Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1535 - If It“s Severed, Just Join It Back

Chapter 1535 If It“s Severed, Just Join It Back

The chief head and his brothers exchanged glances, uncertain what it meant.

Why did saving people need a basin?

“Ol’ Third, what is this kid doing?” the chief head asked softly.

At this time, Ye Yuan was already diagnosing the second head’s pulse.

The third head had a baffled look and said, “How would I know? If I were to know, I can already save Second Brother!”

F*ck me, you’re also too irresponsible here!

You found him!

The chief head’s eyeballs went wide and he said, “Feels like this kid is very unreliable. What the hell is wrong with you, to insist on letting him try?”

The third head said, “I exchanged blows with him outside just now. I … fought to a draw with him!”

The chief head’s gaze turned sharp, revealing a shocked expression.

An initial-stage Origin Deity fought to a draw with Ol’ Third?

No wonder Ol’ Third said that this kid was peculiar.

Third Head continued talking. He said, “To have such terrifying strength at a young age, I guess that this kid’s origins background is definitely powerful. So … maybe he really has a way to do it?”

The chief head’s gaze looked at Ye Yuan with a glimmer and stopped talking.

Before long, a clean basin was brought over.

Ye Yuan also slowly stood up and came to the basin.

It was only to see him knead a seal with his hand. A pile of spirit medicines appeared in the basin.

Ye Yuan’s palm shook, those spirit medicines were directly shattered into dust. Stalks of spirit medicines became a pile of powder.

The chief head glanced at the second head, his eyes slightly red, and asked Ye Yuan, “That … Little Brother, Master Wu Feng said that Second Head’s heart meridians are already severed. Can … can he really be saved?”

Everyone there was a cultivator and naturally knew what heart meridian being severed meant.

Even for Deity Realm powerhouses, once the power of laws severed the heart meridians, it was certain death too.

This kind of damage was irreversible.

Hence, that was why Wu Feng said that there was no way.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said coolly, “If it’s severed, just join it back.”

“J-Join it back? If the heart meridian is severed … it can still be joined back?”

The chief head had never heard before that there was actually still such a miraculous method.

While talking, Ye Yuan placed both hands in the basin. Those powder adhered to his hands.

Ye Yuan came before the bed and pressed both hands on the second head’s chest.

A surge of divine essence undulation lit up on Ye Yuan’s body.

Clouds of mist gradually appeared at Ye Yuan’s palm area.

Before long, Ye Yuan stood up again, sucked up some more powder, and rinsed and repeated.

“This … Doing what here?”

“No idea. Never seen before this kind of healing method. Shouldn’t it be feeding medicinal pills to Second Brother?”

“This kid wouldn’t really be messing with us, right?”

“Just using divine essence to steam a little like this can bring Second Brother back?”

The few brothers all chimed in, very pessimistic about Ye Yuan’s approach.

They naturally could not tell how delicate the work of Ye Yuan’s hands were.

Ye Yuan organically fused together the spirit medicines on his hands with divine essence, then sent the medicinal strength into the second head’s heart meridians through the pores.

The second head’s heart meridians were already severed. Even if he consumed medicinal pills, it was also not possible to make a full circulatory cycle.

But Ye Yuan could help the second head to absorb the medicinal strength using this kind of method.

And this would repair the already severed heart meridians unceasingly under Ye Yuan’s catalyzing.

Ye Yuan slowly expelled the power of laws that were wreaking havoc in the heart meridians with these spirit medicines, then carried out repairs.

The requirement towards divine essence manipulation was exquisite to the point where it made one’s hair stand on end.

Ordinary alchemists, even Four-star Alchemy Gods, could not possibly do it to Ye Yuan’s extent too.

Ye Yuan’s method of manipulating divine essence came from endless tempering.

In Ye Yuan’s view, the path of medicinal pills was never just refining pills.

Time slowly trickled by. The bottom of that basin of spirit medicine powder could be seen very quickly.

“C-Cough, cough, cough …”

Suddenly, an intense bout of cough came out of the second head’s mouth.

When the few brothers saw this scene, each and every one of them roused themselves up.

“Really … Really brought back to life? My God, this kid’s level is actually even more formidable than Wu Feng’s!” The third head opened his mouth wide and could not close his mouth for a long time.

“Pooh! Wu Feng’s standard isn’t even fit to carry shoes for this kid! That Wu Feng said it like he’s oh so important, and even said what, pluck his head off to kick like a ball. I want to see whether he really plucks his head off or not!” Ol’ Fifth, Meng Huo, said.

“Too magical! It’s still my first time seeing that someone could still be saved when their heart meridians are severed! This ki … this master is really too amazing!” the chief head also exclaimed in wonder.

Seeing the second head wake up, the self-reproach in Chief Head’s heart also lessened considerably.

This arrow was too sneaky. If not for Second Head blocking it for him, the one lying here right now would be him.

At this time, Ye Yuan slowly got up. The few brothers immediately gathered over.

“Ki … Uh, Master, how’s my second brother?” Chief Head asked anxiously.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “The arrow wound is already fine, heart meridian is already joined up. But this poison is a little powerful. Prepare a room for me, I want to refine pills. Don’t let anyone come and disturb me. In addition, my spirit medicines and medicinal pills are very expensive. Uh … on the account that it’s our first time working together, I’ll charge you guys 3 million divine essence stones then.”

“Hiss … Five million divine essence stones, why don’t you go and rob?” Meng Huo’s eyes went wide. He was taken aback with fright by this price.

Ordinary Three-star divine pills, the price was also just between 300 thousand divine essence stones to one million divine essence stones.

The moment Ye Yuan opened his mouth, it was five to ten times the price!

The other brothers also felt their flesh hurt. But Chief Head only furrowed his brows, then said, “Ol’ Fifth, shut up! What price Master wants to put, that’s how much it is! Five million divine essence stones, we’ll pay!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “It’s still Chief Head who is gallant. When you all see the medicinal pill, you’ll know that it’s worth the money.”

After Ye Yuan left, Ol’ Fifth said indignantly, “Big Brother, he’s clearly demanding an exorbitant price here!”

Ol’ Third also said, “Yeah, Big Brother! We can give him five million divine essence stones, but … our gang’s name can’t be changed!”

Chief Head snorted coldly and said, “Is Ol’ Second’s life just worth a mere five million? Mn? Any one of your lives is priceless in my eyes! What does a mere five million count for?”

With this cold snort, everyone did not dare to speak anymore.

At this time, the Ol’ Second on the bed finally woke up.

“Ol’ Second, you’re awake! That’s really great!” Chief Head said with an excited look.

The second head’s eyes were a little dazed as he struggled to say: “I … I got hit by the Chasing Thunder Arrow and actually didn’t die?”

Meng Huo laughed loudly and said, “Hahaha … you were originally dead for sure, but ran into an incredible master who brought you back to life!”

A hint of surprise flashed across in Second Head’s eyes and he looked at Chief Head.

Chief Head nodded and said with a smile, “What Ol’ Fifth said is right! Ol’ Second, it’s all thanks to you this time. Otherwise, Big Brother’s life will probably be done for. This life, Big Brother owes you!”

Second Head forced a smile and said, “Big Brother, do we, brothers … still have to say this sort of distant words?”

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