Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 21: He Has Fallen for the Girl, It Seems!

Chapter 21: He Has Fallen for the Girl, It Seems!

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"Mister, you can have your officers search Xijiu’s courtyard. However, before you proceed, we must assign someone to search the bodies of your officers. What if one of them was connected to people who scheme to tarnish Xijiu's name and intentionally planted a foreign object during the search? If such a thing were to happen - a foreign object planted somewhere in the courtyard and someone were to discover it, whatever Xijiu says in defence of it would be pointless!"

Master Hu remained silent.

He said angrily, "There are no such people among my subordinates!"

Rong Che waved his folding fan and commented, "Master Hu, though Miss Gu's concern would involve an additional step, it does make sense. To ease her mind, why don't you give in to her request, Master Hu?"

Master Hu grunted, "Fine! I shall play along with this but this will be the only time!" He then waved his hand towards the subordinate behind him and commanded, "Perform a search amongst yourselves. See if there are any suspicious objects in your possession!"

There was a total of ten subordinates under him who stood behind him. Nothing seemed uncanny about the way they looked save for one guy with a round, chubby face with his furrowed eyebrows. His expression began to change just as his body began to show signs of resistance.

Gu Xijiu, a gold class assassin had eyesight as sharp as an eagle's and she pointed her pinky towards the offending subordinate and said, "Search him first!"

The man took a step backwards as his face flushed a crimson-red, "My... My body, what is there to search?" Gu Xijiu smirked and commented, "If you're not guilty, why would you even be afraid of a search?"

Rong Che closed his folding fan, "You're right, his reluctance to cooperate to the search does indeed feel a little fishy."

The enchanting prince continued his defence of her as Gu Xijiu shot a glare at him. Rong Che swung the folding fan around and smiled in her direction, his eyes like the cresent moon as he smiled.

Gu Xijiu remained without emotion as she moved away from his gaze, seemingly unaffected by his flirtatious smile and advances.

Rong Che touched his nose. The moment he entered the quarters, nine out of ten of the ladies in the room turned their gazes in his direction. His elegant clothes had attracted the attention of all the ladies but among all of them, she was the only one who ignored him and his advances. He had never thought he would meet such a lady.

Never would he ever thought that he would find someone so interesting even though he stepped into the crowd out of boredom.

Rumor has it that the daughter of the first wife of the Gu family was ugly, daft, and uncharismatic. However, it would seem like these rumors were unfounded.

Looking at her in person, the birthmark on her forehead did seem a little ugly but her raven-black hair covered it, hiding it well. This enhanced her other features - her big, round eyes, her small mouth and the snow white complexion she had to her skin. She could indeed be a true beauty.

To top it off, she was alert, clever, clear in her thoughts, logical and had a sharp tongue. The word stupid would not even fit in her description. The people who called her rubbish because she had little to no spiritual talent was... probably right. However, those who have moved on to become a huge success were usually those with wits and those who merely depended on raw strength, would end up as brutes. Even if she lacked any spiritual talent, her wits alone would help her emerge on the top...

Beautiful ladies were commonplace but a smart lady, that was truly a rare gem.

Yes. Indeed, he seemed to have fallen for the girl. Rong Che was very interested.

To rid suspicion on himself, Master Hu naturally ordered the rest to search the man with the round, fat face and with little effort, they managed to find a male underwear in the inner pockets of his shirt. It was presented before Master Hu.

Master Hu frowned and said, "What are you doing with such an object?!"

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