Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2404 - Really Admire Your Courage!

Chapter 2404: Really Admire Your Courage!


Ye Yuan did not expect that he actually ran into Nineorigin here!

It was precisely this person who forced him into a hopeless situation.

It was also precisely this person who took Li-er away from his side, making them unable to be together.

At that time, how high and mighty was this person.

As if he looked down on everything in this world.

But the Ye Yuan back then, nearly died on the spot even if they used their final trump card.

That battle was also the most disastrous battle that Ye Yuan had experienced in his life.

He practically fought until he reached the brink of collapse.

Later, if he wasn’t lucky, he would probably have long already died.

However, Ye Yuan did not immediately go find trouble with Nineorigin. He already locked onto Nineorigin and was not scared that he would run away.

If he left alone right now, that was being irresponsible to the whole army.

Without him charging into battle, this human army would likely fall apart very quickly.

However, when Ye Yuan charged, the outcome was akin to a no-man’s-land. It still dealt a tremendous impact on the Divine Children Legion.

Under his leadership, these unpredictable children were also all boundlessly fired up, being unrestrained and excited from killing.

Although the opponent was very strong, a great battle with a scale of more than 100 thousand people, momentum was similarly important!

Once unpredictable children were defeated, they would immediately fall apart.

But similarly, once they became excited from killing their opponents, they would also go out of control.

Currently, as they faced the Divine Children Legion which was twice as many as them, they actually did not fall into a disadvantage in the slightest.

“How is it possible? Our Divine Children Legion is actually being suppressed!”

“Where did this human army pop out from, to actually have such formidable strength!”

“Especially their commander, his realm is clearly not high, but his law comprehension is extremely terrifying! Where did this guy pop out from?”

… …

The Divine Children Legion’s warriors were all incredibly shocked. Since they first made their appearance in the world, they had even killed before a Deva Second Blight supreme powerhouse, and had never tasted defeat!

But today, they were actually being suppressed all-around!

In their eyes, humans were too weak to stand up to a gust of breeze. An assault and they would be gone.

However, this army’s combat power was strong beyond imagination, especially Ye Yuan! They unleashed all of their abilities but were still unable to stop him.

Wherever Ye Yuan charged, there would definitely be a swathe of divine children who fell!

One had to know, although these were unsuccessful divine children, for them to be able to compete with divine children, they had formidable strength to begin with.

But they actually could not even block a same-rank human!

This kind of thing simply subverted their understanding.

The commotion on Ye Yuan’s side was noticed by Tian Xu very quickly.

Tian Xu was a qualified commander. He used a very short time and determined where the soul of this army lay!

“Ignore the others! Gather all your strength to deal with that white-shirt human! Remember, at all costs!” Tian Xu said with a solemn look.

Under his word of command, the Divine Children Legion’s various leaders immediately brought their own squads and rushed over toward Ye Yuan crazily.

They simply ignored the consequences and were completely using lives to stuff it up!

For a moment, Ye Yuan’s pressure rose sharply!

It was true that he was strong, but one person facing the 200 thousand strong Divine Children Legion was clearly too strenuous.

After all, these were all not ordinary members of the divine race!

But the heavy pressure on his side liberated the rest of the unpredictable children.

The likes of Wan Zhen and Pang Zhen brought their teams to rush and kill non-stop. The Divine Children Legion suffered heavy casualties.

This battle entered a white-hot stage very soon.

Large-scale casualties started appearing on both sides.

Beside Tianxu, Nineorigin’s entire body suddenly trembled and he exclaimed, “I-It’s him!”

Tian Xu frowned and said, “You know him?”

Nineorigin said in shock, “I’ll recognize even if he turns to ashes! It was him who forcefully knocked me down a realm! But how is this possible? At that time, his small world had already collapsed! He should have completely become a cripple! But it’s just been a short thousand years’ time, and his strength actually already grew to such a terrifying level?”

Ye Yuan’s current temperament had already undergone earth-shaking changes from back then.

Back then, he was still just a tender youth. But currently, Ye Yuan regained the name of Saint Azure and was already having the air of a sovereign!

Furthermore, he was augmented with spacetime law, giving people a mysterious and hard to fathom feeling.

Therefore, Nineorigin did not recognize him at first.

But he was too familiar with Ye Yuan after all!

For so many years, this had been a nightmare-like existence to him.

Although he had a pyrrhic victory in that battle, his opponent was merely just an Empyrean Realm brat!

This kind of victory was a humiliation to him.

Nineorigin thought that Ye Yuan would become a cripple ever since then.

Who knew that meeting again after a thousand years, Ye Yuan already grew to the extent of making him have cold feet!

Just looking at his current combat power, fighting one-on-one, he would really be killing him like killing a chicken!

Tian Xu naturally knew about Nineorigin’s matters. Hearing him say so, he was extremely shocked too.

“It’s him? A human’s small world collapsing, how could he possibly cultivate to such a boundary within a thousand years?” Tian Xu said in shock.

A thousand years, cultivating from a puny little Empyrean to an invincible Heavenly Emperor.

This rate of progress was really too horrifying!

A hint of viciousness flashed across in Nineorigin’s eyes and he said in a chilly voice, “Lord Commander, you mustn’t let this boy continue to grow! He must be killed today!”

Tian Xu deeply felt that way too and said with a nod, “This boy is too terrifying. Furthermore, he’s already close to the Deva Realm! If let him continue to grow, the consequences will be too ghastly to imagine! I previously received news that there just happens to be three Nine-marks experts in the vicinity. I’ll send an Instant Message Crystal to them right now and request them to come over and kill this guy!”

Nineorigin said in pleasant surprise, “Lord Commander is wise!”

Tian Xu said, “This boy is too strong. We can’t let things continue like this anymore. I’ll go and face him!”

Done talking, he leaped and joined in the battle.

Although Tian Xu was peak Eight-marks, his strength was matchless in the entire Divine Children Legion!

His status was like Ye Yuan’s status in the human army.

His addition immediately greatly roused the morale of the divine children army!

“Soldiers against soldiers, general facing general! Boy, I’ll challenge you!” Tian Xu looked at Ye Yuan and said in a cold voice.

A hint of contempt showed in Ye Yuan’s eyes and he said coolly, “Are you a divine child?”

Tian Xu could not help choking when he heard this. He was indeed not a divine child.

But that was because the competition in the Heaven Lineage was too fierce!

His strength when placed in other branch lineages was even somewhat stronger than divine children!

Ye Yuan looked at his expression and immediately understood, and he could not help laughing as he said, “Even a divine son isn’t my match, based on just the likes of you? Still say soldiers against soldiers, general facing general, I really admire your courage!”

Tian Xu gave a cold laugh and said, “Brat, you’re too arrogant! My Heaven Lineage’s strength isn’t what you can imagine! Although this commander isn’t a divine child, my strength isn’t the slightest bit worse than a divine child too! Dealing with you, it’s sufficient!”

Ye Yuan just smiled slightly and said, “Is that so? Then … bring it on!”

Tian Xu was sent into a flaming rage by Ye Yuan’s contemptuous attitude.

It was only to see his aura being released, and a horrifying Heavenly Dao pressure suddenly descended.

But right at this time, Ye Yuan’s True Nirvana Sword Formation suddenly activated.

Puu, puu, puu

Countless sword intent surged, Tian Xu did not have time to even make a move and was pierced into a sieve by Ye Yuan!

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