Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 28: Waiting for the Chance

Chapter 28: Waiting for the Chance

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Gu Xijiu stared at Gu Xietian as she could not believe the one who destroyed the letter was the father of the previous owner.

Apparently, Gu Xietian would rather risk his daughter's life than asking for a fair judgment from the royal family...

What a cruel father!

Her glare was fierce and cold, which was enough to freeze her father’s heart. Gu Xietian knew he was wrong. He felt guilty and tried to do something for her, "Oh right... since Xijiu is innocent, what’s your plan on the engagement, my twelfth prince?"

Rong Yan did not dare to disagree and said, "Definitely. I’ll talk to my father about the date of the ceremony."

He knew that he must handle it properly in order to sweep matters under the carpet.

While Gi Xijiu was still young, he could only marry her when she was 15 years old. There were two more years to go, and he still had the time to set her up again.

Even if he really did marry her, he would still find a way to divorce her in the future...

Gu Tianqing was panicking as she had already given her body to Rong Yan. What would be her next step if he married Gu Xijiu? She would not want to be his mistress!

She could not hold it in any longer, and looked at Rong Yan. He hinted for her to be calm and patient, as he would find a solution...

Both of them communicated silently.

Gu Xijiu smiled inside her heart, as she knew everything was expected. She even knew what Rong Yan had in mind.

She definitely did not want to marry such a jerk, thus she must annul the engagement.

However, she would not want to fulfill the wish of the two betrayers. She would find her own way to solve the problem...

All of them wanted to hide the incident but it was not as easy as they thought.

The chaos had just passed silently. Gu Xietian invited everyone for a walk in the garden. Suddenly, a security guard rushed in and reported some big news to Master Hu. The famous Count Le Hua had been murdered in his residence at Ningwu Mountain!

The father of Count Le Hua, Rong Fengyi, was extremely mad and had already complained in front of the emperor. The emperor was mad and appointed the Department of Justice to investigate the case...

Everyone in the garden was shocked by the news, and Master Hu immediately glared at Rong Yan with an infuriated expression.

Setting up the daughter of the general was not as serious as murdering Count Le Hua!

He remained silent and left immediately.

Rong Yan definitely understood why Master Hu had doubts in his mind. However, he was unable to explain, but to remain stunned.

Rong Che tapped on Rong Yan’s shoulder again and sighed, "My little brother, that’s really too much, though!"

"It wasn’t me!" Rong Yan could not keep it in and tried to explain. However, Rong Che had departed and his voice was trailed by a loud echo in the garden.


The death of Count Le Hua had wrecked havoc in the entire administration.

The Ministry of Punishment, the Department of Central Intelligence, as well as the Department of Justice were busy with the investigations, but the citizens were celebrating secretly.

Two days later, the night was extraordinarily quiet in the residence of the eldest Duke, Rong Fengyi.

Duke Lu, Rong Fengyi, was in depression and was trying to figure out who the murderer was! Suddenly, a strong wind blew into the room and a sound came from the pillar. He raised his head to have a look, but he was shocked as a short knife was stabbed into the pillar with a letter underneath.

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