Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 27: Pitiness of Ms. Gu

Chapter 27: Pitiness of Ms. Gu

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Rong Che shifted his gaze and looked at Rong Yan. He was swinging the letter and sighed, "This is indeed a hot potato (a difficult task). Do you believe in me, brother?"

Rong Yan smiled forcefully, "Of course! However, I’m worried that the evil person would be able to forge my handwriting perfectly and I’ll be framed! No matter what, please believe that I have never written such a letter…"

Rong Che fiddled with his fan again and said, "Now I know that you don’t trust me. Fine, let’s pass it to the prime minister to have a look. I believe you trust him, don’t you?"

He pretended to keep the letter into his sleeve while talking to Rong Yan.

Rong Yan was panicking.

The prime minister of Feixing kingdom was well known for his selflessness and also as an expert in calligraphy. He would definitely be able to distinguish the writing if he had received the letter!

If that happens, the fact that he had indeed set a trap for Gu Xijiu would be revealed. Besides that, if the department of central intelligence was involved in the case, his secret lover and the fact he cheated on Gu Xijiu would be exposed! The bigger issue would be that he might even be criticized by the citizens, of using such a stupid method to set a trap for his fiancé...

Other than the ladies who came for the show, most of them were experienced officers.

Everyone knew the truth by observing the reaction of Rong Yan and accessing the incident earlier.

Master Hu looked at Rong Yan and felt ashamed for him. He could not imagine how the twelfth prince could bring himself to commit such an evil mistake just to annul the engagement.

Although it was fairly obvious, they could not disregard the reputation and the image of the royal family.

The General’s family could bear the shame but not the royal family...

The letter could never be sent to the prime minister!

They decided to hide the truth...

He laughed and said, "How could this be possible? The twelfth prince had always visited the General's residence; he doesn't have to meet Ms. Gu elsewhere. Besides, Ningwu Mountain was so dangerous and was deemed unsuitable for a young lady to visit at all. It must be someone who was trying to fake his identity… The letter should be a fake one. Oh right, did Ms. Gu go to Ningwu Mountain?"

Gu Xijiu replied confidently, "No, I didn't. I felt something was wrong and I'm not the kind of girl who would deliberately run off with another man. That's why I decided to keep the letter and to check with the twelfth prince first." She stared at Rong Yan sarcastically as she completed her sentence.

While Rong Yan could only insist on his original statement, "It was not written by me. I can’t answer your question…"

He was trying to obtain the letter and destroy it. Gu Xietian suddenly rushed forward and grabbed the letter from Rong Che, "Let me have a look."

He opened the letter and said after reading, "Alright, I’m sure it’s a fake one. Someone is trying to frame the twelfth prince…" He disintegrated the letter into ashes immediately...

"Alright, I'm glad that Xijiu did not fall into that trap, which was really fortunate for her. Let's stop here."

Master Hu and Rong Yan felt relieved as they managed to protect the reputation of the royal family.

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