Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1533 - I“m Not Here to Compete

Chapter 1533 I“m Not Here to Compete

“Mn? Change name? Just an initial-stage Origin Deity? Ol’ Fifth, are you teasing me?”

The Dragon Slaying Gang’s boss, Yue Qingfeng, looked at Meng Huo with a suspicious look, incredulity written all over his face.

An initial-stage Origin Deity making the Dragon Slaying Gang change name. Ol’ Fifth actually did not slap him to death with one slap!

Furthermore, why did they have to change their name?

Dragon Slaying Gang, it sounded so domineering!

Meng Huo’s expression was very ugly. He did not wish to admit that Ye Yuan’s strength was greater than him. That was too shameful.

A late-stage third transformation golden body actually lost to an initial-stage Origin Deity Realm. If this incident were to spread out, he would become the entire south city’s laughingstock.

“You don’t know, Big Brother. This kid’s movement technique is very fast. A moment of carelessness and he slipped past. Even though our headquarters isn’t afraid of him, it’s hard to say for the branches below!”

Meng Huo’s eyes swiveled around, changing to a roundabout way of saying things.

The people who saw this incident, he sent down a gag order.

Either way, if that punk dared to come three days later, it was also death.

Big Brother Yue Qingfeng was a half-step Divine Lord powerhouse. Even if that punk could go to the heavens, Boss could also smack him down.

But Yue Qingfeng waved his hand and said, “Ignore him. A little brat, how big a wave can he stir up? The day after tomorrow, we’re going to negotiate with the Silverfeather Gang about the jurisdiction of the Qianting Three Streets. That’s the major matter!”

Qianting Three Streets, that was the juncture area of the Dragon Slaying Gang and Silverfeather Gang, two great gangs, and also the wealthiest three streets, collectively known as the Qiantian Three Streets.

Both forces had been playing games all along. For the sake of these three streets, they had come to blows no idea how many times and had never decided on the ownership of these three streets.

Today, Yue Qingfeng brought people to go and negotiate, it was in order to settle the Silverfeather Gang.

But the result was very obvious, parting on a sour note.

The moment Meng Huo heard this, he also came around and said solemnly, “Why didn’t agree on it today? That bunch of grandsons, got to give them a good one this time!”

Yue Qingfeng said, “Now, the conflict lies with the Qianting middle street. The Silverfeather Gang, that bunch of bastards, insists on monopolizing the Qianting middle street. Heh, Qianting middle street, they occupy two at once. They really dared to open their mouths!”

The moment Meng Huo heard, he was greatly enraged and said, “Damn it! The Qianting three streets were originally our territory. They still went from bad to worse? Boss, let Meng Huo go and take the charge this time, I will beat all of them down!”

One should not look at how Meng Huo just had a late-stage third transformation golden body. His strength was actually very formidable.

Facing off with a grand completion Origin Deity, he could also rely on his powerful physical body to forcefully contend.

It was just too bad that who he encountered was Ye Yuan.

His speed was crushed until not even dregs remained in front of Ye Yuan.

A hint of fierceness flashed across in Yue Qingfeng’s eyes and he said, “Heh, this is also the last negotiation! If they still continue to pester with unreasonable demands, the negotiations the day after tomorrow will be when we lose all decorum!”

Ye Yuan entered an inn and asked for two rooms. One for himself, Long Zhan brought Ah Four to stay in the other.

The intestines of the Ah Four who just woke up turned green with regret, feeling like the entire world was collapsing.

Why was he blind? To provoke such an ominous god!

Even if he could escape the calamity this time, the Dragon Slaying Gang, that bunch of fellows, would not let him off either.

Because he still had to bring Ye Yuan to go and wipe out the Dragon Slaying Gang’s branches.

Counting on the Dragon Slaying Gang to change names?

Better save it!

As for Ye Yuan, he let Ah Four bring him to purchase a batch of rank three spirit medicines in the south city, and plunged into the great undertaking of researching Three-star divine pills.

