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Chapter 2403 - How Did They Find Us?

Chapter 2403: How Did They Find Us?

“You … You know this?”

Pang Zhen had a suspicious look on his face. He spread his divine sense out but did not discover any activity at all.

Wan Zhen was the same as him, also unwittingly letting his divine sense out, and likewise did not notice anything.

Hence, they expressed doubt in Ye Yuan’s words.

“How do you know that they are in the forest 300 thousand miles away? Even if they are there, they have the means to hide their auras too, right? You can even discover it from so far away?” Wan Zhen said in amazement.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “No matter how deep they hide, it can’t escape my perception either! If you don’t believe it, just go and take a look. But before this, let’s cover up our auras first!”

When Ye Yuan’s realm was very low back then, he could already vaguely perceive Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets’ probing.

Now, Ye Yuan already became the supreme powerhouse of his generation. There were really not more than a few people who could hide from his eyes and ears in this world.

Especially after comprehending spacetime law, Ye Yuan’s perception could even penetrate time and space.

Although the Divine Children Legion hide very covertly, how could they hide from the present Saint Azure?

While talking, Ye Yuan laid down a large formation, enveloping the entire army in it.

Inside this large formation contained extremely profound spatial law. Even if a Deva Realm powerhouse was here, it would be hard to detect it too.

When Wan Zhen and the rest saw Ye Yuan’s means, each and every one of them was dumbstruck with amazement.

The current Ye Yuan became increasingly unfathomable in their eyes.

Utilizing sword formation to battle was one thing, covering an entire army of 100 thousand people in an array formation was another matter altogether.

This kind of thing, probably even ordinary Deva Realm formation gods were unable to easily accomplish it.

Only then did everyone somewhat understand why Profound Secrets, Shang Hang, and the rest were so respectful towards Ye Yuan.

This existence who created an eternal legend was indeed not what mortals could gauge.

The army concealed their aura and advanced quietly.

But the Divine Children Legion opposite was completely clueless!

A blue-shirt middle-aged man in the Divine Children Legion said, “Commander Tian Xu, we’ve already completely wiped out a human army the last time. Is there still a need to carry on waiting here?”

Tian Xu was ranked second among the divine race’s Heaven Lineage’s nine elders and was also this Divine Children Legion’s chief commander!

If Ye Yuan was here, he would be able to recognize that the one speaking was none other than precisely the Nineorigin who injured him badly back then!

Now, not only did Nineorigin recover fully, his strength even went a step further, reaching peak Eight-marks Heavenly Dao.

He was merely a step away from being a Nine-marks sovereign!

Nineorigin was an unsuccessful divine son from the previous generation. But his strength was at the top of the list among the failed divine children too, that was why he would enter the Profound Lineage’s nine elders.

As for those true divine children, they had long already stepped into Nine-marks Heavenly Dao Realm, becoming supreme powerhouses of the divine race.

Now, his strength improving further, he already assumed the post of Tian Xu’s deputy.

Think about it, this army was composed of powerhouses at Nineorigin’s level, how formidable was their combat power!

When Tian Xu heard that, he just smiled faintly and said, “Relax, there will definitely still be an army coming! I’ve already ordered people to spread the news out. Right now, the coalition forces that side should have gotten the news! Regardless of whether it is the human race or the demon race, they must come and save people! Otherwise, they will get hit with the reputation of abandoning comrades. At that time, the coalition forces will be divided in heart and divided in practice! Of course, I’d prefer that they don’t come.”

Nineorigin’s eyes lit up and he gave a thumbs-up as he praised, “As expected of Lord Commander! This blatant scheme, the coalition forces won’t be able to crack it no matter what! If they come, who is our Divine Children Legion’s match? Not coming, they will be divided in heart and divided in practice, and crumble even harder when the hearts of people are scattered!”

Got to admit, this move of Tian Xu’s was very brilliant.

Large-scale battles were mostly below Deva Realm.

And on this level, it was impossible for anyone to be the Divine Children Legion’s match at all.

As for Deva Realm or Nine-marks Heavenly Dao Realm level powerhouses, their numbers were too few and large-scale battles rarely broke out.

Furthermore, their fighting power was extremely destructive. So before the final battle began, both sides maintained relative restraint.

Of course, it was also not that there were no Deva level fights. Both sides clashed many things and most of it ended with the victory of the divine race.

The Doomsday Battle fighting until now, it was virtually a one-sided victory for the divine race.

Tian Xu smiled smugly and said, “Therefore, we’ll stay here calmly and wait for them to come and die! This aura concealing grand array that Lord Tian Yu laid down is really useful! There are already quite a number of Deva Realm powerhouses who came over to investigate, but they didn’t discover us!”




… …

Tian Xu’s words had yet to fade when all of a sudden, the earth shook and mountains swayed.

A horrifying energy undulation instantly smashed into the Divine Children Legion.

For a moment, miserable cries echoed together.

“Enemy attack!”

“Quickly retaliate! There’s an enemy attack!”

“Damn humans, to actually dare ambush us! How did they discover us?”

… …

This Divine Children Legion was obviously well-trained. After encountering an enemy attack, although they were surprised, they did not panic!

After a brief panic, an effective attack was organized very quickly.

Furthermore, the Divine Children Legion was superior in numbers.

Although the sneak attack this time caused heavy losses, it did not break the bones.

But they had a question in their minds. How did the human army discover them?

One had to know, even Deva Realm powerhouses came to investigate before but left in disgrace.

Nineorigin was alarmed and said, “This … How did the humans discover us? Furthermore, our hidden sentries actually didn’t discover them!”

Tian Xu’s gaze turned dark and he said in a cold voice, “Looks like we ran into an expert! But, no need to panic. Even if they already discovered us, there’s no return for them either!”

Done talking, he released his divine essence and said in a loud voice, “Everyone, don’t panic. All get into position and face the enemy!”

Sure enough, under his word of command, everyone lined up into formation systematically and started confronting the enemy.

On the other side, Ye Yuan also marveled endlessly.

Circumstances changed with the passing of time. The myriad races and the divine race’s situation already quietly reversed.

As the saying went, an army burning with righteous indignation was bound to win. Although the divine race was still haughty, they were the oppressed soldiers now.

The rise of the myriad races was a humiliation to them.

This time, they wanted to take it all back!

And the last Doomsday Battle just happened to be the opposite.

The Divine Children Legion’s fighting spirit was not what the humans could compare to at all!

If his own army encountered an enemy attack, they would probably instantly be routed like a landslide.

But this Divine Children Legion in front of him secured their positions very quickly.

But Ye Yuan also understood that this was only the beginning.

Without bloodshed, how could it create true powerhouses?

He led his men in a charge, the True Nirvana Sword Formation blooming, charging into the enemy army.

The True Nirvana Sword Formation was ever-victorious. But in such a scale of battle, especially when the opponents were all divine children level powerhouses, it was impossible for him to reap wantonly anymore.

But even so, he was still like a sharp knife, stabbing into the enemy’s chest ruthlessly.

He alone carved out a huge opening.

And behind him, the likes of Wan Zhen and Pang Zhen were similarly incomparably courageous, killing until heaven and earth dimmed.

The Divine Children Legion’s formation was not formed yet and was burst through by Ye Yuan.

However, just as Tian Xu opened his mouth to speak, Ye Yuan’s divine sense captured a familiar figure.

A hint of an imperceptible smile showed at the corners of his mouth.

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