Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 25: Reborn

Chapter 25: Reborn

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It was possible that Rong Che was jealous of his younger brother.

No way! He was certainly better than Rong Yan!

The high quality of wood talents combined with an intermediate level of fire talents - that was the cream of the crop in the genius gene pool!

The crown prince, Rong Jialuo, was the very first genius of Feixing kingdom amongst the royal family. His power was much better than Rong Yan's. No one could possibly be jealous of someone far more inferior and weak. She assumed that the eighth prince would be the same.

Master Hu heard the conversation between Rong Yan and Rong Che. He said, "My eighth prince, please don’t worry. I will be investigating it thoroughly even if we find anything in Ms. Gu’s residence. We will not judge aimlessly or make any careless conclusions. Please bear with us and be patient."

In fact, he did not believe that Gu Xijiu cheated on Rong Yan, as she was really ugly and useless - no one would take the risk to break into the General’s residence.

It was an unreasonable statement that Gu Xijiu sneaked out of the residence and did not come back the whole night! The strict security personnel of the General's residence would not have allowed her to do that.

Besides, the two people who claimed that she did not come home for the entire night was not a reliable source of information. How could she have magically appeared in her bedroom if she did not come home in the first place?

She was a trash - how could she sneak out secretly without anyone noticing?

If such a worthless imbecile could easily enter and exit the the General’s residence, then the security employed for the General’s residence were really a bunch of fools!

Therefore, Ms. Gu was probably innocent and someone was trying to get her into trouble...

An hour later, a few of the retinues returned from searching the courtyard. According to their report, none of them found anything suspicious.

In other words, Gu Xijiu was innocent!

All the Gu sisters had a look of disappointment when they knew the show was over.

Gu Tianqing turned pale, for she had placed an undershirt and a piece of jade under the bed in Gu Xijiu’s room. Had it disappeared? Did she find out earlier and hid it somewhere else instead?

Apart from that, her mother has gathered the security team for a lecture to create an opportunity for Gu Xijiu to sneak out. She saw her sneaking out and thus sent her mother a message so that she could dismiss the security team to resume their duties. They were ordered to conduct a stricter inspection to ensure the safety of the General's residence.

Even Gu Tianqing could not sneak in under such a strict security inspection, hence she had no idea how Gu Xijiu made it home!

She was confused and feeling heavy headed, but she could not tell anyone. In her heart, she was fuming with anger and was already thinking how to kill Gu Xijiu later...

While Rong Yan was pissed off as well, he had no idea what could possibly be the factor which caused his picture-perfect plan to fail.

He looked at Gu Xijiu and realized that she looked prettier than usual, regardless of the red mark.

Perhaps it was because she grew her bangs out today?

That actually looked nice on her! It felt strange as he was attracted to her.

The little girl seemed to have reborned!

However, she was still incompatible to be his wife!

As he had gained the love from the emperor, his wife must be an outstanding one, like Gu Tianqing was, instead of a useless trash like Gu Xijiu!

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