Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1460 - Are You Very Pleased With Yourself?

Chapter 1460 Are You Very Pleased With Yourself?

In the boundless wilderness, three figures were currently advancing with extreme speed.

These three people’s auras were imposing. The surrounding fierce beasts clamored to give a wide berth.

“This damn brat, his life is really tenacious! He can even manage to escape like this!” Qin Zhaoyun gnashed his teeth in hatred as he said.

Qin Zhaoyun trio chased all the way and finally could not support a prolonged flight. Hence, they landed on the ground to chase.

He never thought that Xiao Feng actually broke through to the Divine Lord Realm.

Even more unexpected, Xiao Feng would actually have no qualms about letting the Myriad Treasure Tower withdraw from Wu Meng Capital City in order to protect Ye Yuan.

Along the way, Qin Zhaoyun stomped his feet in anger but was helpless to do anything too.

“But he definitely didn’t think that we can track his location through the academy token! Xiao Feng’s action is destined to be in vain!” Zhao Yi said in a solemn voice.

With this, Qin Zhaoyun’s fury turned into joy again as he said, “Heh, the three of us half-step Divine Lords chasing down a Heaven Glimpse Realm brat, this is also too disgraceful! This brat already ceased all activities in order to not draw people’s attention and don’t dare to ride the sword to fly anymore. It’s just that he doesn’t know that this way, it is exactly what we want.”

Xiao Feng’s magical ability was insufficient to send Ye Yuan out of Wu Meng Capital City’s sphere of influence.

At this time, Wu Meng Capital City already announced to the world, putting Ye Yuan at large within the entire Wu Meng Capital City’s radius.

If Ye Yuan wanted to escape, he could not fly in the air in a flagrant manner. That way, the target was too conspicuous.

Wen Yiyang let out a sigh and said, “I really didn’t expect that Xiao Feng was actually a step ahead of us, breaking through to the Divine Lord Realm! He didn’t even reach half-step Divine Lord Realm. Just what kind of method did Ye Yuan use, to make him break through to become a Divine Lord?”

One sentence made the other two people’s good mood instantly dissipate into thin air.

The few of them had been stuck at this realm for an uncertain number of years already.

Half a step away, but seemingly as far as from the ground to the horizon; forever unable to cross.

However, Xiao Feng actually caught up from behind and surpassed those in front, directly breaking through to Divine Lord Realm. How could they accept this?

Qin Xiao gritted his teeth and said, “Thinking so much for what? When we capture that boy, will we still need to be scared of not being able to pry open his mouth?”

Sure enough, Qin Zhaoyun’s words made the two people’s eyes light up.

“What Brother Qin said is right! The three of our foundations are much better than Xiao Feng’s. As long as there’s that little bit, we’re absolutely able to break through to Divine Lord Realm!” Zhao Yi said excitedly.

Qin Zhaoyun smiled and said, “Then still waiting for what? That boy should be not far in front now, about to enter the range of Crowlight City. Once we let him escape from Crowlight City, we’d have to expend some more effort to catch him.”

The two people voiced their assent, displaying their movement techniques and chasing after.

Crowlight City was the border-most county of Wu Meng Capital City. If Ye Yuan left from here, he would enter other capital cities’ sphere of influence.

Although the capital cities belonged to an imperial city, they each dominated a region, neither interfering with the other.

Once Ye Yuan left, it would naturally cause considerable trouble.

Three days later, on the frontier of Crowlight City, a figure was currently running at great speed.

Suddenly, three figures descended from the sky, blocking all of that figure’s escape routes.

Qin Zhaoyun had a smug look as he said with a laugh, “Truly a shame! Just that little bit more! Although it took a bit of trouble, we caught you at any rate. Why, are you very surprised?”

Wen Yiyang let out a sigh and said, “Ye Yuan, the order of the ruler is hard to defy. Come back with us.”

But Zhao Yi’s gaze was scorching as he said, “Brat, hand over the method to break through to Divine Lord Realm and we’ll spare you from death!”

