Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 5 Li Yao Offers Her Humble Apology, As He Wishes

Chapter 5: Li Yao Offers Her Humble Apology, As He Wishes

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Towering Heaven Daoist Palace.

Lil Bing was holding a set of female clothes outside Chu Kuangren’s room.

She was confused.

Why did this Young Master want female clothes for no reason?

A full set as well, could it be that he had some special obsession?


“Young Master, I’ve brought the clothes.”

Lil Bing knocked on the door and it opened with a creak, but she noticed that there was another woman in Chu Kuangren’s room.

It was a very beautiful woman.

Beauty like that would put anyone to shame. Even Lil Bing couldn’t help but feel a sense of shame from her inferiority when she saw the woman.

Wait a minute.

Why did this beautiful woman seem to have a pair of wings?

“Thank you for your trouble.” Chu Kuangren took the clothes before turning around and handing it to Lan Yu, who was standing behind him. “Wear this for the time being.”

Lan Yu took the clothes from him. “Yes.”

A burst of white light flickered and the armor on Lan Yu’s body disappeared in a flash.

A shining white body that was infinitely beautiful presented itself before Chu Kuangren and Lil Bing. Her snow-white skin almost made their eyes go dizzy.


Chu Kuangren felt as though blood was about to spurt out of his nose soon whereas Lil Bing who stood beside him had her mouth hanging wide open.



Was this woman so open?!


Lan Yu, on the other hand, didn’t think much about it. She calmly changed in front of the duo with an indifferent look on her face; she wasn’t concerned at all.

From her perspective, Chu Kuangren was her creator, so all of her belonged to him. Naturally, that included this body of hers.


“Uh, change your clothes first.”

Chu Kuangren closed the door in a hurry and walked outside to wait for her.

Phew… This was too stimulating.


Even though Lan Yu definitely wouldn’t refuse him if he wanted to do anything to her, Chu Kuangren’s thoughts still hadn’t gone in that direction for the time being.


Other than using some special cultivation techniques, cultivators maintained Nascent Yang physiques at the early stages. As such, they could advance their cultivation above a certain level.

This was also one of the reasons why he initially rejected being kept under a mistress.

“Young Master, who is this young lady?”

Lil Bing’s mind was filled with question marks now.

She had just disappeared for a moment, so why was there another person by the Young Master’s side?

She was even a remarkably beautiful woman. If a person of this level was a disciple from the Black Heaven Sect, she should have been famous a long time ago.

“She’s my attendant, you don’t need to ask more about it.”

“I understand.”

Lil Bing obediently nodded.

Chu Kuangren nodded in satisfaction. A few maids had been dispatched to serve him, but he only kept one person, and that was Lil Bing.

It was exactly because the other party was docile and did as she told that he settled on her.

She wouldn’t bring up things she shouldn’t ask.

A while later.

The door to the room opened.


Lan Yu walked out and, as a woman, even Lil Bing felt her heart throb as though it had been struck all out of nowhere as she looked at the woman.

She was stunning.

The traditional Chinese skirt alternating between blue and white accentuated Lan Yu’s seductive curves. On the other hand, her long silver hair was simply bunched up on the back of her head.


Her skin was smooth and fair whereas her eyebrows resembled jade feathers. Above all, her light blue eyes were bewitching; they were clear and bright and seemed as though they were hiding shining stars in them.


Lan Yu looked elegant and refined standing there, just like a pure and holy fairy.

“You look very good, young lady.” Lil Bing gave a sincere compliment.

Chu Kuangren nodded with satisfaction as well.

“Not bad, but where are your wings?”

He noticed that Lan Yu’s wings had disappeared.

“Young Master doesn’t seem to want me to attract too much attention, so I kept them away. You can see them any time you wish to, Young Master.”


As Lan Yu spoke, her wings appeared again on her back between her shoulder blades.


“That’s rather convenient. Alright, put them away.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Lil Bing clicked her tongue in wonder beside him.

She never thought that this young lady actually had an ability like this.


In the next few days, Chu Kuangren spent all his time cultivating in the Daoist Palace.


In this period of time, the prizes he drew every day declined as well. However, he didn’t know whether it was because a god somewhere was frowning at him or something, because all he pulled were Iron grade items. He immediately threw all of them into the Yin and Yang Ring.


