Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 16: Finally Personally Experienced It

Chapter 16: Finally Personally Experienced It

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Gu Xietian never responded to those people because he wanted to find a good partner for his precious daughter.

Since the moment she spoke, Gu Xietian immediately believed her words. When he looked at his favorite daughter and then looked at the skinny and ordinary Gu Xijiu, his feelings were dimmed, "Girl, although the way your mother treated you was a bit radical, indeed it was for your own good. Just look at yourself. Though you are now 13 years old, you look more like a 10-year-old girl! You really need to exercise more!"

Gu Xijiu laughed seeing how a person could really be biased to this extent. Finally, she had now personally experienced the bitterness.

She felt disappointed even though she was not the original owner. If the original owner were still alive, she would certainly be even more disappointed.

She did not speak but turned around and walked into the house. After a while, she came out carrying a bowl of diluted gruel, a plate of dark pickles, and a moldy loaf of bread and put them on the staircase. She chuckled, "If not assigning a maid is for my own good, what about these? These were my dinner yesterday. General Gu, how do you feel looking at it? Can you say that this is for my own good too?"

The original Gu Xijiu had been too excited to go out for a "date" with her fiancé last night that she never had time to take her dinner and had left the living proof of the quality of these dishes…

The three dishes were placed in public and it was another slap to Mrs. Gu’s face. Her face was pale and did not look good now…

Even the servants and maids would not have been given such a bad meal to eat. Not to mention the daughter of the General!

General Gu was even more embarrassed. His face was fierce and he stared at Leng Xiangyu with dissatisfaction, "Xiangyu, how can you treat Xijiu so badly? She is my daughter!"

Mrs. Gu blushed and her face was very red now, "This ... This… Mister, I didn’t…"

Gu Tianqing intercepted and said, "Father, please don't be angry. My mother is not this type of person. It must be the lazy servant who had purposely snubbed Sister Xijiu. Mother, you are too kind hearted and always treat the servants well. It is inevitable to let some individuals take advantage of you and deliberately distort your good intentions to Sister Xijiu. Now you must bear with a bad reputation of abusing a child as well as the resentment that comes from Sister Xijiu. What is the point then?"

And then she looked at Gu Xijiu and said, "Sister, our family has had too many matters to handle. Although mother has worked hard every day, after all, she only has a pair of hands. There will be some inevitable omissions. Why have you never complained to mother regarding these people who have abused you? No wonder you have been so skinny and have suffered a lot. Every time when mother and I see you, we feel sad but we never knew the real reason behind it…"

This girl was indeed talented. With only a few words she put all the blame onto the servants. Not only had it cleared off the guilt of Leng Xiangyu, who intentionally abused the first daughter, but she had also put the blame on Gu Xijiu too.

Leng Xiangyu was smart too and she immediately said, "It is all because of the bad slaves. They actually dared to do such a bad thing without my knowledge… Fire all the servants who prepared the meals and never hire them again!"

Then, she spoke kindly to Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, please be rest assured. I didn’t know about it previously. Now that I do, I will seek justice for you. I will assign a proper person to take care of your diet and strengthen your body…"

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