Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2402 - Divine Children Legion!

Chapter 2402: Divine Children Legion!

“Commander-in-Chief of the human race three armies, Ni Xuan, pays respect to Lord Saint Azure!”

In front of Ye Yuan was a 60-year-old looking old man.

This Ni Xuan was the commander of the human army, a Deva Fifth Blight supreme powerhouse!

It was just that Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets had already notified all races that Saint Azure had returned and must be treated with the highest courtesy.

Ni Xuan was currently sizing up this young man, being incredibly shocked in his heart.

He was a supreme powerhouse who attained Dao in this epoch and did not experience that era before. He was somewhat unable to understand why Lord Profound Secrets would be so respectful toward a junior.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and asked, “Talk about the current situation.”

Regarding Ye Yuan’s attitude, Ni Xuan was a little unhappy about it in his heart, but he still reported the current situation strictly according to the facts.

The divine race came out of the West Realms’ Abyss Suppressing Eight Realms. They were like a hot knife cutting through butter along the way and were already approaching the Middle Realms.

The myriad races’ coalition force fought as they retreated. It was very difficult to stop the divine race army.

The divine race’s individual combat power was extremely strong. After reaching a large scale, it became even harder for the myriad races to resist.

The eight great supreme demon races that were originally living in the Abyss Suppressing Eight Realms suffered heavy losses.

Fortunately, the myriad races’ reinforcements arrived, barely managing to stop the divine race army.

But even so, the fallen powerhouses of the myriad races were already too many to count.

However, both sides’ top experts were still maintaining restraint at the moment and did not really come to blows.

Otherwise, the battle situation would be far from just this.

Of course, this day would not be too far away too.

When Ye Yuan heard this, his brows furrowed slightly too.

In his view, the divine race smashing into enemy territory like splitting bamboo was not because they were too strong, but that the coalition forces were too scattered.

Was the representation of the Unpredictable Children also not a microcosm of the myriad races presently?

Regardless of whether it was the human race, demon race, or fiend race, the current fighting will could not be compared to back then at all.

Lacking the courage to look death calmly in the face, how could they resist the powerful divine race?

Also did not know whether the comfortable life that Shang Hang they all used blood to exchange for was right or not.

Regarding this kind of situation, Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets was helpless too.

Some things could not be changed by human strength.

Profound Secrets contacted a million unpredictable children, but in the end, he could only recruit a 100 thousand strong army.

This 100 thousand army was handed to Ye Yuan to command now, arriving at the front lines.

“Under Nine-marks, I want to go to the most dangerous place!” Ye Yuan said straightforwardly.

Ni Xuan thought about it and said, “Because of Lord Saint Azure saying so, there’s really something that needs Your Excellency to make your way over!”

Ye Yuan’s brows raised up and he said, “Oh, let’s hear it.”

Ni Xuan said, “A few days ago, the dragon clan had an army who suffered the sudden ambush of the divine race, suffering heavy losses. Fortunately, this army had a young girl with an unusual gift. Under her crying, it brought down a great catastrophe, avoiding a disaster. However, they are still trapped in Upper Essence Valley, unable to get away. I sent an army to go and rescue them but was ambushed by the divine race army, and it was completely wiped out! With my judgment, this army might very likely be the divine race’s Divine Children Legion, their strength incomparably formidable. This army of Lord Saint Azure’s can just nice come in handy!”

Ye Yuan listened halfway and his expression already changed.

Bringing down a great catastrophe with crying, wasn’t this Long Xiaochun?

Long Xiaochun was currently trapped in Upper Essence Valley?

He frowned and said, “Then is there still hope of survival for this dragon race army right now?”

Ni Xuan shook his head and said, “This can no longer be ascertained! Upper Essence Valley is a dangerous place to begin with; incomparably perilous. They also relied on geographical advantage to barely avoid a calamity. Even if they can avoid the pursuit of the Divine Children Legion, they might not be able to escape the dangers of Upper Essence Valley too.”

