Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 12: Was It A Real Kid?

Chapter 12: Was It A Real Kid?

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The heavy rain had destroyed all the footprints on the ground and even though Mu Feng and his other teammates were experts at hunting, they had run out of ideas at that moment.

They had to work hard and expanded their search region which finally resulted in them catching the scent of the Lord's robe in a moat. They found the rock with the white robe wrapped on it...

Mu Lei and the other two teammates trembled as they stared at the wet robe!

Their Lord had a strange habit which was that all his belongings must be super clean and neat. When he did not want them anymore, it must be destroyed immediately and no one could touch it. They never expected that the robe he once wore would have been mishandled in such an insulting way...

Who was the stupid kid!? Such a naive one!

Three of them were stunned as a wind suddenly blew from behind them and they heard a very clear voice, "Have you found the kid?"

Three of them quickly knelt down before the Lord before Mu Lei said embarrassingly, "My Lord, we are very sorry. We only found your robe…"

The Lord appeared silently behind them and glanced at the disfigured wet robe even before Mu Lei had finished reporting...

He was wearing a ghost mask; hence, the three of them did not know what expression he had though they could feel that their surroundings were getting warmer again.

The Lord remained silent. He raised his hands and the wet robe flew in mid-air before it opened up and became dry and smooth. Unfortunately, a big piece of the bottom part was missing!

The Wind Eagle on Mu Lei’s shoulder quickly flew towards the robe.

Mu Lei asked, "Have you caught the scent of the person?" The eagle had undergone some special training and its sensitivity to smell was 10 times stronger than the hound’s. It was especially used to track people.

The eagle shook its head. The robe had been soaked in the water for a long time, hence, there was no more scent left on it.

The Lord frowned as his finger sliced through the air. The elegant robe immediately burnt into ashes and disappeared into thin air.

The Lord wondered what kind of kid they were dealing with. He or she could run more than 30 kilometres in less than an hour without any spiritual power. Furthermore, he or she did not even leave any trace of evidence behind that even his top killers could not find the kid...

Was it really a kid?

Perhaps it was a dwarf?

When he was sighing, Mu Feng who was investigating the cloths appeared and knelt in front of the Lord, "Reporting to my Lord. I've checked the entire Ning Wu Mountain… There is only a secret manor around the area which is the secret residence of Count Le Hua, a.k.a. Rong Yi. However, he had been attacked at around 3.45am just now and two of his warriors and female servants including himself are dead."

"The bunch of cloths which was given to my Lord was actually the bed curtains of Rong Yi. I’ve examined the wounds of Rong Yi as well as his servants and I realized that a jade hairpin, which had been accurately poked through their critical points, killed them. They did not even have the chance to struggle…"

"Count Le Hua? I heard that he had an intermediate level of talent and his spirit power had reached level four! How could he possibly have been murdered by a kid?" Mu Lei was shocked and his eyes opened widely.

People with level four spirit power were considered experts. Usually, even 10 people were not able to go close to them. So, how was it possible that a kid without any spirit power killed him?

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