Along the way, Ye Yuan had long already fully digested Three-star divine pills’ theoretical knowledge and also purchased many spirit medicines along the way.

Regarding Three-star divine pills, Ye Yuan could be said to improve at god-speed.

Ye Yuan discovered that ever since triggering the Great Dao Heavenly Melody the last time, his Alchemy Dao seemed to have entered a brand new realm.

Regarding the cultivation of Three-star divine pills, Ye Yuan’s speed was much faster than before instead.

Now, with the Purple Extreme Hall, this flying sharp weapon, Ye Yuan could spare even more time to understand Alchemy Dao.

Flying for several years along the way, Ye Yuan spent several decades inside the World Suppressing Stele’s space.

His current alchemy strength was already sufficient to insta-kill a group of Three-star alchemy gods.

But regarding research of Alchemy Dao, Ye Yuan never knew exhaustion. These three days’ time, he did not plan on wasting it either. Hence, he entered the World Suppressing Stele’s space to cultivate again.

Three days later, Ye Yuan slowly went to the Dragon Slaying Gang’s headquarters by himself.

It was still those few guards. But when Ye Yuan saw them, he discovered that these guards all had very flustered expressions, and could not help being somewhat perplexed.

His strength was not to the extent of making the Dragon Slaying Gang panic like this, right?

“Hey, I came again. Go and get your boss over, just say that the one who asked you all to change names came,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

One of the guards had a panicky look and immediately went in to report.

Before long, two leader-like middle-aged men came out of the headquarters.

“Third Brother, it’s this kid!” Meng Huo pointed at Ye Yuan and said.

Third Head frowned and looked at Ye Yuan, and said with anger on his face: “Kid, you’re tired of living, right? To actually dare make fun of our Dragon Slaying Gang?”

Ye Yuan gave the third head a glance and looked at Meng Huo again, saying, “Then your meaning is that you’re not changing it?”

“Change your head! Your Grandpa Fan is currently pissed today and has nowhere to vent. You, kid, knocked onto the spearhead! I will twist your head off right now and let you know the outcome of making fun of my Dragon Slaying Gang!”

Third Head gave a loud roar and directly brandished a large broad blade, hacking down towards Ye Yuan’s head.

Ye Yuan’s brows raised up. He noticed the injuries on this third head’s body did not seem to be light.


The third head’s endlessly howling blade actually hit nothing!

“Third Brother, be careful! He’s behind you!” Meng Huo cried out in shock.

The third head got a big shock and hurriedly turned around and swung his blade.

Clank! Clank! Clank.

A series of metal clashing sounds made everyone dumbfounded.

An initial-stage Origin Deity actually fought with the grand completion Origin Deity Third Head until neither could gain the upper hand?

Where did this kid pop out from?

The more Third Head fought, the more alarmed he got. He actually could not quite keep up with Ye Yuan’s speed.

This kid’s movement technique was erratic, like a ghost; coming and going like a shadow.

Clearly looked like the sword was still very far away. In a blink of an eye, it arrived in front of him.

Too bizarre!

He was still scolding Ol’ Fifth useless previously. Only now did he know this kid’s terror.


Third Head shouted loudly, pulling apart distance from Ye Yuan.

“Boy, you’re very strong! But if I wasn’t injured, you wouldn’t be my match at all!” the third head said with a dark expression.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said coolly, “I’m not here to compete with you, I’m here to get you guys to change names! It looks like you guys take my warning to be like water rolling off a duck’s back. Very good, starting from tomorrow, have your branches be prepared, I’ll go and tear them down one by one.”

The third head’s expression turned stiff and was really quite scared in his heart.

Ye Yuan’s movement technique was too scary. Even if he was not his match, if Ye Yuan wanted to leave, he could not stop it either!

Right at this time, a guard suddenly ran out and shouted, “Third Head, Fifth Head! Second Head he … he’s almost on his last legs!”

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