Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 24: Zero Sense of Justice

Chapter 24: Zero Sense of Justice

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The conversation was clearly referring to both Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing. Her palm was drenched with sweat but she still looked calm from the outside.

Rong Yan was scared and said, "Brother, you must be kidding. How could I possibly beat you? You’re one of the four most famous young men in the capital and so well-known…"

"Don’t be too humble, brother! Since you were discovered with the rare golden talent last year, you changed into a different person, from how you used to be. That’s definitely a great achievement!" Rong Che smiled.

Gu Xijiu smiled to herself as she listened to Rong Yan's explanation.

Her fiancé was the son of a concubine of the current Emperor, but she was not the Emperor's favorite. Rong Yan was found with a hidden talent when he was three years old when he was meant to be useless. It made Emperor Xuan was upset, hence, the mother and son did not enjoy a good life in the palace.

Later, Emperor Xuan appointed Gu Xijiu to be his daughter-in-law, but he did not announce which prince she was betrothed to. However, when Gu Xijiu was discovered with zero talent in her spirit power, none of the concubines were willing to accept the engagement. Emperor Xuan was furious, as he did not want to go against his promise. The mother of Rong Yan was very understanding and was even willing to share the burden with the Emperor. So she decided to volunteer her son and accept the engagement on behalf of Rong Yan.

Since she had helped the Emperor to solve such a matter, Emperor Xuan felt guilty to both of them and had treated them much nicer since then.

However, Rong Yan and his mother had their own secret plot. She thought it was difficult for Rong Yan to find an in-law as he was examined to be a useless person. Although Gu Xijiu was ugly and useless, she was the daughter of the General's first wife. That was actually helpful if Rong Yan could marry the daughter of a great General. Moreover, the men in Feixing Kingdom could marry many wives and keep mistresses, so her son could still marry a few pretty mistresses in the future.

What went beyond her expectations was the hidden talent in Rong Yan. It was discovered when he was only 15. It was a rare talent which made him a genius, who could possibly excel amongst all the other princes.

Rong Yan had then become the center of attraction and many young girls were vying for his attention including Gu Tianqing...

Needless to say, Rong Yan and his mother were not satisfied with Gu Xijiu; they were trying to find a way to cancel the engagement.

But alas, the Emperor was someone who prioritizes promises and did not allow them to go against their own word. Therefore, they tried many ways just to put Gu Xijiu in trouble...

Rong Yan had treated Gu Xijiu very nicely when he was not being prioritized by the Emperor - he would pay her a visit and bring Gu Xijiu around a few times in a year. Therefore, the previous owner, Gu Xijiu, loved him wholeheartedly and saw him as the only sunshine. Unfortunately, he cheated on her and she was dead inside...

Gu Xijiu was looking at Rong Che while leaning on the pillar. She was wondering why he kept helping her and what his intention was.

The sense of Justice?

It couldn't be. There was a rumor about the Eighth Prince, that he was an evil and cold-blooded person. He looked very polite and courteous to every girl but he was actually a womanizer.

He seemed to have zero sense of justice!

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