Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2463 - You Won’t! You Also Won’t Dare!

Chapter 2463: You Won’t! You Also Won’t Dare!


A sword drifted by, the third Lin Family’s Deva Fifth Blight snuffed it just like that.

Ye Yuan completely ignored Lin Chaotian’s yell.

He killed the third person before finally stopping.

Within a short 20 breaths of time, the Lin Family had three Deva Fifth Blight powerhouses dying in a row!

Those powerhouses who came to watch the show were all transfixed.

They were shocked by Ye Yuan’s might until they found it hard to breathe!

One person, one sword, forced the number one Dao Ancestor to give in.

This battle achievement simply made people despair.

“S-So strong! One sword instantly killing Deva Fifth Blights. In this world, apart from Dao Ancestors, there’s probably no one who can do it, right?”

“From Ye Yuan leaving Origin Enlighten Mountain the last time until now, it’s been merely several years! His strength actually grew to such an extent, truly terrifying!”

“The further one cultivates, the harder it is to drag their feet. But why do I feel that the further he goes, the faster he gets instead?”

… …

They marveled at Ye Yuan’s talent. It could simply be described using the term monstrous.

Only when he saw Ye Yuan stop did Lin Chaotian let out a slight sigh in relief.

If Ye Yuan continued killing like this, his Lin Family would likely become him alone, a solitary seedling.

Although these people were all his descendants, Lin Chaotian actually did not care about them.

His mindset was already different from these people.

If this descendant of his died, just give birth again.

What he dreaded was Ye Yuan’s strength.

The present Ye Yuan already had the capital to pose a threat to him!

Although he could use White Light their lives to threaten Ye Yuan, if he really pressed Ye Yuan into a corner, Ye Yuan might run and find a place to hide.

Before long, probably even him, this Dao Ancestor, would not be Ye Yuan’s match anymore.

This was what he dreaded the most!

At this moment, he also finally understood what basis Ye Yuan had to dare come.

Fortunately, he still had many chips on hand.

He knew that with Ye Yuan’s temperament, he definitely would not leave those people alone.

“Ye Yuan, you’re too …” Lin Chaotian was just about to berate Ye Yuan, but he was stopped by Ye Yuan with a hand gesture.

It was only to see Ye Yuan casually throw Lin Huan onto the ground.


Another knife!

“I have yet to finish just now. After this guy breathes his last, we’ll talk again,” Ye Yuan said without even turning his head back.

There was no Dao Ancestor in his eyes at all.

Lin Chaotian said angrily, “You already killed three Deva Fifth Blights of my Lin Family! You still dare to kill people in front of my face? Let Lin Huan go! Otherwise, your people will die too!”

Ye Yuan turned his head to give him a glance and said with a faint smile, “You won’t! You also don’t dare!”

When Lin Chaotian heard that, he could not help choking. This guy actually saw through everything!

He had nothing to fear!

Killing people did not have the slightest use apart from infuriating Ye Yuan!

His eyes were incomparably dark, the two eyes virtually gouging flesh out of Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan ignored his murderous gaze and continued torturing Lin Huan.

The entire mountain was deathly silent. It was only Lin Huan’s screams like a pig getting slaughtered spread throughout the wilderness.

He either begged for mercy, or wailed bitterly; or was awake, or fainted.

All in all, this process was extremely painful.

“Heh heh, His Excellency’s technique is really marvelous! This guy deserves to die! Do you feel satisfied, Brother Wan?” Pang Zhen said with an excited look.

After Wan Zhen was treated by Sacred Ancestor High Priest, his complexion already became much better.

A Dao pill powerhouse taking action, would it be of the common sort?

Hearing Pang Zhen’s question, Wan Zhen also nodded and said smilingly, “This guy indeed deserves death! Those heroes who died miserably on the battlefield, became utterly worthless when it came out of his mouth! Heh, what irony!”

