Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2465 - Grand Exhibition of Despotic Power!

Chapter 2465: Grand Exhibition of Despotic Power!

Lin Chaotian was indeed well-deserving of being the Heavenspan World’s number one person. He was indeed not so easy to hoodwink.

Facing the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain, this kind of precious treasure, he could actually resist the temptation.

This greatly exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations.

He did indeed had this idea, throwing out the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain, this heavyweight bombshell, and then leaving the place.

As for the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain’s exposure, Ye Yuan actually did not mind it anymore.

With his present strength and realm, there was already no one who could threaten him.

After his strength was attained, wouldn’t going to find Lin Chaotian again to take back the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain be like picking his own pocket?

But Lin Chaotian actually did not fall for it!

Lin Chaotian looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold smile, “Heh, my Lord Saint Azure! Got to admit, you almost succeeded! It’s just that, you don’t know that this ancestor’s understanding of you far surpasses your imagination! This ancestor has been on guard against you!”

The Lesser Heavenspan Mountain coming into being, the world was shocked!

How could Lin Chaotian as the number one Dao Ancestor not feel the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain’s terror?

It was just that he had long already studied Ye Yuan thoroughly over these few years!

Others might underestimate him because Ye Yuan was young, but Lin Chaotian would not!

Ye Yuan was absolutely a terrifying opponent!

Even if his strength was inferior to yours, you absolutely could not underestimate him!

On Ye Yuan’s road of ascent, he encountered many powerful opponents.

But these people eventually all fell at his feet.

Sometimes, it was because of his powerful strength to jump realms and battle.

But at times, what Ye Yuan relied on was his wise and farsighted mind!

Many powerful major figures were defeated at Ye Yuan’s hands!

Along with the research on Ye Yuan going deeper and deeper, Lin Chaotian increasingly felt this opponent’s terror.

Lin Chaotian knew that this was the one and only chance to get rid of Ye Yuan.

Miss the opportunity this time and he probably would not have a chance anymore.

Therefore, he did not dare to take it too lightly!

When Ye Yuan took out the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain, his heart was moved.

He was the same as the other Dao Ancestors, immersed in it and unable to extricate himself, wishing to take it right away and go into closed-seclusion.

But he still retained the final trace of clarity in his heart.

He knew that he could not immerse in it!

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed slightly, aware that it was troublesome now, and said, “Alright, state your conditions!”

Lin Chaotian smiled and said, “Talking with smart people saves effort. Very simple, you sever your meridians yourself and cripple your own divine sea, and stay here forever. This ancestor will let them go.”

The moment these words came out, the eight great Dao Ancestors all revealed knowing smiles.

While Lu-er and the rest turned pale with fright.

After severing one’s own meridians, the divine essence would have no place to store, and one would not be able to utilize cultivation methods and martial techniques. It would be tantamount to being a cripple.

Crippling one’s divine sea was equivalent to severing the communication between the martial artist and their small world and be rendered unable to use the power of the world.

These two conditions were tantamount to making Ye Yuan sever his own limbs.

How vicious was the intent!

Even if Ye Yuan’s laws were heaven-defying, without divine essence, he would be a rootless weed too and would be completely unable to execute the art of teleportation.

“No way! Young Master, you hurry up and leave, don’t need to care about us!” Lu-er said worriedly.

“Big Brother, I know that they can’t keep you back! You go back and cultivate properly, and eliminate these few bastards! As long as you don’t die, he won’t dare to do anything to us!” White Light said furiously.

Got to admit, White Light’s words make a lot of sense.

But Lin Chaotian chuckled and said, “Yeah, this ancestor naturally won’t kill you all. But, this ancestor can torment you all, making you all unable to pray for life, nor beg for death! Also, this young lady, hoho, my Lin Family has many disciples who aren’t married yet. She can still be a concubine.”

Lu-er’s pretty face turned ashen pale, and she said angrily, “You! Despicable! Shameless!”