Ye Yuan’s heart immediately sunk to the bottom.

“Alright, the matter brooks no delay. I’ll go to Upper Essence Valley now!”After that, Ye Yuan did not say a word and turned around and left.

… …

Along the way, Ye Yuan led the army and went at lightning speed.

At the thought of Long Xiaochun that adorable little girl, Ye Yuan felt a gut-wrenching pain.

He only hoped that nothing happened to Long Xiaochun.

Ye Yuan even heard Ni Xuan saying that this Divine Children Legion was an army of the divine race that had a great reputation!

One could say that it was virtually ever-victorious!

There was once a human army led by a Deva Second Blight as the commander. They were crushed by this Divine Children Legion and the Deva Second Blight commander was killed in battle!

It could be seen how strong the combat power of this army was.

It was said that this Divine Children Legion was all composed of divine children who had been eliminated in the past. The numbers were no less than 200 thousand and they were virtually all late-stage Eight-marks Heavenly Dao Realm super powerhouses!

The divine race’s divine children, each of them had extremely strong combat power.

Even divine children who were eliminated, their combat power could not be underestimated too.

Even if they were not as good as divine children, they were likely not far off either.

This scale of powerhouses, the numbers reached 200 thousand. Their combat power was simply too terrifying.

Beside Ye Yuan, Wan Zhen warned, “Lord Saint Azure, if we rush over like this without due consideration, if we get ambushed by this Divine Children Legion, we’ll suffer heavy losses!”

“Humph! Even though you’re Saint Azure, I hope that you cherish the lives of these unpredictable children too! Everyone came to train themselves, not to court death!” Pang Zhen said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan did not get angry, he just said coolly, “Relax, they won’t be able to ambush us!”

It was a rapid march throughout the journey, the army did not even send out scouts.

Although Wan Zhen they all had never experienced war before, they also knew that this way of doing things was very unreliable.

According to normal methods, they should send some powerhouses with keen perception over to scout information.

But Ye Yuan was seemingly not being cautious. In order to save people, he forgot about even this.

At this time, Wan Zhen was also a little angry in his heart.

Ye Yuan traveled through spacetime and returned as Saint Azure. Could it be that he would not listen to other people’s advice anymore too?

When Ni Xuan was talking, he was present too. He knew that Ye Yuan had kin who were trapped in Upper Essence Valley. His kins’ lives were lives, while these unpredictable children’s lives were not lives?

The army had not started fighting yet and differences already appeared within.

Suddenly, Pang Zhen’s figure paused and he said in a solemn voice, “Everybody stop!”

When he did so, the army just had to stop.

Pang Zhen was the descendant of a Dao Ancestor. Even though his status was not as lofty as Ye Yuan’s, his rallying power was rather strong too!

Most importantly, he was in the right this time!

These unpredictable children were here to train. They could accept dying, but they could not go and die without rhyme or reason!

Pang Zhen snorted coldly and said, “Apologies, Lord Saint Azure! It is not that I, Pang Zhen, am afraid to risk my neck. It’s really that your way of commanding the army is too dangerous. Any further in front and we might suffer the ambush of the Divine Children Legion at any time! You want to save your kin, I won’t stop you, but you can’t let everyone die in vain!”

Even Wan Zhen was also standing on Pang Zhen’s size at this time. He said in earnest, “Ye Yuan, could it be that after you became Saint Azure, you won’t even listen to everyone’s earnest advice anymore?”

The rest also revealed indignant looks, clearly being very unhappy with Ye Yuan’s action.

Ye Yuan’s expression was very calm as he said with a faint smile, “I’m very gratified that you all can think for the safety of your officers and men! However, I’m not letting you all go and seek death! The Divine Children Legion is hidden in the forest 300 thousand miles away! I’m bringing you all to go and ambush them, and not letting them come and ambush us!”

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