Pang Zhen nodded and said, “If these pigs assume airs at the back, then forget it. We went through fire and water. What we exchanged for was them making light of it! Heh heh, it’s still his excellency who is impressive! Really satisfying!”

Wan Zhen looked at him like looking at a fool and suddenly said furiously, “You pig! Who told you to tell His Excellency?”

Pang Zhen was taken aback and said, “What’s wrong? Isn’t it pretty good like this? Dao Ancestor Life can’t do anything to His Excellency at all!”

Wan Zhen wished to smack him to death with one slap. Pang Zhen had excess valor and vigor but was lacking in intellect.

He did not know what Ye Yuan appearing here meant.

Wan Zhen had a disappointed experssion as he gritted his teeth and said, “You dumb pig! The stronger His Excellency is, the more dangerous it is to come here! Do you think that Lin Chaotian will let him leave? His Excellency’s high morality reaches the clouds, he definitely won’t watch the people around him die for him! Now, His Excellency exhibited such formidable strength, Lin Chaotian will definitely not be contented with anything less than his destruction! You … You … sigh!”

Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s expression was also solemn as he said, “Previously, they coveted the secret on Ye Yuan, but now, it’s different! Ye Yuan already possesses the strength to threaten them. So they won’t let Ye Yuan off! Furthermore, with Ye Yuan’s character, most likely … he’d rather die than be willing to let something happen to the people around him!”

Pang Zhen’s complexion became more and more pale, and then he suddenly became a little flustered.

He also did not think that the consequences would be so severe.

“This … This … Then what should I do?” Pang Zhen panicked.

“What else can we do?! Take it one step at a time!” Wan Zhen said helplessly.

He knew about Ye Yuan’s temperament. Since he came, even the Jade Emperor would not be able to persuade him either.

No idea how long had passed, Lin Huan finally stopped moving.

Ye Yuan patted his hands and turned to Lin Chaotian and said, “Alright, we can talk.”

The corners of Lin Chaotian’s mouth twitched slightly and he said in a solemn voice, “Go to Origin Enlighten Hall, they are all waiting for you!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “What can’t be discussed in front of everyone? Didn’t you say that I’m the human race’s traitor? Now, shouldn’t you carry out an execution against me on the spot in front of everyone? Alright, I’m hesitating to take action out of fear of damage now and won’t fight back.”

Lin Chaotian felt a myriad of profanities race across his mind, but he suppressed his fury and said, “Brat, don’t reach for a yard after taking an inch!”

Ye Yuan shrugged and said, “Reaching for a yard after taking an inch seems to be you, right? I want to see my people. If they are missing a single hair, I’ll turn your nine great Dao Ancestors’ bodhidharmas into seas of blood!”

Talking till the end, Ye Yuan seethed with killing intent again.

If it were before, everyone would naturally laugh it off.

But now, no one treated him like he was joking.

He would really kill people!

The corners of Lin Chaotian’s mouth twitched again and he said, “You rest assured. This ancestor didn’t do anything to them! Come, men! Bring the people to Origin Enlighten Hall!”

Finished talking, he turned to Ye Yuan and said, “Now, can we go?”

Ye Yuan said to Sacred Ancestor High Priest, “After White Light they all come out, you bring them away.”

The three people’s faces changed, all discerning overtones.

Ye Yuan knew that he would not be able to come out anymore!

Lin Chaotian would not give him this chance!

Ye Yuan followed Lin Chaotian into Origin Enlighten Hall, but the outside world burst into an uproar.

Those last few words at the back, Ye Yuan was not deliberately mocking Lin Chaotian, but he was doing it on purpose.

It was for the sake of letting everyone know the nine great Dao Ancestors’ true faces!

The meaning of these words was deep.

How could clever people not understand that there was something fishy going on?

Since it was a major matter that concerned the human race, why not talk in front of everyone?

Moreover, what else was there to talk about?

Just kill and be done with it!

There was something fishy going on!

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