Lin Chaotian understood Ye Yuan too well. He would never abandon these people and leave by himself.

If that was the case, Ye Yuan would not have come at all.

“As you wish!”

However, Ye Yuan did not say another word, and revolved his cultivation method without hesitation!


Ye Yuan spurted a mouthful of fresh blood wildly. The imposing aura of his body seemed to be like a deflated ball, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

His divine sea had already been wasted by himself.

When everyone saw this scene, they could not help being greatly shocked.

Even the nine great Dao Ancestors’ pupils shrunk slightly too.

They did not expect that Ye Yuan would actually be so decisive, and not even think about it!

If it was someone else, this sort of major matter that concerned life and death, they would surely think thrice.

But Ye Yuan did not hesitate at all.

Clearly, in his heart, the statuses of Lu-er, White Light, and the rest were even more important than he himself!

Ye Yuan was feeble, looking at Lin Chaotian with an indifferent look as he said, “Now, can you let them go?”

Lin Chaotian nodded and said with a slight smile, “That’s of course! You all are free!”

He did not immediately ask Ye Yuan to sever his own meridians. Between clever people, there did not need to be much agreement.

Everyone was perfectly clear in their hearts.

Ye Yuan naturally had to save a card up his sleeves too.

Lin Chaotian swept his sleeves grandly, Lu-er and a large group of people were swept away involuntarily.

When they re-appeared, they already arrived before the Origin Enlighten mountain pass gates.

“Young Master!” Lu-er burst into tears and was about to head for Origin Enlighten Hall.

“Brother Wing, take them away!” Ye Yuan’s voice came out from the direction of Origin Enlighten Hall.

Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s gaze turned dark, already faintly having guesses.

He pointed at the void, a powerful force sealed Lu-er, not letting her leave.

“What’s wrong with Ye Yuan?” Sacred Ancestor High Priest looked at Bai Tong and said with an ugly expression.

Bai Tong had a black face, recounting the events that happened in Origin Enlighten Hall, making Sacred Ancestor High Priest burn with rage.

“This bunch of bastards, they really don’t want any face at all!”

Bai Tong sneered and said, “Want face? But as long as they want a bit of face, they also wouldn’t have done such a despicable thing!”

Their voices were not covered up, everyone heard it.

Right away, the public burned with indignation!

“Nine great Dao Ancestors! Heh, I think it’s nine great shamelessness!”

“The war is near at hand, this bunch of guys are actually still scheming against each other, doing this sort of shameless thing, really impressive!”

“Release him! We want Saint Azure!”

… …

Outside the mountain pass gates, angry roars lingered incessantly.

These powerhouses had already finished scolding the nine great Dao Ancestors’ 18 generations of ancestors.

Suddenly, a figure stepped out of the sky.

Crimson-haired and red face, it was precisely Ancestor Fire!

Only to see his eyes turned dark and he said in a cold voice, “All disperse! If there are any more people raising a ruckus, kill without mercy!”

Powerful flame rule power instantly rippled between heaven and earth.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

This terrifying power was not what they were able to contend with at all!

Seeing that everyone was still reluctant to leave, Ancestor Fire pointed with his fingertip.


In a certain region, dozens of powerhouses were directly burned to ashes!

The strength of a Dao Ancestor was utterly terrifying!

With this, everyone was really afraid.

Even if they joined forces, it was impossible to be a Dao Ancestor’s match too!

Under Ancestor Fire’s despotic power, these powerhouses retreated one after another with intense unwillingness.

Lin Chaotian looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “Now, you should sever your meridians yourself! Otherwise, Ancestor Fire will kill the people!”

Although there was Wing, this rule powerhouse around, he was not Ancestor Fire’s match after all.

He could bring people away, but casualties were inevitable.

Puu, puu, puu

Blood vessels directly exploded on Ye Yuan’s body, instantly dyeing his clothes red.

All the meridians in his entire body snapped inch by inch completely!

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