Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Super Vision

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When Shi Yu returned home, he started to fiddle with dinner for Eleven.

At night, after the little Iron-Eating Beast finished eating the Iron Bamboo, Shi Yu also swallowed two Refreshing Capsules.

Then, Shi Yu called Eleven over to teach it new skills.

“Eleven, come here.”

Eleven, who was full, was about to celebrate today’s victory, and the celebration method was to… double the training tonight.

With food and drink, he just had to work hard and train so that he could gain powerful strength and easily win battles. This kind of life was very fulfilling for the Little Metal-Eating Beast.

The only flaw was that it felt uneasy whenever Shi Yu used the Skill Index.

[Skill]: Super Vision

[Skill Level]: Intermediate

<Notes> A spiritual-type skill. Consumes mental power to strengthen vision.

[Status]: Can Be Taught

Under Eleven’s confused gaze, Shi Yu taught it the Super Vision skill.

Eleven’s heart skipped a beat.

It wanted to be able to tell everyone that its strength came from its own hard work!

Little Gluttonous Iron Beast: (° ー ° )

Unfortunately, it couldn’t say it now.

Sigh, this free strength was too unstable.

“What I taught you just now is a super vision skill. You can use your spiritual power to activate it. Now, your vision should have been strengthened quite a bit, and you should be able to see clearly at night.”


Eleven was originally very conflicted, but after hearing that its vision had been enhanced and that it could even see at night, its expression gradually became serious.


Eleven rubbed the dark circles on its face and then quickly ran out. It looked at the dark night and gradually became excited.

It jumped up excitedly.


It was even more convenient to train at night now! … …

It had not worked hard enough previously, and now, it was going to make up for it overnight!

At the same time, as the cooldown time of the skill duplication scroll changed to “48 hours”, Shi Yu slumped onto the bed in despair.

He estimated that he would only be able to recover his energy in the morning.

Now, all Shi Yu wanted was for Eleven to stop hitting the steel plate tonight and let him have a good sleep!

With this energy, it would be better to keep it for catching Earth Mice tomorrow.

In a certain house in a luxurious neighborhood not far from the Beast Tamer Association in Ping Cheng District.

When Chen Kai returned home, he was just about to call some people in the class chat group to go hunting ground rats together tomorrow. However, at this moment, a private message popped up in his messaging app.

[Zhuang Yue]: I saw you on the battlefield this afternoon.

[Chen Kai]: ???

[Chen Kai]: What did you see?

[Zhuang Yue]: I saw enough.

The corners of Chen Kai’s mouth twitched.

He was famous.

The image of his classmate Zhuang Yue’s bespectacled face appeared in Chen Kai’s mind, and he felt a wave of anger.

She saw it.

Didn’t this mean that all the girls in the class would know?

Then, the whole class would know that he was insta-killed by a passerby.

[Zhuang Yue]: Do you know the Beast Tamer of that Iron-Eating Beast?

[Chen Kai]: Why? Do you want to learn from him about raising iron-eating beasts?

[Zhuang Yue]: Sort of. He left too quickly yesterday. I couldn’t keep up.

[Chen Kai]: …You’ve asked the right person. Do you want to fight the Earth Rat? Well, find another Beast Tamer with a control-type pet. We have enough damage output, no need for more attack types.

The next day.

At the old place, the Beast Tamer Association’s mission hall.

Shi Yu arrived early, but Chen Kai arrived earlier than him.

“Uh, didn’t sleep well yesterday?”

When Chen Kai realized that Shi Yu had yawned all the way over, he had asked in confusion.

“I didn’t rest well, but it’s alright.”

Although Eleven was very obedient and considerate last night, the after-effect of teaching mid-level skills was still very strong…

However, Shi Yu could still accept this state. After all, when he was in his third year of high school, he had been in this state the whole school year. Once he got used to it, he would be more energetic after a while.

After all, no matter what, in his student days before transmigration, he had also been a little superman with good learning, good health, poor sleeping and food, and a comprehensive development of virtue, intelligence, beauty, and labor. This weak state couldn’t destroy his willpower at all.

“You said you were bringing some teammates?” Shi Yu asked immediately.

“Not here yet… But it should be soon, soon.”

After waiting for a while, the person Chen Kai called arrived.

It was two girls about his age, both wearing ordinary sportswear.

A small round face with glasses and a single ponytail.

The other one had a standard oval face. The student had short hair and wasn’t short.

“Shi Yu, this is my classmate, Zhuang Yue.”

“The other is her friend, the Beast Tamer of Experimental High School, Yu Jingjing.”

“Hello.” Shi Yu nodded.

“Hello, Divine One!” the two of them said in unison.

Shi Yu: “…”

What praise was this?

It was so awkward.

Chen Kai coughed dryly and said, “The two of them passed by the battlefield yesterday and saw us fighting…”

“Alright, let’s each introduce ourselves.” Chen Kai didn’t want to talk about yesterday’s battle anymore, so he quickly changed the topic.

“My pet is a level-six Ice-Armored Beast. It has mastered proficient Ice Splitting Claw and Ice Armor.”

“My pet is a level-six Iron-Eating Beast. It has mastered initial-level Hardening,” the round-faced girl, Zhuang Yue, said.

With that said, she glanced at Shi Yu… After all, compared to Shi Yu’s proficient level in Hardening, her pet’s initial level was really quite embarrassing.

“My pet is a level-six Thorny Monster. It has a proficient-level Entanglement skill,” the tall girl, Yu Jingjing, said.

The Thorny Monster was a plant-type wood-element pet and looked like a snake with long spikes all over its body. It could freely control the thorny branches that it created. The prey that was wrapped around would either die or be crippled.

“My pet is a level-five Iron-Eating Beast and has mastered expert-level Hardening.”

Shi Yu also introduced himself. When he finished speaking, the three students felt suffocated.

Because the growth level and skill proficiency were really not proportional.

“This is too exaggerated,” Zhuang Yue couldn’t help but say.

Shi Yu felt that it was alright. When they saw how diligent Eleven was, they would probably understand…

Shi Yu looked forward to seeing the look on their faces when the Iron-Eating Beast went through its endless self-discipline training.

“You guys should hurry up and register for the mission.”

“We leave at eight sharp,” Chen Kai said.

8 a.m.

The four of them got on the bus on time and prepared to head to the countryside near Ping Cheng.

The place they were headed to was called White Stream Village. It was a relatively poor village that was under the jurisdiction of Ping Cheng District.

The place was mainly agricultural, so it was especially troubled by the existence of creatures such as Wind Locusts and Earth Mice.

After being in the car for a while, the four people sitting in a row couldn’t help but start chatting. Chen Kai was the first to ask Shi Yu.

“I forgot to ask yesterday. You said you’ve already graduated, and you aren’t even a battle-specialization Beast Tamer?”

Not a battle specialization?

Beside them, Zhuang Yue and Yu Jingjing seemed to have heard some explosive news.

It could be so strong even when it wasn’t training against professional pets???

“No, I’m a breeder,” Shi Yu said calmly.

Compared to battling, cultivating pets was his forte.

Fighting and killing were so crude, so being proficient in cultivation was the way to go. It was very reasonable for a professional Beast Tamer to train a pet to be proficient in Hardening!

The other three were silent.


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