Ye Yuan had no joy nor sorrow being surrounded by the three people in the center and did not despair like they imagined.

Ye Yuan looked at Qin Zhaoyun and spat, “Surprised your uncle! You dumbass! Just based on your bit of trick and you also want to capture Grandpa Ye?”

Qin Zhaoyun’s face turned black and was just about to fly off the handle, but saw Ye Yuan fish out the academy token, and started playing with it in his hand.

Ye Yuan looked at Qin Zhaoyun with a smile that was not a smile and said, “Old dog, were you very pleased with yourself along the way? Did you feel that your Grandpa Ye couldn’t escape your palms? Just based on this toy?”

Qin Zhaoyun’s heart thumped, suddenly feeling that the three of them seemed to have been duped!

“This … This is a clone?” Zhao Yi’s gaze turned intent and he said gloomily.

Wen Yiyang let out a sigh and said, “We all overestimated him too much!”

Ye Yuan sneered as he looked at Qin Zhaoyun and said, “Old dog, just you wait! When I, Ye Yuan, return, it will be the day your Qin Family is exterminated! You tell Qin Xiao, ask him to take good care of himself. Grandpa Ye will come and find him to settle scores before long!”

Finished talking, with a bang, Ye Yuan immediately turned into a ball of flame.


The academy token fell to the ground, giving off a crisp sound.

Qin Zhaoyun gnashed his teeth until it rattled, furious until smoke billowed from all seven orifices.

The three of them chased for close to a month’s time. They did not expect that he was actually a clone!

“This brat is too cunning!” Zhao Yi also gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Originally, he was very much looking forward to the method to break through to the Divine Lord Realm. He did not expect that bustling about for a month, it was all for nothing.

On another border of Wu Meng Capital City, Ye Yuan who was currently healing his wounds in a cave abruptly snapped open his eyes, the corners of his mouth revealing a mocking smile.

How many ups and downs had Ye Yuan experienced before? How could he possibly make this kind of low-level mistake?

Although Wu Meng Academy had never said before, how could Ye Yuan possibly bring this kind of hidden danger to him?

Right away when Ye Yuan was sent out, he divided out the majority of his divine essence, creating a Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus clone, bringing the academy token and fleeing all the way.

While his true self moved stealthily in another direction.

Fiery already gave birth to a primordial spirit, Ye Yuan was unable to bring him to pass through the spatial storms.

But the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus was the clone Ye Yuan refined. He brought it over.

Through this close to 100 years, the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus already evolved to divine rank too. It was just that compared to Ye Yuan’s rate of progress, it was much slower.

Along the way, Ye Yuan was cautious, not revealing his traces, finally lurking to the borders.

The series of great battles a month ago, Ye Yuan’s injuries were already very severe.

Plus this one month of escaping, Ye Yuan piled on more injury on top of injury. Only recently did he find a hidden cave and went into a retreat to heal his wounds.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “I even thought that I was dead for sure this time. I didn’t expect that at the last juncture, Elder Brother Xiao actually broke through to the Divine Lord Realm, saving me.”

At this time, Dustless’s figure emerged and said, “Actually, it was you who saved yourself. It was you who helped him break through the Divine Lord Realm first, that he has the ability to come and save you. Perhaps, this is the circle of cause and effect!”

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “Back then, I just felt that I got along well with him. I didn’t expect to actually have this kind of unexpected harvest. Sigh … Miss Wanru is probably going to be disappointed. Also, there’s Little Fatty. I hope that he pulls himself together. Senior, this Wu Meng Capital City already doesn’t have a place for me to shelter myself. Where should I go?”

Dustless said, “You can’t stay on within the boundary of the Heavenly Eagle Imperial City. With the strength of a Divine Lord Realm, once Qin Xiao knows your whereabouts, killing you is just a matter of lifting a hand. This is a troublesome place, better get as far away as possible.”

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