Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1459 - Sowing Cause Begets Effect, Sowing Karma Begets Frui

Chapter 1459 Sowing Cause Begets Effect, Sowing Karma Begets Frui

A vast power of the world suddenly burst out, colliding together with Qin Xiao’s power of the world.


A terrifying undulation rippled out, directly sending Qin Zhaoyun trio flying out.

The three people were actually seriously injured being caught off-guard.

Fortunately, they were far enough away. Otherwise, just this aftershock alone was sufficient to kill them.

The showdown between Divine Lord Realm powerhouses was dreadfully powerful.

Qin Xiao’s gaze turned intent, revealing an extremely surprised look.

Qin Xiao said in surprise, “It’s actually you!”

The arrival said coolly, “Otherwise, who do you think it will be?”

Qin Xiao smiled and shook his head as he said, “I didn’t expect that Han Tian didn’t break through first, but you broke through first. It really surprised me! No wonder you were in seclusion for so many years, it was actually to assault the Divine Lord Realm!”

When Qin Zhaoyun trio saw that figure facing Qin Xiao from far away, the astonishment in their gazes could not be any greater.

They never dreamed that this person actually broke through to the Divine Lord Realm!

In Wu Meng Capital City, there were four great half-step Divine Lord powerhouses.

Everyone all felt that these four half-step Divine Lord powerhouses were the most promising to break through to Divine Lord Realm.

But no one could have expected that this person actually broke through.

This person was none other than precisely the Myriad Treasure Tower’s chief alchemist who had already been in closed-seclusion for several decades, Xiao Feng!

Several decades of closed-seclusion made everyone virtually almost forget this person.

However, when he exited seclusion again, he was actually on a completely different level from them already.

Qin Zhaoyun trio looked at Xiao Feng’s figure, their faces full of envy and puzzlement.

Why was this person Xiao Feng and not them?

Xiao Feng said coolly, “For this old man to be able to break through to the Divine Lord Realm, it was all thanks to Little Friend Ye Yuan. Hope that City Lord Your Excellency will give Ye Yuan a way out on the account of this old man’s face.”

The moment these words came out, everyone’s faces, inclusive of Qin Xiao, all changed.

Xiao Feng breaking through to the Divine Lord Realm was actually related to Ye Yuan?

No wonder the Myriad Treasure Tower shielded Ye Yuan like that. It turned out that it was actually this reason!

Back then, Xiao Feng seemed to have personally made a trip to Jewelhill City. After coming back, he directly announced closed-seclusion.

Could it be that … Ye Yuan really had this kind of magic power, to actually be able to help others break through to the Divine Lord Realm?

Qin Zhaoyun trio exchanged glances, gazes all revealing a scorching look.

Divine Lord Realm was seriously too tempting to the three of them.

Qin Xiao’s eyes narrowed slightly and he said with a faint smile, “According to Heavenly Emperor His Excellency’s rules, since you already broke through to the Divine Lord Realm, you shouldn’t stay in my Wu Meng Capital City anymore, right?”

Xiao Feng’s face sunk and he said, “After this matter, this Xiao will naturally leave! But concerning Ye Yuan, this old man is protecting him for sure!”

Because the Myriad Treasure Tower was an outside force, they naturally did not allow an existence in the city that could threaten the city lord.

Otherwise, if the Myriad Treasure Tower placed a Celestial Deity powerhouse in the capital city, did the city lord have the final say, or did this celestial deity have the final say?

Qin Xiao said with a smile on his face, “With just the likes of you, a Divine Lord Realm that just broke through, you want to be impudent in front of this city lord?”

A dangerous scent spread out from Qin Xiao’s body, making Xiao Feng’s expression turned austere.

Although Xiao Feng broke through to Divine Lord Realm, he had just broken through after all.

While Qin Xiao had already remained in Divine Lord Realm, this realm, for no idea how many years.

If they really had a life-and-death struggle, Xiao Feng was clearly not a match.

Xiao Feng’s face fell and he said, “As long as you let Ye Yuan go, you can state any terms!”

Qin Xiao said coolly, “You don’t have the qualifications to discuss terms with this city lord! Today, this Ye Yuan, you have to hand over regardless! Otherwise … your Myriad Treasure Tower can probably close up shop in Wu Meng Capital City.”

