Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 17: Any Other Issue?

Chapter 17: Any Other Issue?

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The mother and daughter were covering up for each other, plus the other daughters were also helping to debate for Leng Xiangyu and scolded the slaves. Finally, Gu Xietian was slightly relieved and stared at Leng Xiangyu, "Well, although it cannot be entirely blamed on you, it is also your carelessness for not taking care of the family well. Do assign a few maids for Xijiu. It is too ridiculous to see the first precious daughter stay alone in the house!"

"Yes, Mister. I will go and arrange for it immediately and make sure that Xijiu is well taken care of." Leng Xiangyu bowed and answered.

Gu Xijiu watched the drama from the side and her pale lips evoked a touch of ridicule. It was such a lame reason and the General believed it. Was he blind or was it his heart that was blind? Had the many years of official career experience vanished?

Of course, he understood the situation well, however, he needed an excuse to settle the issue in front of everyone. In fact, he did not really care about this daughter, which was the reason why he allowed people to keep bullying her!

However, Xijiu also understood that she could not fight with the daughter and the mother in the short term. It was meaningless and would be a wasted effort if she continued to reveal the truth.

Besides, now that she had no spiritual power and no internal force, she could not leave the house and live on her own just yet. She still needed to get some medicine here for a few years and thus she planned to end the complaining session…

She smiled slightly and said, "It seems like I have misunderstood Aunty for a long time. So are you going to assign maids for me in the future?"

"Of course! Xijiu, don’t worry, I will send four maids and four workers shortly." Leng Xiangyu said. She was quietly feeling relieved.

Xijiu glanced around the courtyard and looked a little bit embarrassed, "However, my courtyard is too small. I’m afraid that it cannot fit so many people…"

Leng Xiangyu secretly bit her lips and said to herself, "This girl seemed to want to change to a bigger yard..."

However, she had to act generous during this time, "Xijiu, please be rest assured. In the past when I arranged this courtyard for you, it was because I wanted the place to be quiet and good for you to rest. I never expected that people would bully you. It’s all my fault. Later, I will ask the servants to prepare a bigger courtyard for you…"

Gu Xijiu bent her body slightly and replied, "Thanks Aunty. However, I have one more issue…"

"What is it? Say them all out together so that I can arrange." Leng Xiangyu’s gentle and loving image was getting spoilt.

Gu Xijiu sighed, "It is good that Aunty assigns me so many maids and servants. Unfortunately, I only receive half a dozen coins a month and I am afraid that I am not able to pay them…"

Leng Xiangyu remained silent but she was clearly pissed off. Her face was burning red again.

Among the noble in the Feixing Kingdom, their rich precious daughters received a good amount of pocket money every month. Even the daughters of a small state officer received at least five dollars a month. General Gu was a major general and also served as the Minister of War. He had a very high authority and thus all his daughters received 20 dollars a month as pocket money. However, since Gu Tianqing was a genius and she was the most loved daughter of General Gu, she received 30 dollars a month…

In this generation, a dozen coins were equivalent to half a dollar. As the first precious daughter of a major general, the fact that she only received half a dozen coins as pocket money was simply a joke if the news spread out!

Gu Xietian felt that his image had been totally spoilt now!

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