In the Towering Heaven Daoist Palace.

Chu Kuangren sat cross-legged on the bed in his room. Streams of incomparably sharp purple light that had an incomparably sharp feeling circulated on the surface of his body.

This was the formation of sword qi from cultivating the Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art!


The Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Art was split into nine stages.

They corresponded to the nine cultivation realms leading all the way up until the Sage Manifestation Realm respectively.

In two days, Chu Kuangren already cultivated said technique to the peak of the second stage which was also the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm. He was only half a step away from the Golden Core realm too.

One had to know that he was only at the Qi Refinement Realm before this.

However, he jumped one large realm and several small realms in just two days.

If anyone ever got wind of a cultivation speed like this, it would probably frighten them to death.

One of the reasons was because he had a Supreme Daoist Physique, but the contributions of the Spirit Gathering Array and the cultivation resources the Black Heaven Sect provided couldn’t go unnoticed either.

“If this keeps up, I can reach the Golden Core Realm in less than ten days. Most of the True Disciples are also at this stage too,” Chu Kuangren muttered.


At this moment, the voice transmission compass at his waist vibrated.

“Young Master, True Disciple Li Yao has come to pay you a visit.”

Lil Bing’s voice came from the compass.

“Oh, Li Yao?”

Chu Kuangren slightly raised his eyebrows.

He was very familiar with this name; it was that True Disciple who wanted to keep the original owner of this body as her handsome male companion.

“Let’s go and take a look then.”


Outside Towering Heaven Palace.

Many disciples were crowding around a woman dressed in a gorgeous robe while carrying a large bundle of thorns on her back.



“Hey, look at that. That’s the True Disciple Li Yao. She’s carrying a bramble on her back and asking for punishment. Tsk, did something happen between this Li Yao and Chu Kuangren?”

“You still don’t know?”

“Li Yao is a coquettish woman by nature and has heaps of attractive young men in her palace. She fancied Chu Kuangren in the past, but he rejected her. As a result, she flew into a fit of anger out of humiliation and thrashed him so badly that he sustained serious injuries.”

“So that’s what happened. The tides of fate really have changed. Who would’ve thought that Chu Kuangren would’ve awakened with a Supreme Daoist Physique? Li Yao got scared and intentionally came to offer her humble apologies. She really can set her status aside too.”

“Someone’s coming out…”


Chu Kuangren slowly walked out from Towering Heaven Daoist Palace with a refined aura. He was dressed in a white wide-sleeved robe with the image of a qilin on it and wore a jade hat on his head.


He immediately attracted the attention of everyone around him when he appeared on the scene.


“H-how handsome!”

“It can’t be, someone this handsome actually exists in this world?”

“He’s the new Lead Martial Brother?”


“Oh my, I think I’m in love.”


Li Yao, who was offering her humble apology, raised her head and saw Chu Kuangren. She initially held a trace of resentment for Chu Kuangren in her heart.

Since a Supreme Daoist Physique suddenly awakened within Chu Kuangren, she had no other choice but to come forth and apologize. If she didn’t do so, she would have a hard time in the future.

However, when she saw Chu Kuangren, the hint of resentment in her heart disappeared in a flash. She really was too captivated by the other party’s appearance.

“He was handsome in the past, but he actually looks even better now that he’s a Lead Martial Brother. My god, I really can’t control myself.”

Li Yao was deep in infatuation as she looked at Chu Kuangren.

She even ignored the scorching pain on her back.

Chu Kuangren saw Li Yao beneath the stairs as soon as he walked out of the Daoist Palace. He couldn’t help but feel slightly baffled when he saw her carrying a bramble and asking for punishment.

“Li Yao has offended Martial Brother, so I’ve come forth to offer you my humble apology.”


Li Yao knelt on the ground right away. She held up a long whip in her hands and sincerely said, “If you want to kill me or cut off my flesh as punishment, you may do so as you please, Martial Brother!”

Chu Kuangren was even more stupefied in his heart.

What was going on?

Based on the ordinary sequence of events, shouldn’t he be the one to avenge himself? Wasn’t he the one who would defeat this Li Yao after going through painstaking lengths to cultivate and to trample her beneath his feet?


Why did the other party come looking for trouble herself now?


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