Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 6: Naked, She Escaped Once More!

Chapter 6: Naked, She Escaped Once More!

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The insides of the cave were really dark, as she walked in the dark for about ten meters. Suddenly, she stepped on an empty hole and fell down.

That was weird, it was all leveled ground! How did it become a trap!?

She rolled down to the bottom and quickly got up.

She was trying to adjust her body throughout the rolling, and although she was not injured, the muslin around her body had been torn.

Naked, she escaped once more!

She was cursing away but felt lucky at the same time. It was a good thing that she was alone, otherwise, she would have been extremely embarrassed.

She shook her head and tried to regain her normal vision. She looked around and her body suddenly became stiff!

The cave was not as dark as the earlier one and the rocks on the wall were glowing with a blue sheen. She could roughly picture the scene inside the cave.

There was an antique pavilion inside the cave and someone was sitting in there!

Due to the distance and the limited lighting, Gu Xijiu was not able to see the person clearly. She could not see the features but only a vague shadow. That person was dressed in a white attire with white hair.

Who was that? The Hidden Hero of the mountain? Or a monster?

Gu Xijiu sub consciously hid behind a big rock. She held her breath and observed the person in the pavilion.

The person remained seated there for a long time and did not move at all.

Was he or she, dead? Or was he or she, meditating?

Gi Xijiu waited for a while and before she carefully walked towards the pavilion.

She was drawing nearer...

Gu Xijiu could finally see the features clearly. She was stunned, and then slowly tried to touch that person. She exhaled a sigh of relief.

It was hard and cold. She realized it was not a human, but a jade statue instead!

She walked around the statue and sighed silently.

Based on the martial arts novel, The Demi-Gods, and the Semi Devils, Duan Yu saw a beautiful statue made from jade in a cave. It was so amazing; Duan Yu felt compelled to kneel down and worship it, as well as naming the statue 'Sister Fairy'. Gu Xijiu thought that was a mere exaggeration, as she did not think a statue could be amazing to that extent.

However, when she looked at the statue in front of her, she did not find it hyperbolic anymore. Such an amazing statue indeed existed. The only difference was that she was witnessing a male statue instead of a female one.

The appearance of the jade statue was very beautiful, to the point where Gu Xijiu was lost for words describing it.

The carvings looked so genuine and almost every single detail was perfectly done - even the eyelashes were carved meticulously to perfection. It looked exactly like a real human!

The jade statue was sitting prettily there; as beautiful as the moon and as elegant as a lotus.

Although it was merely an inanimate object, the entire statue was enthralling enough to make everyone worship it. No one would ever dare to do anything offensive to it.

Gu Xijiu had never seen a statue this life-like and real. It made her feel like it would be brought to life if someone were to resuscitate it.

She could not help but to touch the face of the statue again. It was hard and cold - the jade was smooth! Indeed, it was just a statue, not a real human...

There was a white robe draped around the statue. It was smooth as silk and as light as muslin, with some 3D stitching. There seemed to be some white clouds moving on the white roe under the blue glowing light.


The main male character was a devil, don’t be fooled by his external appearance! Teehee...

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