Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1534 - 1534 Offended People

1534 Offended People

The third head and the fifth head’s expressions changed drastically at the same time, turned around, and was about to enter the headquarters.

“Kid, Grandpa Fan has no time to reason it out with you today, my bro is going to die! Whatever there is, talk another day!” Third Head said a sentence to Ye Yuan and turned around, going to enter inside.

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised. It looked like this Dragon Slaying Gang seemed to have just experienced a great battle. No wonder the injuries on this third head’s body were not light.

He ruminated a little and suddenly spoke up, “Hey, why don’t I go in and take a look too. Uh … I’m an alchemist, uh … My standard is still okay.”

Ye Yuan was afraid that the other party did not like him and added a sentence, blowing his own trumpet a bit while he was at it.

The third head was stunned and said angrily, “Punk, I don’t have time to waste with you here! Scram further away for me!”

Ye Yuan smiled without any care and said, “Going to die either way, you just treat it as a Hail Mary effort. If I can really save him but you don’t let me save, then your second head will also be angry until he climbs out of the grave to scold you if he dies.”

The third head choked and did not have time to think too much, and said vigilantly, “Punk, I’m warning you, Big Brother is inside too. He’s a half-step Divine Lord powerhouse. If you dare to play tricks, I guarantee that I’ll die until not even dregs remain!”

Ye Yuan smiled and followed the two people in the Dragon Slaying Gang’s headquarters.

On the bed, a burly man was on his dying breath. It was evident that his hours were numbered.

“Master Wu Feng, could it be that there’s really no way? My second brother he … in order to block this arrow, otherwise … the one who’s dead should be me! Master Wu Feng, as long as you can save me, I can agree to any terms!”

A middle-aged man had very red eyes and was currently pleading to an old man for help.

This middle-aged man should be the Dragon Slaying Gang’s boss, that half-step Divine Lord powerhouse.

Master Wu Feng shook his head and said, “Everyone should be aware of the Thunder Chasing Arrow’s prowess. The second head’s heart meridians have already been severed. Furthermore, there’s the Crimson Fire Bone Corroding Poison on the arrowhead. This old man has already tried his best, Chief Head, please restrain your grief and accord with inevitable changes.”

The moment these words came out, the chief head’s eyes revealed a look of despair. Tears actually already welled up in his eyes.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he could not help being slightly surprised.

This scene did not seem to be fake, but true sentiments flowing. It made Ye Yuan give rise to some favorable impression towards this Dragon Slaying Gang.

“Why not … I give it a try.” Ye Yuan glanced at the second head lying on the bed and suddenly spoke up.

The moment he spoke up, everyone looked over.

“Who is he?” The chief head’s gaze turned intent and said suspiciously.

The third head’s expression was somewhat ugly as he said, “Big Brother, he’s … that punk who wants us to change names.”

The chief head’s expression turned dark and he said with a cold shout, “Messing around!”

Right now, everyone was overwhelmed with grief and indignation, but he let an enemy enter inside here. Was this … trying to be funny?

The chief head felt a wave of irritation in his head. Lifting his hand, it was a palm, striking toward Ye Yuan.

The palm of a half-step Divine Lord powerhouse, the commotion was extremely shocking.

He could not find a venue to give vent under his violent rage and just nice used Ye Yuan to vent.

But Ye Yuan was immovable like a mountain as he opened his mouth and said indifferently, “Hey, if you kill me, he’s really going to die.”

The chief head’s palm wind abruptly stopped and he said in a solemn voice, “You can really save me?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Of course I can save him. But I have a condition, you know it.”

Chief Head’s expression turned stiff, a strange expression involuntarily surfaced on his face.

Did the name that was used for several thousand years really have to be changed?

The chief head’s expression turned dark as he said, “If you can really save my brother, what’s the harm in changing names!”

At this time, Wu Feng suddenly spoke up, “Chief Head is truly laughing it off too easily. This kid is merely initial-stage Origin Deity. Could it be that he can still compare to this old man in alchemy? Even this old man is at his wit’s end, what method can he have?”

The chief head’s expression changed and he thought, yeah!

This guy wouldn’t be intentionally making a fool out of him, right?

Master Wu Feng was a high-rank Three-star alchemist. In the land of the south city, there was none who was more powerful than him.

Even he was helpless. Could this kid still ascend to the heavens?

“Brat, you dare to mess with me?” The chief head’s expression turned sullen, his gaze staring at Ye Yuan sternly as he said those words.

The chief head gave a cold snort and was just about to fly off the handle, but heard the third head say, “Boss, why not … let him try! This kid … is peculiar!”

The chief head froze, revealing a look of surprise.

He knew that Ol’ Third was prudent and would not shoot his mouth off.

Could it be that this kid really had some skills?

Wu Feng snorted coldly and said, “Third Head, you’re insulting this old man here! Forget it, since you guys don’t trust this old man, then this old man is also making a fool of myself by staying here! Goodbye! Uh … also, since you guys believe a brat who’s still wet behind the ears than be willing to believe this old man, then in the future … don’t come and find this old man anymore!”

Finished talking, Wu Feng flicked his sleeves and left.

The moment Chief Head heard, his expression could not help changing drastically.

Wu Feng’s status in the south city was unmatched. Saying that he was the south city’s number one alchemist was also not over the top. His calling power was extremely strong.

In order to build relations with Wu Feng, the Dragon Slaying Gang had to spend a large amount of divine essence stones every year to be able to invite him.

Otherwise, how could Wu Feng be what the average person could invite?

Offending this great deity, the Dragon Slaying Gang’s days in the future would be tough!

The chief head hurriedly chased after and said, “Master Wu Feng, this … we were also worried about Second Brother’s life, that’s why we would be like this. We really didn’t have the intention of disrespecting Master. Master, please don’t get angry!”

Wu Feng gave a cold laugh and said, “That’s your business, what has it got to do with me? Do you think that alchemy skills can be learned in a day or two? It’s already not bad for such a kid who’s still wet behind his ears to be able to refine medicinal pills, still want to save people? Huhu! This old man will leave my words here, if he can save your second brother, this old man will pluck his head off for him to kick like a ball! Humph!”

Finished talking, he did not care about the chief head either, directly flicking his sleeves and leaving.

Who was he, Wu Feng?

That was a golden signboard of the south city!

The Dragon Slaying Gang’s decision was simply slapping his face.

He had just sentenced the second head to death. In the end, this bunch of fellows found someone to save me. Furthermore, it was even a little kid.

This … was simply preposterous!

The chief head’s expression was ugly to the extreme. He turned around and glared furiously at Ye Yuan and said, “Kid, it’s all thanks to you! If I find out that you’re messing with my Dragon Slaying Gang, I’ll pluck your head off and go apologize to Master Wu Feng and ask for punishment!”

Ye Yuan gave the chief head a glance and said with a smile, “When most people talk to me like this, they will be put into the blacklist by me. Even if you were to kneel down and beg me, I won’t agree to save him either. But looking on the account of your brotherhood, this young master, I, won’t fuss about this.”

The chief head’s face turned black, gloomy to the extreme.

This kid was too pretentious.

He nearly believed it!

Why would Ol’ Third believe this kid? He needed to ask him properly in a while.

“Go, prepare a clean basin for me. Fortunately, this young master is carrying quite a few spirit medicines on me. But the spirit medicines’ cost, you guys have to pay!” Ye Yuan said to the chief head.

Everyone’s faces choked up. Was this kid … reliable?

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