Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2464 - Heavenspan’s Events Shock the World!

Chapter 2464: Heavenspan’s Events Shock the World!

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“This isn’t right! Why do I feel more and more that the few great Dao Ancestors are doing it for the secrets on Ye Yuan?”

“Mn! I feel that way too! This matter is too suspicious!”

“There’s nothing that can’t be publicized! Especially major things that concern humanity’s fate! If Ye Yuan really betrayed the human race, why can they say it in front of everybody?”

… …

Before Origin Enlighten mountain pass gates, the numerous powerhouses were discussing animatedly.

There was no shortage of Deva Fourth and Fifth Blight powerhouses present.

The conflict between the Dao Ancestors and Saint Azure affected the rise and fall of the myriad races. They could not help but pay attention.

After all, the Doomsday Battle was not over yet.

What was coming was the truly devastating war!

This matter got into such a mess, everyone wanted to see an outcome..

But who knew that at this final juncture, the Dao Ancestors shut the doors and did not let them see anything anymore!

… …

“Big Brother!”

“Young Master!”

“Ye Yuan!”

… …

When Lu-er, White Light, Ye Tong, and the rest saw Ye Yuan, each and every one of their expressions were very ugly.

They were least willing to see Ye Yuan come over. But he still came.


A pink shadow rushed into Ye Yuan’s embrace and dug with its snout non-stop.

Ye Yuan pat Treasure Pig smilingly and stuffed a few medicinal pills for him.

Treasure Pig was satisfied, his head tilting and falling asleep.

It was also strange. With Ye Yuan’s present realm, he actually still could not see through this little fellow.

“Ye Yuan, you’ve seen your people. Now, can we sit down and talk?” Lin Chaotian said in a cold voice.

The nine great Dao Ancestors’ auras were constantly locked onto Lu-er and the rest.

If there was a trace of rustling leaves in the wind, he would immediately kill these people.

This was also a warning to Ye Yuan.

It was hard for him to kill Ye Yuan. But killing Lu-er they all only needed a thought!

But Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile, “Talk about what?”

Lin Chaotian said, “Talk about … the secret on you!”

Ye Yuan laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Finally unfurled the map to reveal the dagger? Lin Chaotian, your behavior really makes people feel like vomiting!”

Ancestor Fire gave a cold snort and said, “Enough nonsense! Ye Yuan, hand over your secret! Otherwise, they will all die!”

Ye Yuan gave Ancestor Fire a glance pitifully and sighed endlessly.

Ancestor Fire’s brows furrowed slightly and he said, “What’s the meaning of this? Are you handing it over or not?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I’m pitying you all! You all schemed for a long time and set up such a huge scheme. In the end, the thing that you obtain won’t be of any use at all! Huhu, pitiable, lamentable!”

Ancestor Water said coolly, “Whether it’s useful or not, don’t need you to worry about it! Better hand it over first. Otherwise, once our thoughts stir, they won’t be able to bear it.”

Ye Yuan held his palm out, a small mountain appeared in his palm.

Immediately, an aura of Great Dao rippled out!

The faces of the nine great Dao Ancestors as well as everyone present was astounded by this aura.

This aura was seemingly akin to flowing water that got into every opening, filling the entire Origin Enlighten Mountain Range in an instant.

This was not enough yet, it was still flowing to even further places.

Outside the mountain pass gates, everyone was dumbstruck with amazement!

“What’s this? What a strong aura of Great Dao! Why do I feel like the Heavenspan Mountain was moved to Origin Enlighten Mountain Range?”

“It came from the direction of the great hall! Sure enough, did Ye Yuan reveal his secret?”

“Hahaha … what a joke! What betraying the human race! What human race’s righteous cause! The nine great Dao Ancestors are treating all of us like fools! His goal is simply the secret on Ye Yuan!”

“Shameless! Utterly contemptible! How can there be such a shameless person in this world?”

… …

The public opinion burst into an uproar at once.

Such an earth-shaking aura of Great Dao, how could these people still not understand that everything before was all a lie!

The nine great Dao Ancestors targeted Ye Yuan for the sake of this!

Everything came to light!

Ye Yuan did not betray the human race. All of the charges were imposed on Ye Yuan by the nine great Dao Ancestors!

This scene was more convincing than any explanation!

Hence, in front of the mountain pass gates, sounds of cursing seemed to pour over like tidewaters.

The nine great Dao Ancestors all had shocked and agitated expressions on their faces.

How long had it been since their mental states had been so agitated?

“Not good!” Lin Chaotian was the first to recover to his senses from the excitement and exclaimed.

Such a terrifying Great Dao aura spreading out, at this time, the entire Heavenspan World probably already knew.

Then, everything that they had done previously all became a joke!

Before this, Ye Yuan had already repeatedly hinted to those powerhouses outside.

Now, seeing such a huge commotion, how could they still not understand?

Sure enough, waves of cursing voices came over, scolding extremely nastily.

Especially those Deva Fourth and Fifth Blight powerhouses, they did not cover up at all and instead used the power of divine essence to spread their voices until they could be heard all over the mountain.

Shameless, vile, despicable, give birth to a son without an asshole, so on and so forth. Words like that reverberated throughout the entire Origin Enlighten Mountain Range.

Lin Chaotian’s gaze looked towards Ye Yuan coldly and he said in a deep voice, “You did it on purpose!”

Ye Yuan was amused and said with a smile, “Yeah, I did it on purpose! Why? Afraid that others will know when you did it? You want to be a prostitute and also want to set up an archway to commemorate your chastity?”

This Great Dao aura was deliberately released by Ye Yuan.

He already refined the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain and could control it freely.

If he did not want the aura to spread out, he could naturally do it.

However, he deliberately caused a huge commotion. He made everyone take a look at these few Dao Ancestors’ faces!

Lin Chaotian’s gaze was slightly cold and he said, “Humph! So what if they know? This ancestor is already standing at the summit of Heavenspan. After obtaining such a treasure, what else do I have to fear?”

Ye Yuan shrugged and threw the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain to Lin Chaotian carelessly and said, “If you like it, just take it. Can we go?”

The other eight great Dao Ancestors had long already been short of breath, and drooling for a long time already.

Seeing Ye Yuan throw the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain over, they all made a move right away!

But Lin Chaotian did not move!

“All stop for me! Have you all gone stupid? This brat wants to make us fight until only one of us will emerge alive, so that he can bring them and escape! Heh heh, will you all have the life to take the treasure, and have the life to study the treasure?” Lin Chaotian’s voice was akin to a great bell, his aura constantly locked onto Lu-er and the rest firmly.

His words were akin to a clap of thunder, waking the other eight great Dao Ancestors.

The few great Dao Ancestors all felt lingering fear in their hearts. Almost fell for it!

Ye Yuan’s foundation had already been established. Even without this treasure, after his strength increases significantly again, the nine great Dao Ancestors might not be a match!

Lin Chaotian’s aura stirred slightly, immobilizing the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain firmly in the air. It was the same distance away from all the nine great Dao Ancestors.

This way, it could make them be more at ease.

“What cunningness! This boy can’t be kept!” Ancestor Fire had a feeling of being played and said in alarm and anger.

“Humph! Still waiting for what? The treasure is already obtained! Kill them to prevent future troubles!” Dao Ancestor Destruction said angrily.

“Kill? How to kill? Can you kill him?” Lin Chaotian secretly cursed him an idiot as he said with a cold snort.

The bigger the problem was, the more carefully it had to be handled!

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