Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 13: Call It A Day

Chapter 13: Call It A Day

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Mu Feng and the three messengers were even more curious about the child.

The Lord had a glint in his eyes, "Four of you, go and investigate who are the girls that served Count Le Hua tonight." Through the clues that he possessed, he suspected that the person who killed Rong Yi could be the same one who had stolen his robe.

Mu Feng said, "My Lord, I have just checked that Count Le Hua had been practicing a type of martial arts that required Yin to supplement Yang. He needed to have sex with three girls every night in order to draw the Yin from the young girls. After having sex with them, the young girls would die. His subordinates had been kidnapping young girls for him all the while so that he could practice. Two young girls died tonight because of him and I have found their bodies…"

Mu Lei suddenly realized something and said, "Seems like that fellow had encountered bad luck and the third young girl could be the person that we are looking for! Mu Feng, have you figured out who the third girl is?"

Mu Feng replied, "I have checked but I found nothing about her. There were not many people in that house so no one had seen the third girl… "

The clue stopped here. Mu Feng and the others messengers looked at each other and finally shifted their attention towards their master, The Lord.

"Interesting! It was impressive that a twelve-year-old girl possessed such ability!"

The Lord’s black pupils flashed and he thought that it was funny. He gracefully played with his fingers and said, "Let’s call it a day. You all don’t have to investigate anymore." Nowadays, it was rare to meet such an interesting person and so it triggered his desire to play with her...


In the small courtyard, there were three little brick huts.

The yard was very clean without any grass. There were only a few wild flowers that swayed along with the wind at the corner of the wall.

The inside of the hut was decorated with very simple furnishings - which consisted of a bed, a table and a chair. On the table, there was an ordinary style vase and inside of it was a full bloom yellow wild flower similar to the ones that grew at the corner of the wall. It lightened up the atmosphere of the slightly dark hut.

This was the place where Gu Xijiu stayed. It was located at the very corner of the General's residence. It was a servant’s room, but in fact, a servant’s room would have been even nicer than this.

She did not even have any servants and took care of everything by herself. She washed the laundry, swept the floor, and cleaned the yard… Her life was exactly like the ancient version of ‘Cinderella’.

The sun had risen and a few streaks of sunlight shined through the window frames into the dark house. Gu Xijiu sat in front of the dressing table and she could finally see her body clearly.

Although she was mentally prepared, she was still slightly shocked when she saw her face. The mirror on the dressing table was the only furniture that was covered with dust. Apparently, the owner of this body did not like looking at the mirror in the past.

Gu Xijiu had to wipe it several times before she was able to see herself clearly. This generation was not exactly the real ancient generation, as the mirror was not made of bronze but glass. It was no different from a modern mirror and so it could reflect the exact reality.

A palm-sized face appeared in the mirror. Its cheeks were not chubby so it made the chin look sharper. If it was purely based on facial features alone, this face could be beautiful.

The facial features consisted of a straight nose, a beautifully arched mouth and big eyes. Unfortunately, there was a big area of red rash on its forehead that destroyed its beauty. When she looked at her hands, they were thin and pale and her palms were covered with cocoons.

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