Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1461 - Ling Feng

Chapter 1461 Ling Feng

Tiderain City was a border-most county of River Eternal Imperial City.

An imperial city bordering on River Eternal Imperial City was Eminent Orchid Imperial City.

These two imperial cities belonged to different forces. River Eternal Imperial City belonged to a human race heavenly emperor force, while Eminent Orchid Imperial City belonged to a fiend race heavenly emperor force.

The two imperial cities were mortal enemies, warring year-round, countless deaths and casualties.

At this time, in a dense forest outside Tiderain City, there was a small team of human martial artists who were currently patrolling.

Although these martial artists were Deity Realm powerhouses, each and every one of them was well-trained, wore standardized clothes, and had good coordination between their actions; not sloppy like those ordinary martial artists.

“Captain, Lord Centurion is too biased. Why are the patrol missions assigned to our team each time always this kind of desolate place?”

“Yeah. At this rate, how will we make military achievements?”

“Captain, could it be that we’re just going to swallow our pride and endure in silence like this?”

During the patrol, a group of Grotto Profound Realm soldiers was grumbling non-stop.

The target they were complaining to was an initial-stage Heaven Glimpse officer.

“All shut up for me! We’re all soldiers, not free and unruly cultivators! Wherever the senior officer wants us to go, we’ll go where. Where do you all have so much nonsense from?” the officer yelled coldly.

Sure enough, the moment he flared up, the others immediately shriveled up.

After a while, a soldier asked again, “Captain, we’re feeling sour for you! In terms of strength, in terms of qualifications, you’re stronger than Liu Changkong that fellow. On what basis that the credit each time is taken by him? Isn’t it just because he’s the centurion’s brother-in-law?”

The officer’s face turned cold and he said in a cold voice, “These words, they can come out of your mouth and enter my ears! Keep talking nonsense about the platoon leader’s wrong and you’ll be punished by military law!”

That soldier spat out his tongue and did not say anything any longer.

“Mn? There’s someone!”

The officer suddenly felt alarm bells go off in his heart, immediately making a hand gesture, having everyone be on guard.

These people wandered the borders of life and death all year round and were very alert to danger.

If there was a little movement ahead, they would be able to detect it.

The cooperation between this small team’s members was very tacit, immediately turning into several afterimages, encircling over toward the target.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several figures landed on an open space. Seeing the situation here, they all had stunned looks.

A young man who looked in his twenties was currently roasting a rabbit.

A wisp of fragrance drifted by. The few people’s salivae all could not resist dripping down.

Seeing these few people suddenly appear, the young man did not look the least bit surprised at all, but instead smiled and said, “Officers seem to be patrolling, you’ve worked hard. Want to try it?”

When the officer saw that it was a human race young man, his nervous emotion also relaxed.

This young man’s realm was not low. He was already initial-stage Heaven Glimpse. But it was very disdainful in the officer’s eyes.

In his view, this young man was definitely a disciple of a large family in the inner-city coming out to train and temper without knowing the immensity of heaven and earth.

This guy actually took this place to be his own home’s backyard garden, roasting a rabbit here to eat. He really did not know how the word death was written.

“Do you know what place this is?” The officer did not buy it in the slightest and questioned with a cold snort.

The young man tore off a piece of rabbit meat, took two bites, and said smilingly, “I really don’t know what place this place is.”

The officer’s brows furrowed, clearly disliking the young man very much.

Such a flippant fellow, served him right to die here.


The officer raised his hand and dealt a palm, directly blasting the grilling rack to residue.

“Humph! The back of this large mountain is the territory of the fiend race. You actually dared to roast rabbit meat here and eat, really don’t know how the word death is written! If you don’t want to die, immediately get lost for me right now!” said the officer with a cold snort.

Although this young man’s realm was more or less the same as his, he did not take this young man seriously at all.

These soldiers who fought at close quarters with the fiend race all year round, wandered the borders of life and death year in and year out, and were much stronger than same rank martial artists.

This young man was a young master who had never seen the world before with one glance. Going on the battlefield and getting surrounded by a few Grotto Profound Realm fiends, he might be ground to death.

The officer was originally displeased with the young man already. This kind of courting death action might very likely attract the enemy. He even thought that the other party would get angry, then he would take the chance to teach the other party a lesson.

Not only did the young man not get angry, but he also grinned instead and said, “You said that opposite is the fiend race’s territory? Heh, great, this forest is too vast, I lost my way inside and even thought that I went the wrong direction. I didn’t expect that I found it by stumbling about blindly. Oh, right, which army are you all from? Do you still take people or not?”

“Hahaha … with just the likes of you, you wouldn’t survive past ten breaths going on the battlefield, still want to join us?”

“Don’t look at how you’re initial-stage Heaven Glimpse; the ten of us attacking you together can bring you down. Do you believe that?”

“Kid, go back where you came from. A flower in a greenhouse like you isn’t suited to come to this kind of place!”

The young man’s words immediately aroused a wave of loud guffaws from the team members.

The officer shot him a glance rather surprisedly and said, “What’s your name? Why do you want to join the army?”

The young man smiled and said, “I’m called Ye Yuan! Heard that the fiend race experts’ evil doings know no limits, wreaking havoc in River Eternal Imperial City. I also want to contribute to the human race.”

This young man was none other than precisely the Ye Yuan who rushed to River Eternal Imperial City from far away!

At this time, three years had already passed since Ye Yuan escaped from Wu Meng Capital City.

And River Eternal Imperial City was precisely Ye Yuan’s destination.

If Ye Yuan wanted to find Qin Xiao to take revenge, he had to increase his strength quickly.

And the best way to increase his strength was naturally to engage in battles.

Hence, under Dustless’s suggestion, Ye Yuan came to the intersection of the human and fiend, two great heavenly emperors’ territories, which was this River Eternal Imperial City.

And Eminent Orchid Imperial City precisely belonged under Heavenly Emperor Jiu Shang command!

Ye Yuan coming to this side was also hoping to investigate regarding Heavenly Empyrean Immortal Grove, as well as information about the main culprit behind sending Kanuo into the Immortal Grove World back then.

Arriving in this region, Ye Yuan naturally did not dare to ride his sword and fly, blatantly seeking publicity.

Once he attracted the fiend race’s powerhouses, he would die without even knowing how he died.

Therefore, he lost his way in this dense forest.

He did not expect that he just happened to run into this team patrolling.

The officer patted Ye Yuan’s shoulder and said, “Not bad, kid, got guts! But … got to have strength too! Don’t look at how your realm is similar to mine, do you believe that I can take you down with one move or not?”

Ye Yuan could not be bothered to argue over it with him either, saying with a smile, “Huhu, can tell that Elder Brother’s strength is formidable! But, got to at least give me a chance to train and experience too, no?”

These words were not flattery either. He could feel that this officer’s vitality was powerful, divine essence condensed. His strength likely far surpassed those in the same rank.

The officer thought about it and felt that what Ye Yuan said was reasonable too, saying with a nod, “Fine, then you go back to the barracks with us. But, I’ll get the unpleasantness out of the way first, joining the military camp requires a test. Whether or not you can pass will depend on you.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “That’s of course!”

The officer nodded and said, “I’m called Ling Feng, you can call me Captain Ling.”

While talking, Ling Feng’s expression changed. A hundred figures dashed out of the dense forest, immediately surrounding their team!

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