Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 5: Naked, She Escaped!

Chapter 5: Naked, She Escaped!

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There were two lamps swaying outside the main door and made the words ‘West Residence' look blurry and dark.

That was also the reason which caused the real Gu Xijiu to misunderstand, as she thought that was the residence of her fiancé, Rong Yan, who was the twelfth prince with the title ‘West King'. She entered the residence without any alert and hence, lost her life.

Gu Xijiu teleported out from the residence, as she turned her head around for a last glance and an evil smile.

Assuming that what she thought was right, the twelfth prince was in a hurry to cancel the marriage agreement and hence used such an evil strategy to lure his fiancée to that place...

The real Gu Xijiu was like a lamb in the mouth of the tiger after she entered the residence. Even if she survives, her reputation would have been ruined. Therefore, he could easily cancel the agreement!

At the moment, the entire residence was extremely busy and in chaos. Apparently, everyone in the residence was aware of the death of Count Le Hua. The soldiers would come after her soon...

Gu Xijiu left without turning back.


The mountainous road was craggy and coincidentally, a heavy downpour struck!

Gu Xijiu was cursing as she was not prepared for the sudden rainfall!

One side of the road was a steep precipice and another side was a bottomless cliff. She could not find any big rocks to take cover at all.

In the end, she could only run on the mountainous road, as she did not dare to teleport with such a young body with no internal force. Besides, her body was quite weak, which would affect her teleportation. She was also not familiar with the geographical structure of the mountain and she might accidentally teleport to the cliff and fall off.

In a blink of an eye, the thin muslin on her body was completely wet.

It was mid-autumn and the weather was chilly. The cold downpour was preventing her from opening her eyes and she could not see the road properly.

Besides, the sky was too dark and she could not really find her bearings She did not even realize that she has gone the wrong way. She turned towards a more desolate trail...

She had run about three to four kilometers before realizing that the trail was even harder to walk.

Although the mountainous road was craggy, the bluestone road was quite clean and there were not many kinds of grass. However, the trail was full of weed and moss.

Gosh! She went the wrong way!

When she was about to turn back, she noticed that there was a dark cave nearby...

She was delighted and decided to wait in the cave for the rain to subside.

The cave was located between the gaps of the mountain and there was no road that allowed her to reach there. The cave was more than ten meters above where she stood. She could jump up without the aid of the internal force.

Gu Xijiu lingered around and found two super long vines. She made a special knot and threw it up into the cave. The vines perfectly hooked around a big rock.

She quickly climbed up via the vines.

Not long after, she had entered the dark cave.

The strong winds and rain were splashing against the wall of the mountain and also gushed into the cave.

The cave was quite big and deep, Gu Xijiu walked inwards with the sword that she took from Count Le Hua.

Based on her original memories, there were quite a number of wild animals in the forest. Perhaps, there were some big animals hiding in the cave during the heavy rain.

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