Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 19: The Words Of A Daughter Are Less Trustworthy Than A Stranger's?

Chapter 19: The Words Of A Daughter Are Less Trustworthy Than A Stranger's?

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Having a single spouse for a lifetime was just sweet talk when they were passionate and youthful. However, all the men from royal families in the Feixing Kingdom had wives by the group.

Even a simple family would have more than one wife! What more would be expected from that of a great general?

Gu Xietian felt that having a few wives was wrong! However, the question that his daughter had asked him straight in his face today had made him unable to face others. He answered coldly, "What do kids know! This is no place for a kid to interfere in adult affairs…"

Gu Xijiu did not pursue the matter further. She smirked at the corner of her mouth and told herself that she did not want to say another word to the unfaithful man.

Gu Xietian’s anger was stirred when he saw the smirk on her face. It took a while for him to calm down before he said, "Xijiu, these years father had neglected you and I would never do it again in the future. But before that, you need to answer father truthfully. Some people said that a male stranger came and left your courtyard. They also spotted you going out secretly last night. Did you do something immoral?" When the last part was said, the floor was quiet to the extent that when a needle dropped, it could be heard.

Once this was said, the people who entered had their attentions raised to a climactic point.

Everyone’s gaze was on Gu Xijiu as they waited to see how she would reply.

Gu Xijiu used her hand to comb her fringe and squinted her eyes before speaking, "General Gu, this question is really simple! Somebody spoke of it and you simply believed it? Then what if I told you that stepmom's courtyard once had a male stranger came and leave! Does this mean that General Gu would have been cheated on?"

Her question was sharp.

"Chi…" Someone laughed.

Gu Xietian turned around and glared angrily. He noticed that the laughter came from the Eighth Prince, Rong Che, that had come to join the crowd.

Rong Che was 18 years old. He was charming and had a pair of bushy eyebrows and crystal clear eyes. He was playing with his folded paper fan in his hand and that made him the centre of attention in the crowd.

I must say that the royal family of Rong had very good genes as most of them were very good looking. He and the Twelfth Prince stood valiantly even though one was gentle and refined while the other was elegant like the wind. Looking at them soothes the eyes.

Rong Che’s mother was an imperial concubine. Rong Che had a bright mind and was dearly loved by the emperor named King Luo.

Gu Xietian looked embarrassed. Naturally, he dared not scold the prince and he shifted his gaze and stared at Gu Xijiu, "Rubbish! You are spouting nonsense which is totally immoral!"

Gu Xijiu face turned cold, "General Gu, if what I said was nonsense and you distrusted it without a doubt, then why would you believe it when others badmouth your daughter? Are the words of a daughter less trustworthy than a stranger’s?"

Gu Xietian said chokingly, "This…"

Today, the Prime Minister from the Department of Justice was present with both of the princes and a group of subordinates to pursue the case. The rumor of having a male stranger coming and leaving Gu Xijiu's courtyard had defamed the General's family name.

That was not a small matter as the General's reputation would affect the dignity of the Royal family and despite being disappointed, the daughter was the fiancée of the Twelfth Prince, Rong Yan, and therefore he was furious and had brought men to pursue the case.

Never had he thought that his softheaded daughter would have been so sharp on the tongue. When he was being questioned, he had glanced at the Prime Minister from the Department of Justice.

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