendary grade Winged Human Soldier! Winged Human? Is it that race I’m familiar with?” Chu Kuangren took it out right away.


A silver light blossomed before him and turned into a white ball of light. A pair of pure white wings abruptly spread out and the entire room was immediately filled with a kind of divine aura.

Once the light dissipated, Chu Kuangren could clearly see who the wings belonged to. He could not help but reveal a hint of how he found her breathtaking from the look in his eyes.


This woman was exceptionally beautiful and divine with her pure white wings and her long silver hair draped on her shoulders, which rested on her silver pauldrons.


She had delicate facial features and her light blue eyes resembled the sea. There was an aura of heroism around her as her curvaceous body was covered in silver armor engraved with gorgeous decorative designs beyond comparison.

“An angel?” Chu Kuangren blinked.

The girl before his eyes certainly did have a stark resemblance to the legendary angels from his previous life.

However, they were called Winged Humans in this world.

Winged Humans were one of the races on Firmament Star. Every single Winged Human was valiant and excellent at fighting, and they even possessed an outstanding gift in cultivation.

Mysterious large Daoist Runes twinkled in Chu Kuangren’s eyes as he activated the Remarkable Eye of Revelation.

“Winged Human Race. The age has been set to 12 years old and the cultivation level is at Nascent Soul. Oh, it’s even equipped with the Supreme Daoist Physique, Holy Radiant Physique… It’s no surprise then that this character has been determined to be Legendary grade when they’re only at the Nascent Soul stage…”


Golden words resembling a stream of information flashed across Chu Kuangren’s retinas. In just an instant, he understood everything about the Winged Human Soldier standing before his eyes.

What surprised him was that the other party actually had a Holy Radiant Physique

This was also a kind of Supreme Daoist Physique. Even though it was inferior to the Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, it could be ranked in the top 20 among the 3,000 constitutions.


The Winged Soldier approached Chu Kuangren and knelt with one knee on the ground. She clutched her right hand into a fist and placed it on her heart as she respectfully said, “I pay my respects, master.”


Her clear and cold voice was as refreshing as a clear spring.

Regardless of whether they were humans or items, every prize drawn from the Fantasy Roulette belonged to Chu Kuangren.


Therefore, it wasn’t strange for the Winged Human Soldier to call him Master.

“Do you have a name?”


“Master is my creator, please grant me a name.”

Chu Kuangren was her creator; he was a supreme existence resembling God and was the person she respected from the bottom of her heart.

For such a valiant and formidable-looking young lady to call him Master, Chu Kuangren had to admit, it fully satisfied his vanity.


“Get up first.”


The Winged Soldier stood up and stood respectfully to the side. Her eyes that resembled sapphire twinkled with a hopeful glint as she looked at Chu Kuangren.

She was evidently waiting expectantly for Chu Kuangren to bestow her with a name.

Chu Kuangren muttered irresolutely to himself.

He had read books before but he found it difficult to come up with a name that was rich with poetic meaning.

“Wings, blue eyes…”

“From now on, let’s call you… Lan Yu.”


Chu Kuangren wracked his brain to choose a fairly pleasing name.

A light shined in front of Lan Yu’s eyes. “Thank you for bestowing a name onto me, Master.”

‘Yes, superb.’

It seemed as though this young lady was rather pleased.

Chu Kuangren smiled and said, “You don’t need to call Master or anything like that from now on. Call me Young Master, it’s more pleasing to the ears.”


He initially wanted to let Lan Yu call him by his name, but he then thought of how it would not be too appropriate if she called him “Kuangren”1 in front of others in the future. It would make him seem like he considered everyone beneath himself.

So it would be better for her to call him Young Master.

“Yes, Young Master,” Lan Yu nodded.

“Oh right, can you change your clothes? Even though this looks very good on you, it attracts a little too much attention,” Chu Kuangren said.

This was not the army, who would wear armor the entire day?

“Young Master, this radiant armor is my magic item, I don’t have any other clothes to change into,” said Lan Yu.

“That’s easy. I’ll get Lil Bing to prepare them for you.” Chu Kuangren took out a voice transmission compass and asked Lil Bing to prepare clothes for Lan Yu.

“Young Master, what style do you want? And what size?”

Lil Bing’s puzzled voice could be heard coming from the compass.

“Anything will do, as long as it’s a size smaller than what you wear. Oh right, you have to prepare an entire set. I need a top, outerwear, undergarments, and shoes too.”


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