Xiao Feng discerned it, this Qin Xiao had eaten a weight and steeled his heart. It was impossible to let Ye Yuan go.

He took a deep breath, his mind stirred. Ye Yuan’s figure was let out.

Ye Yuan only felt a blur before his eyes, appearing in the Heavenspan World once more.

In that instant earlier, Ye Yuan was taken into the small world Xiao Feng hewed open.

“Elder Brother Xiao! You … You actually really broke through!”

Ye Yuan looked at Xiao Feng rather surprisedly. He felt his eyes blur straight away just now, arriving at a foreign world, and completely did not know who saved him.

Only now seeing Xiao Feng did he come to a realization.

Seeing Xiao Feng let Ye Yuan out, Qin Xiao and Qin Zhaoyun were both very pleased with themselves.

It looked like he had to hand Ye Yuan over due to pressure.

After all, making a massive Myriad Treasure Tower close up for a measly little Heaven Glimpse Realm was not worthwhile!

Xiao Feng said to Ye Yuan with a smile, “Huhu, this is all thanks to you! Back then, if not for you giving a pointer or two, this old man probably still can’t touch the door until now!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “No no, it’s Elder Brother Xiao’s thick accumulations erupting. It was merely adding flowers to embroidery. Congratulations, Elder Brother Xiao!”

Xiao Feng’s expression dimmed and he said with a sigh, “Younger Brother, it’s Elder Brother who is useless. Even if I broke through to the Divine Lord Realm, I’m powerless to do anything today as well!”

These two people, one asking and one answering, titanic waves stirred in the hearts of Qin Xiao and the rest.

A Grotto Profound Deity Realm brat giving pointers to a peak grand completion Origin Deity Realm powerhouse, and even let him break through to the Divine Lord Realm?

If not for hearing it with their own ears, they would definitely think that this world was crazy.

Even Qin Zhaoyun also could not resist shouting in his heart at this time: you come and give pointers to me!

If he could break through to Divine Lord Realm, he would even be willing to let go of the enmity.

Except … under this kind of circumstance now, it was already not what he could make the decision.

Ye Yuan did not reveal a surprised look. He said with a smile, “For Elder Brother Xiao to be able to come, this Ye has already received this kindness.”

Xiao Feng nodded his head, turned to Qin Xiao, and said, “From this day on, the Myriad Treasure Tower will withdraw from Wu Meng Capital City! Younger Brother Ye, this Xiao will send you a part of the way, the back … will depend on your fortunes!”

Ye Yuan only felt a blur before his eyes and he was wrapped in a majestic power of the world, flying out no idea how far.

This scene caught Qin Xiao off-guard.

“Xiao Feng, you!”

Xiao Feng said indifferently, “Although this old man isn’t your match, for you to want to shake this old man off, it’s also not what can be done in a short time. Moreover … do you dare to kill this old man?”

Qin Xiao could not help choking when he heard that. He really did not dare!

With Qin Xiao’s status, killing one or two Origin Deity martial artists, the Myriad Treasure Tower naturally would not say much.

But Xiao Feng was already a Divine Lord Realm powerhouse now. To the Myriad Treasure Tower, he was no longer insignificant.

Qin Xiao had always had a calm and collected look. But now, his expression was incomparably ugly.

He did not think that Xiao Feng was actually so decisive, directly pulling the Myriad Treasure Tower out from Wu Meng Capital City.

Withdrawing out of a capital city, the Myriad Treasure Tower’s losses would be too great.

“You actually made this kind of decision for a Heaven Glimpse Realm junior, are you mad?” Qin Xiao gritted his teeth and said.

Xiao Feng said coolly, “Men have principles to adhere to and baselines. Sowing cause begets effect, sowing karma begets fruit. In the past, Ye Yuan helped me to break through. That’s how there’s my action of repaying gratitude today. How do you know that my action today won’t have a time for harvest in the future?”

Qin Xiao’s entire body trembled, his gaze revealing aghast.

“What are the few of you still in a daze for?! Still not chasing for me?! I want to see the person if alive, the corpse if dead!” Qin Xiao roared.

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