Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 2: Aren’t you afraid of me?

Chapter 2: Aren’t you afraid of me?

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"Yes, sir!" The two men answered. One of them said, "My Count, please calm down. We have one more for you." They placed Gu Xijiu, wrapped with the thin blanket on the bed while talking to the Count.

The guy looked at Gu Xijiu; he frowned and said, "What an ugly looking thing! Where did you find her?"

Apparently, Gu Xijiu had not seen her own body. The only thing she knew was that her body had no power left, and she would die if she counter-attacked. Thus, she could only endure this quietly while looking for an opportunity...

Both of the servants lowered their chin awkwardly and said, "My Count, her body figure is actually not too shabby, and we couldn’t find a better girl in such a short time. Don’t worry my Count, she’s still a virgin and she had just finished with a flower bath…"

The guy waved his hand and the servants got the message. They quickly carried the fainted young girl to him and left the hall.

The hall was left with only the Count and Gu Xijiu, all wrapped in the blanket.

The Count continued to look at her face before looking into her eyes. She felt neither nervous nor tried to beg for forgiveness.

He was surprised and asked, "Little girl, aren’t you afraid of me?"

Gu Xijiu answered coldly, "No." There were quite a number of things which she was afraid of, but certainly not of the person who was going to die soon.

"I can’t believe you have such big guts!" He stole a glance at her face again. He suddenly realized that she had very nice features, especially her watery eyes, which were shining like the stars in the night sky.

Although she was slightly small and skinny, her skin was still nice, as it was pinkish and as smooth as a peeled egg. She could be considered a beauty if he could only disregard the red birthmark on her forehead.

However, he had not been thoroughly satisfied and there was no other option. He could only ignore the red birthmark and enjoy his orgasms with her.

He was like a wolf, staring into her eyes. He suddenly pressed onto her abdomen and let go. "You're not only an ugly girl but a totally useless person!"

He could finally put his worries aside.

All the girls who had been captured were terrified of him, and most of them were crying and struggling when they were sent to his bed. None of them could survive under his strong body.

He did not expect to meet such a strong girl this brave, who was even able to answer his questions calmly.

He had thought this little girl was excellent in martial arts and decided to test it out. However, he realized she had completely no power in her lower abdomen and she was worse than an ordinary person. She was such rare trash!

It was then, he seemed to have recalled something. He looked at Gu Xijiu and said, "I knew it! You’re the eldest daughter in General Gu’s family; the fiancée of the twelfth prince!"

His words were like a key, which opened her memory box. A lot of memories instantly flashed through her mind...

That should be the original memories of the owner of that body. The images she saw seemed rather complicated, but Gu Xijiu was able to picture it within a short time.

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