Versatile Mage

Chapter 3067 - 3067 White—Not Guilty

3067 White—Not Guilty

The Holy Court fell silent.

The divine magistrates, jurors, and investigators fixed their gazes on Mo Fan.

This was especially so for the Japanese jurors. They were eager to find out the truth. The Twin Guardian Towers were an important historical symbol in Japan.

Mo Fan’s statements were convincing. Only the Japanese understood the Twin Guardian Towers, they knew the spirit of the Twin Guardian Towers. They began to trust Mo Fan.


The Japanese jurors had ample information regarding the Twin Guardian Towers’ destruction. Holy City had deliberately neglected most of the details. They did not provide any explanation of the details.

However, Mo Fan’s descriptions matched the remnants of their clues. His descriptions explained the phenomena that they could not understand.

The Japanese jurors’ opinions were crucial. They would decide the nature of the Twin Guardian Towers. If they strongly believed that the Twin Guardian Towers should not be destroyed in that manner, or if they believed Parade Angle Shalitha had truly done something that even gods were angry with, then there was a turning point for Mo Fan to clear his charge.

Ramiel looked restless.

Holy City could not interfere with the Japanese jurors’ decision. If the Japanese jurors sided with Mo Fan based on his statements, Holy City did not have a reasonable excuse to cast Mo Fan into dark hell.

“Japanese jurors, regardless of how you view Mo Fan. As the Chief of Divine Magistrate, I have to solemnly affirm one thing. Once you agree that what Mo Fan said is true, that means you agree that Parade Angel Salitha had the malicious intention to mass kill. Parade Angel Shalitha represented Holy City. The moment he became the Parade Angel, he was destined to be in control of mankind. There was no entanglement between him and the Twin Guardian Towers. There was no need for him to harm anyone. He was just performing his duty, and his duty was to eradicate demons. Everything he did was for the sake of Japan…” said Ramiel.

“Sire, we’ve made our decision,” said the Japanese juror.

“Okay. I hope each representative will make their decision carefully. Your judgment determines a person’s destiny as well as if Holy City can maintain its democracy and fairness in the future. Everyone, please cast your stone now!”

The eleven stones would determine the final verdict.

There were black and white stones.

Black stones showed that Mo Fan was guilty.

White stones showed that he was not guilty.

They had gone through a long trial and fight. Holy City continued to change the public’s opinion. They did all they could to make Mo Fan’s character, his possession of evil power, and the incident of killing Parade Angel the way they wanted him to be.

The journey had not been smooth for Holy City.

Perhaps, they had previously made some wrong decisions. As a result, their credibility was damaged. Hence, they had to spend so much effort in sentencing a man who had killed the Parade Angel.

In the past, those who fought back against Holy City would be executed on the spot, not to mention Mo Fan’s annoying attitude!

‘It’s either black or white stones!’

Ramiel swept his glance across the representatives of the stone.

His heart pounded.

Like what Ramiel mentioned earlier, the voting did not only determine Mo Fan’s destiny, but it also related to Holy City’s future.

“The first stone—white,” said the old Divine Magistrate.

Ramiel frowned. He wondered why that old coot did not read out the black stone first.

“The second stone—white,” the old Divine Magistrate read out once again.

Ramiel’s expression turned strange. He was curious as to who cast the white stones.

Unfortunately, the placement of the stones was not public.

In other words, they knew who held the power to cast the stones, but they did not know who cast the black and white stones. Even the Chief of the Divine Magistrate, Ramiel, had no idea about it.

“The third stone—white.” The old Divine Magistrate continued. He took out a white stone.

He slowly walked around the Holy Court and showed it to all the jurors and representatives. He put it in front of the cameras so that people from around the world who were following the case could see it.

There were three white stones!

Three representatives believed that Mo Fan was not guilty. Holy City’s accusation was trumped up!

When Ramiel heard of the result, he subconsciously turned his head around. He cast a glance at a man standing at the corner. The man had white sideburns. He looked very young. However, there was a hint of elusive mystery in his eyes.

That man was Michael.

Michael seemed to have nothing to do with the case. But he was concerned about it all the time.

Today was the final hearing. Regardless of which stone had the most cast, it would have a far-reaching impact. As an Archangel, Michael had to attend the final hearing.

However, Michael would not make any statements, nor would he make a single comment. He would just watch by the side.

Michael noticed Ramiel’s gaze, but he did not show Ramiel any response.

Ramiel looked away and let the old Divine Magistrate continue reading out the stone verdict.

“The fourth stone—white. White means not guilty.”

The old Divine Magistrate once again read out the symbolic meaning of the color of the stone.

For a moment, the crowd stirred out. They did not expect the first four stones to be white stones.

In the past trial, the jurors’ opinions were unified. Everyone was aware that the trial was a mere formality. Many times, it was just a reading process, and the outcome was decided long ago.

It was either all black stones or all white stones. It was rare to see an even number of black and white stones.

If there was an equal share of the outcome or a very narrow disparity between the two parties, this showed that there was a disagreement with the world. The problem was Holy City was the one that ruled the magic world. How could there be a disagreement in a world where people survived through magic? As long as there was no internal strife within Holy City, disagreement among the parties did not exist.

“The fifth stone—black. Black means guilty.”

The old Divine Magistrate took out a black stone. He showed it to everyone, including to the cameras that could transmit the news to the internet and social media.

When Ramiel saw the black stone, he looked relieved.

The succession of the four white stones had greatly shocked him.

There was not much difference between the black and white stones. But the probability of getting all white stones in the first four picks was extremely low.

Ramiel wondered which Divine Magistrate was so stupid that he did not even bother to mix the stones up first!

‘The following stones should be black.’ Ramiel smiled.

“The sixth stone—white. White means not guilty.” The old Divine Magistrate drew a white stone again.

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