Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 18: The Woman With Strong Character

Chapter 18: The Woman With Strong Character

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He coughed and decided to cut the conversation, "It must have been stolen by the slaves too! Xiangyu, please do not let other people touch the pocket money allocated for Xijiu and give it to her personally in the future. Since she is my first precious daughter and she needs to strengthen her body, the monthly pocket money given to her has to be same as Tianqing, which is 30 dollars."

Although Leng Xiangyu hated Gu Xijiu from the bottom of her heart, she had to make that promise and scolded the few slaves while doing so.

Gu Xijiu looked at her and felt that she was ridiculous. She smiled and slowly said, "Thanks Father and Aunty. So Aunty, do you still require me to chop the firewood and charcoal for you?"

Under the bright sunlight, she opened her little palms that were full of hard cocoon...

Leng Xiangyu never thought that one day the weak Gu Xijiu could become so sharp and revealed everything at such a time. It felt like she had been slapped many times on her face. She could not wait to send this girl to hell but at the same time, she also wanted to find a hole to hide in…

However, at that moment there was no place for her to hide. She barely put a smile on her face while she said, "Xijiu, my intention was to train your body… However, now that I have already seen your condition, it is not good to let a precious daughter do such menial work… You don't have to do it anymore in the future…"

Gu Xijiu's curled her lips and spoke in a moderate tone, "So, I have to thank Aunty again."

Though, she stood in a slouched position, she was surrounded by an unspeakable aura which felt like a sharp sword. Although the sword was still hidden inside its plain scabbard, one could easily tell that it was exceptionally sharp and cold that it made people frightened.

The original Gu Xijiu was a weak and low self-esteemed girl. She was short and skinny. Often when people bullied her, she looked timid and therefore every time when Gu Xietian saw her he felt disgusted...

However, this time, although her appearance was still the same, her temperament had changed completely! It gave people the feeling as though she was a completely different person.

Gu Xietian looked at her with a perplexed mind. He was stunned for a while before he scolded her, "Xijiu, you should call her as Mother, not Aunty..."

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrows, "Unfortunately in my memory I used to call her Aunty. I thought that my mother was a different person?" Slowly she added one more sentence, "I heard that General Gu had promised my own mother that he would only marry her in his lifetime, which means that she should be the only recognized genuine wife of the general. It seems like General Gu has broken his promise…"

The sentence triggered Gu Xietian’s anger! When he looked at this daughter, he thought that he saw different woman.

His first official wife had abandoned him by jumping off a cliff and until today he was still not able to find her corpse. Luo Xinglan was a woman with a strong character. Although he seldom met Gu Xijiu these past few years, every time when she saw him, she addressed him as daddy.

However, this time, she had been calling him as General Gu from the beginning…

At that moment, Gu Xietian felt fear creeping inside his body as he saw his daughter standing there with an ironic and ridiculous smile on her face.

That smile was somewhat like Luo Xinglan’s! The time when Luo Xinglan decided to break up with him, she smiled like this with 30% of ridicule and 70% of disdain on her face. Even though she was petite, she gave people a condescending feeling...

Saying that you would only be married to one person for a lifetime was only sweet talk during the younger times. Which noble in the Feixing Kingdom did not have many wives?

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