Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1085 - 1085 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (4)

Chapter 1085 - 1085 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (4)

1085 Shocking Emperor Wu for Ten Thousand Years (4)


They weren’t puzzled for long.

In the next moment, the corpses of the Black Ram and the Black Meteorite Yak were directly filled with black light.

A strong wave instantly came from it, shocking Buggy nearby.

What erupted from the two bodies was not a powerful destructive power, but radiation fluctuations.


In fact, when Buggy crushed the Black Ram and the Black Meteorite Yak just now, its body was inevitably infected with toxins. However, there was no need for Susu to cleanse it at all. Apart from the self-healing effect, its Green Dragon Indestructible Body also had a certain cleansing effect. It directly ignored these.

However, at this moment, the radiation poison that erupted from the Black Ram and the Black Meteorite Yak for the second time exceeded Buggy’s imagination.

In just an instant, it felt a fatal threat. It definitely couldn’t touch it.


Buggy directly brought Chi Tong and teleported away, fleeing towards Shi Yu and the others.

“Roar!! (Not good, a corpse came back to life!!)”

“Mi!! (Fortunately, I got the soul.)”

After Buggy and Chi Tong flashed to Shi Yu’s side and shouted, Shi Yu immediately shouted, “Everyone, don’t resist.”

At that moment, before everyone could react, the entire Iron-eating Beast Corps, including Shi Yu, was directly teleported further away by Buggy.

After everyone came back to their senses, they were first stunned. Then, they looked into the distance in shock.

Black mist spread out from the place where the corpses of the Black Ram and the Black Meteorite Yak were just now. Space ripples kept shaking, and countless cracks appeared in the sky, releasing unknown magnetic field radiation.


The ground instantly turned pitch-black. In the power that crushed everything, a terrifying aura rose. A ridiculously huge guy outlined a corner of its figure with a black shadow that covered the sky.

With the help of the corpses of the Black Meteorite Yak and the Black Ram, its image gradually outlined. This was like a deer-shaped creature. Its huge intertwined horns were like continuous mountains, and its entire body was filled with dazzling black light. Just looking at it, it was as if its heart would sink into the abyss in the next moment.

Its body was incomparably huge, like a city. It was made of prismatic metal. On these metals, white and black gradually changed, emitting a terrifying Demon God aura. It was extremely oppressive. Because its body was too huge, its upper body was directly hidden in the black clouds. Only its two terrifying eyes could be seen through the clouds.

“Yun… Yun…” At this moment, when they saw this huge monster and sensed the terrifying aura it emitted, the pupils of the Iron-eating Beast Tamers of the Iron-eating Beast Corps who were teleported further away by Buggy constricted.

Their faces were filled with disbelief.

“Yun An!!!” Ji Yunchong and Ji Mengzhu said in disbelief at the same time.

The king of the Yun Race, the totem half-god, Yun An!

At that moment, these Beast Tamers knew why Shi Yu had told them not to resist. It was because Yun An had just descended, and a large area around it had directly become a silent place.

If they didn’t evacuate in time, just the radiation spreading from Yun An’s body was enough to fester the lives of these guys who weren’t even at the totem level.

At this moment, the Beast Tamers were stunned, unable to understand why Yun An would appear here.

Didn’t they say that Emperor Wu might be surrounded by Yun An?

“Roar!!!” In the sky above everyone, the Green Dragon Buggy circled in the sky and looked at Yun An in front of it in anger. It finally understood why it couldn’t put the corpses of the two totems into the spatial pocket.

So this big guy was behind this.

At that moment, Yun An’s appearance completely exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even Ji Yunchong’s eyes kept swaying. Even the number one person below the Legendary level would be shaken when facing a real demigod, and a powerful demigod like Yun An.

Demigods… were not in the same dimension as ordinary totems and top-notch totems at all!

Be it using Legendary resources or training a super Race Skill to transcendent, they were all considered Normal totems.

As for top-notch totems, they were strengthened by more Legendary resources on the foundation of Normal totems, or multiple super Skills were trained to transcendent and could be combined into profundities.

These were actually understandable for top-notch Beast Tamers. It wasn’t that difficult to deal with.

However, at the demigod level, that was already another level of battle power. Compared to a single super skill, the control of Normal totems and top-notch totems over super skills was above [64]. Very few exceeded [100], and demigods basically mastered super skills above [256].

In Shi Yu’s opinion, it was equivalent to one adding points 64 times, while the other had to add points 256 times.

Moreover, on the basis of adding 256 points, this creature still had to combine its skills with its race to optimize and evolve before it could be considered a [demigod].

This was an overwhelming advantage.

The growth brought by the upgrade of the Race Skill to this extent was unimaginably powerful.

The Beast Tamers and Iron-eating Beasts present looked at the incomparably huge Yun An, their eyes filled with fear. They took a step back in unison.

“Oh no.”

“Yun An…”

“We actually need support ourselves.”

“Your Majesty Emperor Wu…”

Some Beast Tamers looked at Yun An with their scalps numb.

In the clouds, Yun An’s eyes looked over casually and landed on Buggy circling in the sky.

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