Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 3: The tragic life of the body's master!

Chapter 3: The tragic life of the body's master!

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"The eldest daughter of the General's family's mother had gone missing. She was discovered to be physically weak at three years old and a red mark appeared on her face when she was three and a half years old. She was ugly, useless and was seen as an insult to the family - who was always bullied by her siblings. This was the eldest daughter who had a more miserable life compared to the servants. She was a coward and had been betrothed to marry the twelfth prince..."

The master of her body came to this place, as she has received a secret letter from her fiancé. However, she did not know it was a trap!

The guy in front of her was a well-known jerk in the royal family of the Fei Xing country - the son of King Lu who was the elder brother of His Majesty. He was crowned as Count Le Hua and he was considered a genius based on his performance. However, he had a critical disorder of deriving pleasure from destroying young girls. There was a rumor spreading around that he was able to f*ck six girls in a night, with most of them perishing beneath him. Even those who survived ended up with severe mental disorders.

None of the ladies in the capital were unafraid of him, even the real Gu Xijiu was horrified and tried to kill herself when she knew she had to serve the psycho Count.

The real Gu Xijiu was already dead, but the murderer from the modern world had coincidentally possessed her dead body and resurrected it.

The memory management was just an easy task for Gu Xijiu.

What a life of suffering she had endured in the past!

Since she was the new master of that body, she decided to live a wonderful life and even helped the real Gu Xijiu get back what she deserved.

Rubbish? There was no such word in her dictionary!

Her pinkish lips were slightly curved upwards - it looked like she was smiling but no one could determine whether or not it was a sarcastic one.

Count Le Hua kept staring at her face and his cruel heart was beating rapidly the very moment she smiled! He realized the ugly girl had a very beautiful smile and it was actually quite appealing to him...

He immediately got excited and lust was gleaming in his eyes!

He unraveled the knot on the thin blanket. The rope was a magic weapon and no one could escape if they were tied to it.

The magical rope was initially used as a weapon on the battlefield. However, it has now become a sex toy for the girls in his hands.

He simply threw the magical rope aside and tried to pull away from the blanket. He wanted to open the blanket so that he could touch her body...

The blanket was flung off with just a single flip, but he found his vision blurred even before he could lay his eyes on the sexy body beneath the blanket. His head was wrapped with a bunch of blankets!

Before he could even react, he felt an extreme pain in his penis!

Initially, he was about to retaliate, but the sudden attack had made him miss the chance due to the sharp pain in his sensitive spot. His body curved up subconsciously. but he suddenly felt his heart being stabbed by a sharp nail!

Everything happened too fast and it was definitely unexpected!

He did not manage to find out how Gu Xijiu attacked him even though he struggled to his last breath. Besides, he had no idea what the object that penetrated his heart was.

Count Le Hua twitched unconsciously and stopped moving.

Throughout the entire ordeal, he only groaned softly twice and it was muffled beneath the blanket. His voice was soft, so Gu Xijiu assumed that nobody would be able to hear it.

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