Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 22: I'd Like A Tight One

Chapter 22: I'd Like A Tight One

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Beads of sweat drenched his forehead as he said, "My respectful Master, I've gotten a change earlier this morning and accidentally put it in my pocket. I did not intend to do such a thing. Please, give me a chance. Please!"

Master Hu frowned and said, "That’s possible…"

However, as Gu Xijiu judged the round faced man, she looked at the underwear, smiled and said, "Are you saying that the underwear belongs to you?"

"Ye… Yes."

"Are you sure it can fit you?" Gu Xijiu said slowly.

Based on the size of his body, he seemed to be around 80 kilograms and the underwear seemed to belong to someone who was quite slim. How could such a fat person fit into these? It would definitely tear if he insisted on putting it on.

The fatty turned pale but insisted on his story, "I.. I like to wear tight ones..."

Gu Xijiu laughed at his comment and said, "I see. That is possible. So I'm guessing you're wearing a tight one today as well? Master Hu, what do you think?"

Master Hu looked at him calmly and waved to his men, "Bring him down here and check him!"

A short moment later, the subordinate who inspected him came back and reported, "Master, he's wearing underwear that seems to fit him well. It doesn't look tight but instead, might even be a size larger."

Everyone had a rough idea of what was happening at that moment. Rong Che sighed and said, "Something seems off. It would seem like someone has bribed him and tried to exploit Miss Gu. Master Hu is always strict and fair. I believe he will give the Gu family a good explanation of what is going on."

Gu Xietian snorted. Though he did not like this daughter, he did not want the family's reputation to be dragged down as well, "Master Hu, I think your retinue has some problems. I think it's best you find out the details of what is going on."

It was beyond his expectation that his retinue would be bribed. He felt a deep shame as his face turned a crimson red. He bent down and said, "Don't worry my Eighth Prince and General Gu. There will not be any favoritism in this matter. I'll definitely find out the mastermind behind this!"

Gu Xijiu gently smiled and said, "I've heard that Master Hu puts fairness and justice above all else. Everyone in the city knows of this, that Master Hu is a great officer. You have so many subordinates and it's different to watch over every single one. We shouldn't put the blame on Master Hu."

Her words impressed Master Hu greatly and he got quite a good impression of her instantly.

He immediately ordered his subordinates to perform a search on each other on the spot before Gu Xijiu began talking about anything else.

A moment later, the inspection ended as they did not find anything suspicious.

Master Hu said calmly, "Miss Gu, we have to search your residence as well to ensure your reputation is not tarnished."

Gu Xijiu was perfectly fine with that and said, "Please, go ahead."

About 10 retinues divided themselves into a few groups and began their search.

Gu Xijiu was leaning on a pillar and was watching their expressions closely.

All her younger sisters

All her younger sisters were happily watching the excitement.

Gu Tianqing maintained her gentle, polite expression but she would look at Rong Yan every once in a while.

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